Drama Club to Present Les Misérables

Schuylerville’s high school and middle
school drama clubs are teaming up on a production that has been seen on stages
all over the world. “It’s bigger than anything we’ve ever done.” On March 1,
2, and 3, the drama clubs will present Les Misérables: School Edition. “We have
over 80 people in in the cast and then like another 15 that are on crew.” The
production’s size and complexity required the drama clubs to combine efforts and
begin rehearsals five months ago. “It’s a lot different than previous years
because we have such a wide range of people and different levels of knowledge
of music, but I think it’s a good experience for us this year to have
everyone together because we have such a great large sound because of the amount
of people that we have.” The musical which is based on the novel by Victor Hugo
tells the story of Jean Valjean. “Valjean… he was sent to prison for 19 years for
stealing a loaf of bread. He is trying to put his past behind him and fix his
problems and fix himself while caring for others.”
And while rehearsals began five months ago, preparations for the production
began last spring with behind the scenes work and planning. “This year, our sets have gone above and beyond anything that we’ve ever had before. The amount of
dedication and the time that has gone into making them is completely
mind-blowing and I think that for the end result it’s going to be really
amazing.” Tickets are available for purchase
online at showtix4U.com. The cost is nine dollars for adults and six
dollars for students and seniors. Everyone’s working really hard and
everyone’s been so excited to do this so I think I want you to come out and
see it and see how much work the community as a whole has put into it.” This is a great cast and it’s going to be a great show and you shouldn’t miss it.”

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