Hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel for today’s video I have something not gonna lie a little bit last second planned I had a concept for today’s video all ready to go ready to film I sat down and after a further thought quickly realized It was not the best idea. Since I’m an awful youtuber and could not think of any better Ideas, I’m gonna be recreating this ^ makeup look that I did almost two years ago now to date, It is still when my all-time favorite makeup looks that I’ve ever done But I feel like my skill level has grown so much And I think I could really improve this and make this a really really awesome look not only am I an awful youtuber But I’m also unoriginal and since last week’s video was recreating your guys’s makeup looks and today’s videos recreate mine I can’t use recreating in my title twice in a row that’ll be really really stupid So I’m gonna make this video also a Q&A so I can make the title something different… love that I’m always thinking I’ve been wanting to recreate this look for a super super long time now But creative looks don’t really do that well on my channel So this is the perfect excuse for me to do a creative makeup look and you guys have to watch *snaps cause he’s cool* Got you good Without further ado I already have my face already on. Let’s go ahead and get started with some questions and some cool lightning bolt makeups I’m gonna start this look off by popping off my eyelashes clearly I’m going to be doing a lot of work on my face and eyes today So cannot have any Miami’s distracting me from that process. Oh my god. I just lost that- noooO We’re good, We found her. to start off off this look today. I’m gonna lay down Just a light base coat using my morphe at 35 P palette and using the blue shade or right in this corner the first question today comes from sister Alessandra, and she says Pineapple on pizza yes or no? Absolutely, not. I literally think pineapple pizza is one of the grossest (ew) Combinations ever like who wants their pizza to be sweet? I know I certainly don’tI personally am a pepperoni type sister I love me some good pepperoni, pineapple Absolutely not. Edgar ask, Do you want to stay in LA or do you plan to move somewhere else in the future? That’s actually a really good question that I personally ask myself all the time thinking in terms of right now I definitely do plan on staying in LA for quite a long time. I really really like it here I definitely like love the Sun the warm weather all my really close friends are here aside from my Family of course so I really like being here and my job is here as well I feel like I’m always getting a lot of work done as for downtown LA, Definitely not. I plan on renewing my lease here for one more year, but after this year I’m gonna save all my money And hopefully be able to build my own house which is gonna be such an amazing accomplishment at only 19 years old so Fingers crossed that that works out because that is something that I’m really really looking forward to but I guess I really never know what The future holds like I said for right now I’m happy But I definitely want to explore a whole lot more and kind of see my options and who knows where I’ll be Five ten years from now so for right now I’m happy as a L.A. sister But maybe I’ll be in Antartica one day couldn’t tell ya *giggle* Speaking of traveling and exploring a new places sister ray asked, would you ever go on tour cuz I want to meet you so bad


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