Drama Jungkook X Tattoo Shop + ARMY’s Respone

Hi~ Welcome to Kpop Ongep To support this channel please subscribe and turn on your notification On October 13, the tattoo shop where Jungkook get tattoos post long statement on Instagram. They said that they have been receiving hundreds of cursed and threatened massage everyday. if they followed Big Hit’s advise and just stayed quiet, everything would have just passed but over a month has passed and they still receiving these types of messages They can’t sleep, going to therapy and replying on alcohol So they thought that are they supposed to just silent? In the beginning they just followed Big Hit’s advise to stay quiet. And they thought that Big Hit would later proceed with the appropriate actions. But Big Hit later stated that they took no responsibility for the things that happened during Jungkook on his vacation During their last phone conversation, Big Hit thought that they were looking for compensation. But it is not their intention. They also have many conversations with ARMY and realized that those who threatened them were just trolls on the internet pretending to be fans. They also said that Mijoo and Jungkook are not dating his tattoo is not an initial tattoo She is just a normal girl who works hard in her field. They also stated that they have never posted any media related to Jungkook They thanked ARMY for helping them found some more details on the people that have spread these malicious rumors. they said that this is the last for them to answer all questions about this They also stopped communication with Big Hit and Jungkook. Those are all statement from tattoo shop called ta2luv This initial tattoo rumor was started by someone who post that Jungkook’s tattoo have Lee Mi Joo initial The girl rumor to be Jungkook’s Girlfriend Some post that they had similar tattoo This drama between Jungkook and tattoo shop have different response from ARMYs Some are happy that Jungkook got tattoos some even have similar tattoo with him Some were disappointed Some were disapointed with how Big Hit handled the situation Some said that we should be good to the tattoo shop and Mijoo But there were also who doubted the tattoo shop statement This is how the new drama begin So, Ta2luv made a new kakao talk id for ARMY Someone sent massage to the tattoo shop asking how jungkook photo got leaked and why did they lied that the person they post on their instagram was not Jungkook Tattoo shop said that they did not leaked those photo ARMY are doubting the tattoo shop The photos are from inside the shop so it is weird that they didn’t know anything about that On another kakao talk screenshot Someone said that “because of you Jungkook got a lot of cursed” The shop respone was “Sorry elementary kid~” A lot of ARMY are suspicious of this shop They thought that this shop used Jungkook for their personal gain What do you think? because we don’t know the real situation, we should just keep neutral about it. Don’t give positive or negative feedback to this shop so they and us can move on That’s all for this video You can tell your opinion below And you can also request if there is something about KPOP that you want to know I will discuss it on the next video Don’t forget to like the video and share it to your friends Thanks for watching and good bye~

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