Drama and Theatre Arts Graduate, Amit Shah

I studied Drama and Theatre Arts
at Staffordshire University. I work as an actor in different
mediums, including film, theatre, TV and radio. I’m currently doing a stage production of
Shakespear’s ‘King Lear’. I think the most important thing I got from the Staffordshire University
experience and how it transformed me was that it gave me confidence, not
only as an actor, but surviving in life in general. Since graduating, I think my biggest achievement, or the
one that i’m most proud of, is performing at the National Theatre. I did five productions there
over 18 months as well as doing a feature film with
Omid Djalili a couple of years ago, a film called ‘The Infidel’. I’m proud
to have achieved that. i think it’s very important to have
treated had experience before irene e expansion in terms of vaccine or and
technical roles and i think is important so that there was such a diverse mix of
people people from different um… parts of the country different
parts of the world of quite a few international students as well yet that
i made friends that i’ve i’ve kept in touch with him public keep
in touch with this in my life it was the great foundations of basis says find out what i was good at and what they needed to development
kitty skills that i will continue to have for the rest of my
career my plans for the future to continue to work some access and looking
different mediums um… handwritten continue to do it because enjoy it


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