Drama BA (Hons) at Kingston University: Making theatre happen

Hi I’m Jackie and I run the Making Theatre
Happen module that the work here comes from. At the end of this module our students work
for an extended period on a project that brings together the plays from staging histories
which Tricia has talked about and the practical techniques and approaches we explore together
on Making Theatre Happen. It’s a really great way for students to develop
their skills and put them to work on really interesting plays. This is a German expressionist play by a playwright called August Stramm.
It’s about a nun called Suzanna but it’s not really about her outer life so much as her
inner life. The expressionists were concerned with feeling
and imagination rather than with concrete reality.
In Making Theatre Happen we introduced ways of stylising performance and a technique called
viewpoints which was developed Anne Bogart and Tina Landau that helps performers to create
really dynamic visual patterns on stage. From Morning til Midnight is another German
expressionist play by Georg Kaiser. This one is all about wanting to escape the mundane
realities of life. A cashier on a sudden impulse steals a huge
amount of money from the bank that he works in and embarks on a search for the meaning
of life.

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