Drama at Queen’s

Certainly, when I started in the program I
had been thinking a little bit about acting. And, then as I went through the program I
learnt that I loved behind the scenes. I started into lighting design and I started doing the
technical direction for a lot of shows, and I really fell in love with that. And, it was
a great opportunity to be able to learn where my passions were through the Queen’s drama
program. In my first year at Queen’s my TA for my
first-year lab, drama 100, Nick Adams, he cast me in his fourth-year directing class
scene, “Pure Hanky Play” and that was amazing. As a first-year actor getting to
work with actors from third and fourth year and seeing where your education will eventually
take you to. One summer, specifically, I got involved with
the Barefoot Players, which is a theatre for young audiences group that the department
of drama runs. I was the education coordinator and that really
helped to open up a number of different paths for me. I got see drama at work in a number
of different capacities, so not only traditional acting or behind the scenes work in terms
of production or technical, but actually administratively where you’re actually going to deal with
education and how that interacts with theatre. So, when you get to see drama used in those
different ways you really realize there is a whole world surrounding these things and
a number of different opportunities. Communicative skills, the ability to collaborate,
the ability to imagine outside the box, the ability to discover who you are and what your
strengths are, as a human being. All of those things people acquire very strongly
within Queen’s drama and that’s not even beginning to talk about all the specific knowledge
to do with drama itself. So probably the best way that we help the
students after they leave is preparing them to be as resourceful and versatile in their
skills, and as open in their outlook towards the world as we can. Queen’s really feels like home. If I’m having a bad day or even a bad mental
health day, I always know where to turn. There is no lack of support here at Queen’s. No
matter what kind of day you are having, there are so many resources available to you, no
matter what you need. So, it’s really nice to know I’m being looked out for all the
time. Kingston itself, in the summer and even just
through the year, is just beautiful. There’s a lot of things surrounding Kingston like
the Thousand Islands and Wolfe Island and all the stuff. A lot of things for us students
to do. As well as the community, it’s just very accepting, very open community. I love, love, love, love living in Kingston. I think Queen’s recognizes that it’s a
very special period in your life. That it’s post high school but before formal adulthood
and they nurture that. They allow you to experiment, to fail, to figure it out, and at Queen’s
especially you feel like you are being looked after and you’re being nurtured as a human
being, not just a student. And they prepare you properly. I am just so
grateful that I was prepared for the world and this business. I feel very grateful to
Queen’s and everybody in the Queen’s drama program for that.

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