Drama and Theatre Studies PhD/MA by Research at the University of Birmingham

My name is Trish McTighe and I am the Admissions
Tutor for the Department of Drama. That means that I’m the first point of call for any students
interested in postgraduate study with us. I will assist in finding a supervisor and
I’ll give people a hand shaping their proposal or thinking about what they’d like to do and
how to structure their project. One of the easiest ways to locate funding
for postgraduate research programmes is to have a look at the website of the College
of Arts and Law Graduate School. You’ll find links. You’ll find connections. You’ll find
all kinds of useful information about eligibility, applications and about funding. If anyone is struggling however, it’s very
easy to drop myself or one of my colleagues a line and see if we can assist. We’re a really strong research institution
with consistently high scores in the Research Excellence Framework. We’ve really strong
facilities as well. We’ve a dedicated campus in drama down at Selly Oak. That means that
students who study with us have their own library, their own research spaces and generally
there’s a good atmosphere and a good community. The MA by Research and the PhD in Drama Studies
is aimed primarily at someone who firstly wants to continue the work in Drama. People
who are interested and perhaps have a burning question about their topic that they have
not yet answered as an undergraduate or at a taught masters. It gives students an opportunity
to really delve into a subject completely. So that means students who are passionate
about their subject, who want to learn more and who are also keen to engage in self-directed
and independent study. An MA by Research, a student will complete
a thesis of 40000 words in length. For a PhD that will be 80000 words. Students who complete an MA or a PhD in Drama
tend to go on after their studies to the fields of academia. Students often end up working
in theatre in various roles or continue working in theatre in various roles. Other options
include education, marketing, arts administration and management. I’m the person they should talk to first.
After me they need to talk to a potential supervisor, it’s really important that they
spend time developing their proposal before they submit anything. The potential supervisor
will help them with that process – giving them ideas. They should also be able to provide
maybe 2-3000 words initially to give everyone a sense of what they want to work on. The main difference between MA by Research
and PhD and the practice-based routes that we offer are that those programmes will contain
a significant practical component. So, with practice-based PhD or practice-based MAs you’ll
be asked to in the main asked to answer your research questions through a variety of practical

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