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alright alright so some of the biggest
news going around right now is how spill was exposed as an actual company you to
creators like D’Angelo Wallace and Petty Paige have made videos about this more
and more people are talking about it but in this video I don’t want to discuss
why spill being a company isn’t necessarily a bad thing what is up
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DeAngelo Wallace you know he came out with his video that went viral about
Spill possibly being a company and then Patti Page I had a bunch of people leave
me comments and message me about petty pages video or her series about spill
and yeah some of you came to my channel because you saw my original video titled
why I hate spill alright hey anyways yeah it looks like spill is
a company this is a theory that I’ve had for a very long time and now it’s true
so in this video we’re gonna be talking about why that’s not necessarily a bad
thing all right but first let’s talk about some of the bad things all right
like one of the one of the main things that we need to talk about is like
deception okay like this is something that is a growing problem on YouTube
he’ll look at the Tana mojo and Jay Paul situation
right like YouTube was this platform that was originally created for like
authenticity for creators to hop on and you know be themselves and everything
like that and we’re starting to see this kind of blurred line where we don’t
necessarily know what’s real and what’s not real
so my biggest issue with spill is just trying to promote the the idea the
reality that they are just some kids working on this and they even made their
own video to kind of expose themselves and it’s just like you guys just just
come out with it and I think DeAngelo Wallace did a great job discussing why
companies and corporations try to humanize themselves a little bit more
especially in this day and age of social media and you know it’s something like
let’s talk about Jarvis Johnson if you’re not subscribed to Jarvis you best
go subscribe to Jarvis right but Jarvis has talked about this multiple times
like when he you know reviews like different corporate Twitter accounts and
how they interact and like you know just trying to be like actual people and
stuff like that but when it comes to spill when we’re talking about you know
promoting this idea that you know this is the reality when it’s really not like
Jarvis does a lot of videos on the channel the YouTube channel actually
happened it’s an animated channel where they promote these stories as being a
wheel even though there’s evidence to support that they’re not real so
deception is just it’s something that is it’s it’s tricky in this day and age
with social media because social media is supposed to be like real people doing
their thing because like we already spent the last you know almost hundred
years with you know TV shows and corporations doing this thing and
YouTube was supposed to be this platform of authenticity and things like that now
for those of you who didn’t watch my previous video on spill like I don’t
have a problem with companies and corporations coming onto YouTube so in
my last video about spill I asked you the audience I said hey how many videos
do you watch on a specific topic and most people it was anywhere from like
three to five some people said six or seven right so I don’t I don’t agree
with the idea that you know companies coming in is going to
take away views from other channels and individual creators because that’s not
what happens alright people watch multiple videos like just because you’re
subscribed to one channel doesn’t mean you’re not subscribed to another alright
sometimes you would prefer to watch a video from this creator than another but
I’m actually really proud of you the audience alright because a lot of
you said that you watch multiple videos on a subject to get different
perspectives to help you form your own opinions something that I get worried
about a lot when it comes to canceled culture and mob mentality is just you
know just following what everybody else says so I’m really proud of anybody
who’s watching you know different videos to get different perspectives on
situations but yeah it seems like Spill being a company they’re trying to do
what they see works on YouTube right which is drama which is animation they
even started their their new channels and stuff and they’re taking these
different angles of successful genres on YouTube alright so let’s talk about why
this isn’t necessarily a bad thing and drama channels out there commentary
channels out there I’m sorry but I’m just gonna speak the truth alright so
the first thing is my original video why I hate spill right like there’s so many
comments like you’re just jealous you’re just jealous
and yes it was a video about jealousy and what we do when we start to get
jealous or envious of other people so like here’s a thing like I know a lot of
drama channels and you know people out there trying to expose spill they’re
they’re trying to be like aha look I’m doing this for the greater good
like they are full of it if there are if they aren’t willing to admit that
there’s some jealousy behind this like it’s it sucks it sucks like watching
spills growth and how they did it and all the effort that they can put in to a
video that us individual creators can’t like it sucks right
but like it’s it’s something that we just have to deal with it’s the same as
when you open up a mom-and-pop store in your town and there’s a Walmart across
the street they have more resources they have more
money and they could do that you know what I mean but in this digital platform
we’re not at the same risk as a mom-and-pop store of being put out of
business by these people but I think that’s part of part of that fear but I
think it would be helpful if the other drama channels or commentary channels or
news channels would just admit that like part of it is just like wishing that you
know wishing that we could do what spill does with the animation the research the
captioning all of that stuff you know what I mean so the biggest reason why
spill being on YouTube isn’t a bad thing is because of drama channel bias all
right like I look at this constantly because I’m researching different topics
and everything like that to get ideas of how what angles I want to take and
everything and you guys like it is clear as day that influencers specifically
people in the beauty community or just kind of in that that realm like man they
manipulate the hell out of drama channels and I was thinking about doing
a whole separate video about this and I might but you guys like there’s such a
bias and when it comes to spill since they’re trying to take a more
journalistic approach and they are a company like you can kind of rest be
rest assured that there are opinions on certain subjects aren’t going to be
swayed like if you guys pay attention check out your favorite drama channels
right and look at how they cover different influencers there are
different influencers that each drama channel wants to you know kind of be
friends with or get clout from you know or whatever and you could see like when
they cover stories about those people they’re very soft they’re very light but
then there’s other influencers who they don’t like who that want nothing to do
with and they are so hard on them you see what I mean like there is such a
bias like you guys like and you see these influencers like hang out and do
collabs with these drama channels like I want you to do this if you think that
I’m crazy all right I think it’s cool when influencers hang
out with like the drama channels or commentary channels or whoever I love
with influencers interact but it does sway their opinion so if you think I’m
crazy go watch some collabs that have been done like okay did this influencer
like I know Jeffree Star hung out with some channels I know that Trisha Paytas
has hung out with some channels alright so check out those channels who they
hung out with see how they cover stories about the people they’ve hung out with
versus how they cover stories about other people specifically people like
Jacqueline Hill people like James Charles Wright so there is this major
bias that’s happening with these stories that are getting covered where it’s like
these drama channels are almost holding influencers hostage like listen if
you’re not nice to me if you don’t hang out with me I’m gonna come after you in
videos right and this is something that we don’t have to worry about with spill
so not only a spill well-researched right and the production’s great and
they go really in depth we also don’t really have to worry about them being
influenced for the sake of like clout or being friends with these big influencers
all right but the last thing I want to talk about and this is something that I
talk about in my book cancelled extensively and it’s just the reality of
it all of us channels whether you do commentary drama news like with
exceptions like Philip DeFranco and a few others like there is no journalistic
standard or integrity that has to be upheld all right like I – quite a few
journalists who cover like YouTube stories and stuff like that and here’s
what I mean like when drama channels and commentary channels and news channels
when they put information out there like they they have no no responsibility when
it comes to it like there are so many situations where they have put out lies
or misinformation and there are no repercussions like I watched so many
stories and I I’ve talked with different journalists
I’m like what would happen at your job if you release this story and it was
found out to be wrong like we have seen so many times lately they’re like oh I
get fired right or or we get sued because an actual media company they
would get the crap suit out of them if they said some of these things that
drama channels commentary channels everything like that like the
misinformation like YouTube channels they don’t have to do retractions they
don’t have to correct stories and listen this is something that I’m really
passionate about because it happened to me it happened to me there are dozens
and dozens and dozens of videos out there that are just spreading lies and
misinformation about me and nothing can be done about it so when it comes to
spill like you go spill do your damn thing right because at least they’re
trying to take a journalistic approach when it comes to these things they’re
trying to get stories right so when you combine that with them not having this
kind of bias of being swayed by different influencers like more power to
them so some of you watching this you know my history there is an infamous
Trisha Paytas apology video I put that in quotes because it wasn’t really a
Trisha Paytas apology video that was deleted and if you read my book I
discuss this story in detail but that that video like I was seriously
considering like looking into legal options because of the slander that was
happening about me all right and with the people I talked to who understand
law and everything like that like yeah Chris you have a case you have a case
and you can go after these people but one of the issues is is when you’re an
independent creator right if you take legal action against another creator it
is pretty much career suicide right like imagine what would happen less and like
that’s one of the reasons I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to set that
precedent so like I get why people are upset
about spill being a company and you know trying to make it seem as though you
know they’re one person but like I appreciate that spill is covering these
topics in a way that actually has some integrity behind it because we don’t
have to worry nearly as much about bias slander and all those other things all
right so you may completely disagree with me but I’m telling you right now
company or not spill is still the best tea channel drama channel whatever you
want to call it on the platform anyways let me know your thoughts on
this subject down in the comments below and don’t forget before I let you go my
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