>>It’s easier.>>It’ll look like I purposely did it.
[LAUGH]>>But, but it’s also more authentic in a way.>>Yeah.>>Because Drew would have just.>>Put it on.>>Put it on.>>Sure.
In a way, when I think, it’s somewhat imperfect.>>Yeah.>>It’s better.>>Yeah.>>Hi.
I’m Angelina Avallone, and I’m a makeup designer.
[MUSIC]. My role in a Broadway production is to
design and establish the makeup for the particular production.
I start the process by reading the script, meeting with the creative team,
the costume designer, the director, the actors, the choreographer.
The design process for me, it’s about telling a story.
As a makeup artist I paint that story in color.
The Little Mermaid is a makeup artist’s dream.
It’s a beautiful visual show. Everyone underwater had a certain kind of
sheen, a certain kind of skin quality. We used all cool tones.
We used a lot of shimmer, a lot of glitter and a lot of gloss.
When I started designing the Little Mermaid I had to do a lot of research.
I went to the aquarium and watched underwater creatures.
After we’ve done our research, we start our make-up sessions with the actors.
We’re here with Rogelio, who is playing Sebastian, the crab.
His make up is a lot of fun. He’s a tropical creature so I felt that
we had to use some wonderful oranges. We use a lot of red pigments in his make
up, a lot of choral pigments. When designing a make up for an actor, we
get to work with the actor very closely. I think makeup is a very personal
experience. It’s putting something on your face, on
your body, you’re transforming the way you look.
For a lot of actors, it’s a very important part of the process especially
if they are working on the show where they require to become someone very
different than themselves, like Sebastian.
And ultimately as they get more and more comfortable the makeup becomes a second
skin. And we’re done.>>Absolutely, now I’m Sebastian, hello
[LAUGH].>>I’ve done many monsters, many villains on Broadway.
Ursula in the Little Mermaid, The Frankenstein Monster in Young
Frankenstein, The Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
There are a lot of shows that have seemingly natural makeup.
to an audience member, it probably looks like there is no makeup at all, however,
the sort of no makeup look on stage can be extremely challenging.
It is still a lot of work on the makeup artists part, on the actors part.
it takes days to refine. The character of Sherry in Rock of Ages
is a seemingly natural make-up. [MUSIC] This is the, the Marilyn Monroe
look, sort of innocent, fresh, hopeful. So her colors of course reflect her state
of mind and mood in Rock of Ages. We are under rock and roll lighting.
The lights are very bright, they are very angled.
We have a lot of color on stage. And a character like Sherry has to do
quite a bit of color correcting. Often times, actors, especially young
actors coming together are not used to wearing make-up.
Also a part of my job is to teach the actors how to do their make up, how to
apply their make up quickly. how to get ready within the half hour
that they have to get into hair, makeup and costumes.
When I first met Constantine Maroulis on Rock of Ages, Constantine hadn’t done
much makeup. So it was, it was difficult in the
beginning. Remember, when we first put the eyeliner
on you, you’re going to keep your eyes open.>>That’s true.
One day I’ll get to do a show with you and you’ll get to do all kinds of like,
maybe we’ll do cats.>>Maybe. [LAUGH].
The same with James Carpinello who plays the rocker.
James had to learn how to do an 80s glam rock makeup.
And that took some practicing.>>I’m getting quite good at this.>>Yeah, he’s getting really good at that.>>I had to teach the guys how to do a smoky eye.
We had to teach them how to apply their own fake tattoos and maintain them.
The result is often a great collaboration.
Great memories and oftentimes we have some good stories to tell.>>Whoo.>>We’re ready.>>We’re ready.>>There is as much research that goes into
that seemingly easy 80s make-up as there is with with shows like in Frankenstein
or Little Mermaid. The outcome is different, but the
research process is the same. I always find that I get better with
every show. I learn so much from collaborating with
great designers, great directors and actors. [SOUND][MUSIC][MUSIC][MUSIC]

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