DRAMA | Gimana Caranya Biar Cepet Tambah Tinggi Yaaa Gess ??

i’m so starving now ! Asep’s (my brother) ? please get me the plate ! where are you ? i’ll get the plate get the plate, uh i can’t how to take it ? ahaaa ! (get an idea) what ? Jeevan’s, what are you doing ? i get the plate what if it falls, i’ll take it for you how much you need the plate ? i just need a plate for eat, i’m so starving why your not to telling me ? i was to tell you, but you’re not answer oh i’m sorry, i was listening music with earphone hmm.. what if i’m tall i’m no need take a chair and tell you you have to be patient, you’ll grow, will add height no, i want to add height now that is so hard hmmm… try to search the step to add height ok, i’ll try searching oh, i get it how about that ? let’s do this the first, you have to measure height so, the height is 120 cm ok, let’s do it the first step (jumping) the second step, swimming


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