Drama Breaks Out at Jackie’s Mock Court Trial | Basketball Wives

[dramatic electronic music]– As her friend,
you should wonder, “Why you talking
about my friend?” – Y’all giving this guy
too much life. – She gave the guy
too much life. The only reason why the guy
is being talked about is because they entertain it. – She told you
mother[bleep] that– – You a grown-ass man.
You a grown-ass man. – Why is he here?
– Disrespectful mother[bleep]. Don’t know how
to talk to women. Deion being in a room
filled with women trying to fight us yet again
is part of the problem. You keep allowing people that don’t even know us
into our circle. Maybe we should
just get you out. – I’ve never been
disrespectful, ever. I always been a gentleman.
I always been a gentleman. – No, you wasn’t.
– Are you serious right now? – No, I’m good. I’m good.
I’m just trying to… – These are women.
You’re a man. – Okay, in this situation,
he was the next witness. Now because of the situation,
we cannot get that evidence. – Who cares? Nobody gives
a [bleep] about him. – I’m trying to plead my case and make sure everyone knows
that I’m innocent. Deion gets thrown out of court.I hope it doesn’t affect mebeing able to show everyone
that I am innocent. – Listen! This is not gonna
be that type of moment. – But this is the moment,
because this is the same thing that happened
at the skating rink. – That’s your friend, Jackie. When are we gonna figure out
that we don’t need to bring
third parties into the circle?Because it turns
into a [bleep]show.
Can we just be a mess
amongst ourselves? We’re just trying to work
that part out first. – Malaysia, I would love
for you to take the stand. I know you think it’s a joke,
but, obviously, this is very serious
for Jackie, because she’s
at her breaking point. – Not to be disrespectful
to your courtroom, but I’m not sitting up there. You can swear from the Bible
over there, though. I’m fine with that. – Oh, let me just get my Bible. You know, I’m in it every day,
all day, and I’m gonna get in it
when I get home. – Yeah, you want to bring
the Bible out now, put your hand on it.
[laughs mockingly] What? First of all,
God don’t like ugly,and He don’t like liars.Right is right,
and wrong is wrong. Stop playing with the Bible. – Do you swear to tell
the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,
so help you, God? – So help me, God. Be careful
what you wish for, Jackie. I’m gonna shut
this whole [bleep] down with the real truth so we can
all go the [bleep] home. – Go ahead, Malaysia. – Well, I feel like the reason
why we’re in this situation is because someone is saying
something behind my back, and the collective all said Jackie brought
the situation to them. Saying that everyone is lying and that the women
are framing her is crazy to me, and I feel like a friend would
never do a friend like that. I hear all kind of negative
things about you, and I would never bring it
to you guys’ attention because I feel like I’m not
gonna listen to an outsider. This is supposed to be
an inside circle, and we suppose to love
each other no matter what. Yes, we get into [bleep],
but at the end of the day, I’m never gonna side with
an outsider over one of y’all. And that’s all I got to say. – I never had a problem
with her. I’ve always looked out for her. I never had nothing bad
to say about Malaysia. And I rest
my mother[bleep] case. I’m gone. – Wait, wait, wait.
– Good-bye. – Wait a minute. Where the [bleep]
are you going? You don’t rest your case
with yourself and just go and leave court. – It’s not rested.
– Wait a minute. – Can you read
the verdict, please? – The verdict is,
Jackie going to jail. [laughter]
– [bleep] this bull[bleep]. You still on that bull[bleep]?Send her ass to jail.30 days. 30 days. – Judge, give me your jury
thing, ’cause I got to go. – You going to jail.
Where the cops? – I’m going to
render a verdict. I think it’s clear
that both Malaysia and Jackie are not gonna
resolve this overnight. – Never.
– This is very deep-rooted. So I am very okay
with rendering a verdict that you guys stay at least
100 feet away from each other. – Can you say 1,000?
– Three months. The verdict is rendered.
Court is adjourned. – Okay. Thank you, Jesus. – Bitch, finally you do
some [bleep]that I can give you
a clap for.
– It’s done.
I did what I could do. – Court is adjourned.
You all are free to go. – How about this?
I’m gonna do you one better. I’m gonna stay away from that
dumb-ass bitch for a lifetime.


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