Drama Anak Pergi Ke Supermarket Bawa Mobil Sendiri ❤ Shafeea Hanum

LAUGH Guys…today hanum will driving where is the car? it could be open Guys this is very cool it had luggage gas tank let’s shoping we push this car happy shoping.. what we will to buy? candy it is a cow,,, what it is? antlers very big cow guys..Hanum buy tootbrush cover it is mommy mommy character it not sister character let’s go what happen? the gas empty? let’s fill the gas how many litre? Two finish..and please do payment How many price? five thousand happy shoping look it that she met the bus where it is? The Bus You want driving? be carefull like Tayo the Bus Driver so beautiful Driver so beautiful where are you going? Go to school? what item you got on your shoping? what you got it? OREO

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