Drama Ehd-e-Wafa | Episode 23 – 23 Feb 2020 (ISPR Official)

The enemy has opened the fire 171 times without any hesitation in the past three weeks And we also opened the fire as a reaction According to the recent reports, a few politician from Delhi are planning to play a dangerous game around the LOC for their political benefit We can see quick movements of Indian deployment in occupied Kashmir And the firing has also increased at the LOC The enemy’s plans seems to be dangerous Shahzain does not seem to be sincere He told me that only his family members will be there The entire area was present there He converted a good dinner to an election campaign Brother it is their way to express their love Did he ask for your help? Yes he did the way he does these days He asks for a favor and you do not even know that he has asked for a favor You are right, you are overthinking
That is it And if you remember, he use to make plans in Lawrence College and he use to lead If we did not have a problem back then, then why now? I do not have a problem with him being a leader He was a leader during the SSG time and he use to lead us well But now he seems to be fake like he is wearing a mask on his face And he has an addiction of taking credit for everything Anyways forget it, tell me when are you coming? Let’s see I plan to cover Shahzain’s area on the 25th I have to interview him as well In fact I can do one thing, I can interview you and him together Forgive me buddy, forgive me please God has given you the power of the mic, does not mean that you can make us sit together and involve us in to a heated discussion Tell me about Ramsha; Tell me about Ramsha; when are you two getting married? Once the elections are over than by the will of God Saad will also be back by then What is the story at your end? Did your Mother choose anyone for you? Yes there was one Who? You come here on the 25th, I will tell you when we meet Ok fine May God protect you You know Sheheryar was absolutely right that sister in law will call you while you are in war and ask you to bring coriander sister in law will call you while you are in war and ask you to bring coriander Why don’t you come? I am missing you a lot Don’t say something weird…we are talking on the landline I will be insulted if somebody from the Head Quarters… especially the operator will listen to the conversation I know, I am not that stupid Tell me how is the situation there? The situation is fine…there is no issue Why are you there if there is no issue? Why is there a high alert on the LOC? Why are the news channels saying that the situation is not good? Saad please tell me…how dangerous is it? There is no danger And even if there is…we are here to stop it Tell me how is Mother? Everything is fine She keeps praying for you There is no danger if she is praying How was your day at the hospital? Everything is fine Listen, I want to tell you something Should I tell you now or later? Tell me now if it is important Is the operator going to listen? That means there is nothing important I swear it is very important Then say it Figure it out yourself…The operator will listen if I will say something What do you mean? Bring a baby cot for junior Saad on your way back You are wise enough to understand the rest partner May God protect you What is it sir…you seem to be very happy today Something is going to happen The thing is that the MNA of this sector has not even stepped in to his own sector for the past five years and now his workers are going door to door and asking for an apology along with the votes and they are assuring them that they will change the destiny of this area if they win the elections this time Let’s take a break here and after the break we will take you to Raja Jehangir’s election office and get the updates Stay with me, we will be right back Ok cut! Was it ok? Perfect…let’s go, we are getting late as we have to record the next segment too I am so sorry man, we are late we are on our way and we will be in your area in two to three hours Take your time…there is enough time for the sermon I am going to please my Father in law right now I will be back before you arrive Be reasonable Shahzain We have done a lot of work in our sector in the past two years We have stayed intact with everyone hoping that Chaudry Waqar will enter the Assembly this time And now you have come at the last moment Tell me honestly, what have you done for the sector? To tell you the truth, I have built my foundation Uncle Now is the time to build a fort on that foundation Neither Waqar nor I will win if we become divided Our position is very good this time I will leave politics if I don’t win this time Your position might be good but my friend cum brother is on the best position in this area I think you got the hint Our honor will remain intact if we both agree to it rather than being stubborn You are being stubborn and not us Malik Shahzain We will be badly humiliated if we step back at this time Take my advice and step back instead of threatening us in the name of Mr. AC or otherwise, compete I am not threatening you Uncle I am just telling you the truth I agree that I have not built a single road in my area but you don’t have any idea about the contacts that I have made So try to understand my point and come along with me and announce your support in my favor in the sermon tomorrow Will you announce your support for Chaudry Waqar in the sermon tomorrow if we ask you so? No Then it is a no form our side too You fight the elections on the basis of your contacts and we will fight the elections on the basis of our performance Let’s see who the people support We will not step back Take my advice and step back Your position is very weak this time You might get beaten up during the campaign I am not used to getting beaten up but I am used to beating others First learn the manners to talk to your brother in law and then fight the elections I will give you such an answer to this slap Malik Shahzain that you will not even get the time to think about it I will go to cover Shahzain’s sermon and then I have to meet other volunteers and then I have to check the voter’s mood and then I will go back tomorrow Yes Rani Come quick for God’s sake…someone has shot my Shahzain What? Take me to Shahzain Rani! Be strong Everybody is with him
Nothing will happen to him Why am I not there when everybody is there? Mian ji is also not letting me go Please call them and ask them what is going on and what is going to happen I cannot live without Shahzain Call them and ask them what is the doctor saying? What will the doctors say my dear? We were informed when the operation had already started God is great He will protect him my dear We don’t even know about who attacked him We are also in the dark as much as you are Relax Grand Father Everything will be revealed who is involved in this and who has done this Where was he attacked Grand Father? He went to meet Chaudry Meher Deen He was attacked on his way back while he was alone Why did he go alone to the Chaudry? He is always surrounded by his guards…where were they where was Mulazim Hussain? I don’t know anything Mian Ji He will answer all the questions once he gains consciousness He only informed me before leaving that he is going to meet the Chaudry Chaudry? Has anyone informed him? It is not needed Mian Ji All the people in the area know that Shahzain is in the hospital They would have got to know too Still he did not come His daughter’s husband is fighting for his life and he has not inquired about him… even the enemies inquire during such times The election preparations are in the last stages According to the analysts there would be a record turn over in these elections The Deputy Prime Minister Faisal Kamran visited the elections commission today where he met the election commissioner who assured a fair and clean election So, did you see anything? No sir, it is totally quiet…no one has moved an inch sir Not even a crow is visible today They have not gone anywhere they are all holding their positions waiting for an opportunity But we will not give it to them Stay alert! We are alert sir We will lay them down if anyone shows up by an inch by God’s will Malik Shahzain was attacked after he was returning from an election sermon He was taken to the hospital in a critical condition He is under treatment till the last reports Hello operator! Are you thinking what I am thinking after what Grand Father has said? What do you think? That Rani sister’s brother and Father are involved in this attack Yes, I also think the same and there absence is confirming it Whose call is it? It is Saad Take it Hello! Hello! I have heard that Shahzain has been attacked It is true man We are at the hospital, Sherry is also here Where is Shahzain? He is in the operation theatre…you just pray for him Let me talk to Sheheryar May God have mercy We are frustrated
The operation is going on since so long I just want to say one thing that whoever has done this should not be spared in your presence Don’t you worry We will not spare him
We will find him Are you using this number? Yes, we can talk through the exchange Keep me updated Don’t give me a bad news for God’d sake Ok, Take care We will update you Where are you man? Are you bringing diesel from Gilgit Speed up, come quick Let him come, I will beat him so much that he will never leave the car tanks empty again It is the election time Father The cars are running the whole day using diesel Call Rani and tell her that we are short of diesel and we will be there soon I have told her but I don’t know why Malik Allah Yar’s phone is switched off Why don’t you call Malik Yar Muhammad and ask him the details? He is also not answering the phone God might have taken Shahzain back Have some fear of God…he is your brother in law He was my brother in law but now he is my opponent Seems like the obstacle is gone Father Rani is free and your son is also going to be successful Connect me quickly Yes, tell me He is out of danger Thank God Where is he now? They have shifted him to the room We cannot meet him at the moment He will gain consciousness in a while according to the doctors Ok then Let me talk to him once he gains back consciousness Take care of our friend and I will take care of the enemy There is nothing to worry about Mr. Malik Thank God that no vital organs are damaged The bullet missed the lungs and liver by a centimeter And the second bullet rived through the thigh Someone’s prayers saved Malik Shahzain So don’t you worry He will be able to walk in a week’s time Thank God Thank God I think Grand Father is sure that the Father and son are involved in the attack This is the reason he is acting cold with them Yes it is so Grand Father has given them a cold shoulder since they have come here Mr. Malik, I have seen very few brave people like Malik Shahzain Driving with bullets in the body is not a small thing Is everything fine? Did he say anything about who shot him? No Mr. Malik He was not in a position to talk He fainted as soon as he came here Father I think we should go now We have been insulted enough For how long are we going to stand here unattended? Let Rani come
We will leave after meeting her Greetings sir Greetings! Did you find out anything? No sir A few people heard the firing but no one saw anyone A few people heard the firing but no one saw anyone and we have found a few bullet shells too at the crime scene and we have found a few bullet shells too at the crime scene When can we take Mr. Malik’s statement sir? Stay here until the doctors allow you to do so Shariq! Sheheryar! Greetings! Shahzain is calling you both Rani dear! Did Shahzain tell about the attacker? The firing started as soon as I stepped out of the car I fell down as soon I was shot I think they came to threaten me and not to kill me Who? I don’t know They were on a bike They had covered their faces They were hiding their faces and you are hiding the truth I know that you know everything Listen! You can tell us the things that you cannot tell anyone else Come on, tell us And we are not kids…we have a little idea about who has done this Listen! This is a family matter Waqar is Rani’s brother I don’t want to wash my dirty laundry on the road And above all…he is standing against me in the elections If I will mention his name then people will think that I am accusing my opponent And he is not going to accept that he has done all this even if I take his name The police will handle this…don’t you worry The only thing I know is that he has attempted to murder you What if something might have happened to you? But it did not happen so What would have happened to us if something might have happened to you? The three of us would have had finished Me, him and Saad would have had been alone Our bond would have broken up Do you understand what a bond is? We would have been crying and missing you all the time What would have happened to Rani sister?
She would have been a living dead You have been shot but her blood has dried up Look at her face it has become pale as if she has been shot and not you Saad has been calling for you, he is worried about you and you are saying that nothing has happened Make him understand or I will slap him…he will be fixed Sheheryar! Come here, come here Both of you slap me to fix me What are you talking about? Are you crazy? I have done so many blunders with you I have had a close encounter with death I have to admit before I die Are you dying? Yes I think instead of giving him anesthesia the doctor has given him low quality drugs, that is why he is talking nonsense Nothing is going to happen to you buddy You will be fine File an FIR on him for twisting things Both of you have the right to file an FIR on me You are absolutely right, looks like the doctor has done our brother’s operation by giving him low quality drugs I am not joking I was really mean to you people on my engagement day If you would have done that intentionally then you would not have called us here as soon as you became conscious Now do not talk rubbish… the police is here and you will give your statement and do not try to protect anyone Understand? You will nominate Waqar’s name And if you did not, then I will call Saad and he will make you understand in his own way Buddy listen, please mention unknown people in the FIR Brother when you know everything then why are you being unaware? Buddy then what should I do? I am badly stuck He is Rani’s brother, she really loves him The man who tried to kill my husband, I cannot show anything but hatred towards him Whether you take his name or not; I will take his name and I will file an FIR against him too Rani you please stay away from this matter and do not rush things, it is a personal matter It is a matter of my husband now Brother, you file an FIR Malik Allah Yar has shown us attitude as if we have shot his grandson He did not greet us when we came nor did he greet us when we left It seemed as if he does not know us We are standing against Shahzain in the elections then why would he have put flowers around our neck Rani you rushed things up for no reason You should have let me talk to Uncle Meher Deen first This would not have been the situation if Waqar could be convinced through discussions is not his fault actually, I slapped him first You did not do anything wrong neither did I Now please do not talk much If you will talk so much then you will get discharged from the hospital in a month rather than a week Who is it? Let me talk to him No, there is no need The police will talk to him now Please! I just told you Yes what is it? What has Shahzain done Rani? Shahzain did not do anything… I have done it I have submitted the report Have you gone mad? Why did you report? He slapped me first and then he tried to kill my husband I could not react to what was done to me but I will respond to the gun that has been raised on Shahzain, Father How dare he tried to destroy my house for the sake of his so called respect? Waqar is innocent, he did not do anything who blames his own child? I do I would have caught him from his neck if he would have done so I am not so unjust as yet I know your justice really well You have spoiled him I am telling you again that Waqar did not do anything Either the police will decide or the court May God protect you Shahzain has such a psycho brother in law Who does such a thing? He ruined his own sister’s house for this politics What is wrong with the people? By the way, will Waqar confess? For sure He has put his hand in a bee hive He will not have a way out once his own sister nominates his name I am quite impressed with Rani sister Shahzain was totally confused But that lioness stood in front of her brother Shahzain is really lucky He has got such a loving and strong life partner The three of us got our life partners, partner What is your scene? I will also get someone Will do something You tell How are your sister and Mother? You are very clever You are diverting the topic by talking about my sister and Mother Come on tell me You said there is something to share What should I tell you?
There is nothing to tell Look we know each other very well to the extent that you have a lot to tell But what is it; that I do not know Even I do not know Ok I will tell you a story today There was once a poor boy, he did a lot of struggle, studied hard and stood first in the matric examination A rich man secretly got him admitted to the Lawrence College This boy who used to hold his Mother’s hand while sleeping till he was in matric, when he went to the hostel, his first night in the hostel was far difficult than the dooms day He was missing his Mother He was missing his Mother’s presence He was missing the recitation of holly verses that his Mother used to recite on him every night He was very upset He was hiding under the blanket and crying, sobbing Suddenly one of his roommates got up, held his shoulder and said Shariq, consider me your brother why are you getting upset? And I told everything to my brother You know what he did then? He kept his hand over my forehead and started reciting the holly verses From that day till now, I did not get scared because I was sure that my brother Sheheryar has got my back You know I was really missing my loved ones that day exactly the way you are missing one of your loved one today Come on tell me, what is upsetting you? Tell me I have ruined a strong and a good girl’s career, life, dreams everything I have reached my destination Poor Masooma had to go back to the place, where she wanted to come out from Who Masooma? She was strong at that point in time and I became weak She bravely said whatever was in her heart but I turned out to be a coward I could not say whatever was in my heart Why? I had to do CSS I thought if I will confess it, I will get distracted from my goal At that time it seemed like love will distract you from your target The fear of being left behind took love away from me Human is a strange creature, he always becomes careless towards the people who care for him You are misusing your powers Malik Am I doing it? Am I shooting bullets from a gun? My Grandson was shot Chaudry Meher Deen and you are saying that I am misusing my powers By God Chaudry Meher Deen that if I wanted to show my power than your son would have been in the grave yard rather than in the police station Open your eyes and look at the things your son has done and agree that he has done everything How should I agree to it Mr. Malik? He was with me and we were in an election campaign You were in an election campaign and your men were shooting my Grandson What is the proof that those people were sent by Waqar? You will get the proof and the punishment too Chaudry Meherdeen Malik Allah Yar has faith in God that if this is proved wrong, I will come to your house and apologize to you keeping my turban in your feet And if it is proved true than mark my words that I will not spare your son and the world will remember it forever You are right Uncle from your perspective but right now Sheheryar, Shariq, Grand Father, Rani, everyone thinks that Waqar has attacked me All of them are so angry at the moment that I cannot back off even if I want to Nothing is in my hands right now My friends and family will take the decision right now So please go and talk to them The doctor has told me not to talk much I have come to talk to you Malik Allah Yar is considering me like a stain on a white cloth since yesterday and what do I have to do with your friends The two of us have to take the decision Then let’s do it What do you want? I just want to win the elections Ok You take the FIR back and I will take the papers back his nomination papers He will not stand against you in the elections Let me discuss it with everyone And I will completely support you Let me ask Rani first How can I take such a big decision alone? If I can take the decision than why can’t you? I am backing off I am burying mine and Waqar’s entire political career and you are saying that you have to take the entire Pakistan’s advice I have not even discussed it with Waqar and offered you Show some respect This is not your age Uncle, this is your loneliness that is coming out You are absolutely alone and I have a lot of people around me I accept your offer but first I have to convince my friends and family Give me some time… Waqar will be home with you tonight by the will of God…
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