Drama BA (Hons) University of Greenwich – Promo Video

The main reason I picked to study drama at
the University of Greenwich is all the facilities that we have here. We have our own drama building
, we have our own studios to work in and we have our own theatre and It�s like a bubble
where we just are, we are just drama students and we can just play all day.
Is brightfull a word? Having the facilities at Bathway Theatre whilst
studying drama at the University of Greenwich is a huge help, it means, not only can you
rehearse for the countless little performances and productions that you will do as part of
your course here, but it means if you have got anything else on your mind, if you want
to do a physical theatre piece that you just dreamt up because you do a physical theatre
course in second year. If you saw a play at the Royal Court as part of Contemporary British
Theatre and want to rehearse some of the lines you can book out a room and do that. It is
just great having something so close to you, that�s yours to use and yours to take advantage
of. Since first year my confidence has gone like,
way up. Like in first year, I didn�t really want to, like when I had to act, I didn�t
even want to look at you or anything but now I feel like I can just act and do what I have
to do. One of my favourites was physical theatre,
I�m very dance based so this was a course I almost felt was designed for me in a weird
way. It helped me learn something completely different and new, and I felt like I had a
new way of expressing myself, of learning about my body, those sort of things.
So� I think my favourite course has to be Creative Project, which is an opportunity
for you to go out independently and create your own piece of work, and you got a great
deal of freedom there. You can draw on everything that you have learnt across the Courses and
bring in outside influences and just really go in your own direction.
People of all different ages host intergenerational events and also international events and it
just gave me the opportunity to meet new people and do really fun things.
Because it�s brightfull! Oh what are you filming, ah no aha aha ahaha
aha, that�s embarrassing.

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