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”The toy player.. Who is staring me all time.. Why should [.. worry like you.. The toy player.. Who is staring me all time.. Why should [.. worry like you.. God makes us fall in
Iove.. what can we do about it? Let us everyone hide
our faces and play drama.. The toy player.. Who is staring me all time.. Why should [.. worry like you.. Once in left.. once in right.. sometimes in front.. sometimes back.. Why have [ born.. so much
hardship [ have been through.. Why am [ here.. to sell you toys.. [n this world.
man has a very short life span.. Am [ wrong. tell me girl? We cannot control this generation,
what can we do? Let’s hold the time
with us and play drama.. The toy player.. Who is staring me all time.. Why should [.. worry like you.. The toy player.. Who is staring me all time.. Why should [.. worry like you..” Hello! Hello!
Listen everyone.. listen! Sister Narayani. 52years old.. ..brother Hanumant,
54 years. they both are in love. Whoever got a call.
please come to the Panchayat. Oh God! Oh God! Wait! Wait! When will the Panchayat start? Yes! Will start now. Hey! Wait! Wait! Slowly! Slowly!
Slowly! We came. We came. Look everyone is staring at us.
Where is the stem? Everyone here in the Panchayat. Iook
here this idiot has a bike with him.. ..and don’t even know
to apply its stem. [f [ make him marry any girl.
wont people hit me later? What you all say? Brother. good! Good! [f [ make him to put the stem,
will you get him married? Let’s see if he can. Show us. Grandpa. Iook the lady you love. Gather all the love
and start the bullet. Start. Start!
Start! Start! Start! Start! So it’s proved that our
candidate is an eligible bachelor. So you must fix the marriage date.
That is it. Hey. Iady! Tell us what you want?
We want to hear it from you. She can’t hear. [s it okay, sister? That is your decisions.. ..but have your children’s
and grand children’s accepted? They are not here. They have settled
in foreign. Bangalore and Bombay. Her husband died years ago. So why are you questioning
that poor lady? What is your problem? This man. who still loves his
first love. is he great or the once.. ..who are coming in
their between are great? [t’s wrong to come in between
two people who love each other. [f you have the courage
then go forward. From our end the
Panchayat is closed. Game over. drama over. Sister Ratna, brother Kumar, how
did you give birth to such a child? We don’t know. [t just happened. Your son is insulting us in front of
the whole Panchayat. He’s gone mad. AII the village boys
our making their courier.. ..but he is not at
all bothered about it. He doesn’t listen to us. [f we shout on him. he writes
poem.. poem. He is a writer, a poet. Leave that. He goes to college on Gandhi
Jayanthi, Basva Jayanthi.. ..to give lectures to others. You have failed 6 times.
Shame on you! Gowdr! What happened. Shantakka? My life has become hell.
Come here. fast. [ am coming. Gowdr Anna! Don’t go! Hello! [t’s a simple address! [n the jungle there are
two coconut tress, near Cana.. ..and one near Hasra. [f you come straight you
will get the smell of Chendu flower. Come there. Let’s meet. [ am coming. Don’t call me 20 times.
Keep the phone. [ am not sure whether
you will come or not. So you come fast. Okay? He is here. Correct! [ can here you closely.
Where are you? Look hear. Ioafer! Now open your mouth, you idiot!
You have called me and [ have come. Misunderstanding. [ have brought your sister with you. Tell your story in front of her. Why did you call Shantamma here? You won’t understand all this.
Keep quite! Why? Because [ love her. Love? Oh God!
[ am married. you idiot! Leave your husband. Oh God! My husband has
gone to Bangalore to earn. To live a livelihood.
he is working so hard. And this idiot is coming behind me.
Loafer. idiot! [s it true? [s it true? Brother. is loving a sin? When did this happen? Even [ don’t know. Shut up. idiot! You will get punishment. Brother. take him away. Brother! Brother! No. brother!
[ join my hands in front of you. Don’t do anything with my brother. Shantamma, Shantamma,
he is the only one for me. We don’t have parents. Their only wish was that
he must learn and be successful. That is why [ work here and
there and pay for his education. After failing 7 times.
he cleared it just few days back. Look, at this time if there
would be any police case.. ..his life will get destroyed. Leave it. [ understood
how mush pains you take. But beat him with the
sandals and teach him a lesson. Yes! Yes! [ will teach. [ am thankful to you!
– Leave it. AII is over! Let’s walk! Gowdr couldn’t do anything. Go away! Shantakka.. Brother, one minute..
– What? [ want you to listen
to a song. Listen.. Say! Other language Other language Other language How was it? What was that? Listen 3 more times. ”Come..come..come..come here.. ”Come..come..come..come here.. Why do we have to face this day.
will have to fast for 3 days.. Come..come..come..come here.. Come..come..come..come here.. One is Venkatesha
and another is Satisha.. Come..come..come..come here.. Come..come..come..come here.. How will he complete his graduation.. He will keep roaming
all over the village.. [f [ keep singing.
[ will get pain in my mouth.. [f [ keep listening.
[ will get ear pain.. [f [ keep singing.
[ will get pain in my mouth.. [f [ keep listening.
[ will get ear pain.. Why do we have to face this day.
will have to fast for 3 days.. Come..come..come..come here.. Come..come..come..come here.. One is Venkatesha
and another is Satisha.. They spoil everything
where they come.. Who will accept their biodata.. Who will accept? The married is flirting
with the young.. He can speak 10[ lies.. Let’s go to the
beach in the morning.. Song the song loudly.. Let us stop the running generation..
by holding it with our legs.. [f we don’t eat anything,
our head pains.. [f we diet due to tension
then we get gastric problem.. [f we don’t eat anything,
our head pains.. [f we diet due to tension
then we get gastric problem.. Why do we have to face this day.
will have to fast for 3 days.. One is Venkatesha..another
is Satisha.. Venkatesha.. Satisha.. Venkatesha.. Satisha.. Venkatesha.. Satisha.. The elders will not
gIve us permIssIon.. The generation wants freedom.. Generation.. They don’t worry
about the situation.. They destroy the village.. When they grow up.
day and night they flirt with girls.. They lie to impress girls.. There is always
a start to every end.. God does all these things.. There is always
a start to every end.. God does all these things.. Why do we have to face this day.
will have to fast for 3 days.. One is Venkatesha
and another is Satisha..” Look there. Sir came. Where is my daughter? Come. my child. Brother.. Look there! Look there! Son.. Son.. Sir, [ am asking you last time.
Have you killed my son? Look.. Iook here and speak. [ have worked with you.
You have given me food. Your son is not different.
[ am not different. Yes! Where [ was one day. my image in
Dubai, you are at that place today. To learn this job.
[ sent my son to you. Now he is no more.
His body is burning there. [ doubt on you for this death. Tell me. have you killed him? [f [ would have killed him.
[ wouldn’t have come from Dubai. [ wouldn’t have
stood in front of you. He died in a car accident.
That is all. [ am leaving. [ am leaving. brother. Brother, you must have
caught him why did you leave him? Come. daughter. How did he die? How? Did you kill him? He had his eye on you. That is why [ killed him. Mummy did suicide because
she was unable to live with you. [s his murder alos of the same kind? Nandini.. Kill me! Kill me! Sometimes you can’t explain
many things.. it’s time for flight. [t’s not safe for you to be here.
Come. Iets go Dubai. [f [ live with you. [ will die soon. [ am living in Mummy’s village. [ am living happily.
[ will take care of myself. Dare you enter in my life? Stop! Will you come in Christmas.
my child? From tomorrow, sent a guy near
her college. [ want her updates. Hey Satisha. this village. people.
water, God, future nothing is set. No one listens to us. They all yell on us. We should have born in foreign.
The story would have been different. Life would have been interesting. This is all because of God.
He made us to born here. Why did you do this to us God? Hey! Who is it? Come here. Oh bulbul! Bombay’s Pundit. Whatever you say,
is that true, brother? My children.
[ have alerted your parent’s.. ..that they will give
birth to useless sons. Go and ask them. Why that is required. brother?
We must not go deep.. ..or else earthquake will take place. [f earthquake takes place.
there would be water everywhere.. ..if not then beer everywhere. This land decides everything. [f it wants then it will save earth
or else he will cause earthquake. [t’s scary to die in earthquake. Daytime it’s okay but at night
if it takes place. we would panic. We panic and that is life. He gives us life. we take birth. He makes us grow, we must grow. He makes us die we have to accept. This Bombay will tell you
whether God is there or not. Catch.. catch.. catch..
catch.. catch.. catch.. Hey give here. Hey, desires are short term,
Iove is long term.. This is never wrong.
You will never succeed in life. Why. brother? But your life can change
if a girl takes entry in your life. That is great! That means bad times will
also go and will also get a girl. Hey, idiot!
You have to suffer a lot ahead. Whatever it is. [ live for today. You don’t tell anymore and
[ will also not listen to you more. [ just want your blessings. brother. A kiss to this doll. Hey. idiot! Give here. Go! Go! [ am going! [ felt great! Brother today you
have to decide my future. Don’t make up all
things and then tell me. Okay! [ will tell you the truth.
First listen to this doll. Okay. brother! Boy – good! Girl – bad! Catch.. catch.. catch..Bomabaya.. [t’s Kirga, brother. [diot. my child. [n my whole life.
kirga has come to no one. Surprising! [ will try it again.
What is big deal in it? Hey! Hey! Give here. Everything will change soon. What do you mean by that? Hey, listen to what Bombay says. You will go to the west. You will walk 10[steps. There you will find a board. Then you will straight
away go to the sea shore. There death will follow you. Sir.. sir.. sir..death? [ am telling you now. run
from your death. Win over your fear. Tell me your final word. A girl will come in your
life and take you with her. Go child. Get up! She has your life in her hand. Walk! Don’t stop! Keep going! As you say. brother.
[ am leaving. brother. Malli! Hey! Hey! Hey! Look! Look. Deepu!
Boys going. What a tying?! Arsha Bungalow. china Swami stadium.
20/20/20 ticket. Come on, attack! That guy is nice. Did you see his eyes? He cannot work for me. He made you out. Get away! Let’s see. Try him. No. no. Iet’s get closer. Say kabaddi.. kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi.. Hello! What’s going on?
– Kabaddi! [t’s a village game. Do you always wear half pant? We are village people. Half
pant is famous. So [ am wearing it. This is the only thing left in our
religion. So we are protecting it. We grew in half pant
we will die in half pant. Wear your clothes.
Girls passing by tempt for you. Guys are getting
ashamed hearing this. Be ashamed! [ am not in mood. Should [ come to the topic? No. this much is fine. The topic is more interesting. Tell. Tell. You keep quite! You haye power! Hey get off your hand.
We will get in trouble. Will you play kabaddi with us? Should [ put flowers on ground? Wait! Let’s see. We are 7 people.
Let’s bet for 7000rs. Stop the drama.
Let’s play. [ will select your team. You.. you and you 5 people. Tail is ours.
You will lose the game. Hey send some good player.
Or else we will get bored. Now. the first player is taking
entry. We don’t know her name. Everyone be alert. Left. Left. Left. Come on. There. There. Come. Come. Hey you are out.. out. Hey! Oh god! Common.. common.. get up! Kabaddi.. kabaddi.. kabaddi.. His also out – Not out! Yes! Now you go. The first player from
boys’ team has taken entry. Come on.. Attack. Malli. that side. Hey, give space.
[‘II look after him. Hey, leave it.
She will look after him. Common. Malli. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Common.. common.. common..
COm mOn.. COm mOn. .COm mOn. . Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Wait there! Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Where is our 7000rs? Today. our bank is closed.
The manager has holiday. You must not ask money. Keep
it pending or play one more game. [ don’t know all that. Malli. did you take
all the shirt and pants? [ have taken. With that
there were also 4 mobile phones. [ have also taken that. – Don’t
take our mobile. [ am telling you. You are scaring us. Hey, come. Do you know Shalivahana college? [ don’t know. So get to know that college.
[ am studying there. [f you wish to get spoiled.
come there. Or else be here. Okay! [f you come. don’t shave your beard.
You won’t look good. And what else? Thanks for meeting me at the road. Thanks for meeting me at the road. What? Nothing. Leave it. Bye. Bye! Daddy. come in side. Little more. Put your leg towards me. Why? – Why? Okay! [ want to continue my studies. What did you say? [ want to continue my studies. Wait! Wait! Wait a minute! [ will
light candle to our parent’s photo. Go! With good heart. break the coconut. Today [ feel so lucky. sir. Should [ leave? Wait for some days; you
can have food at my place and go. Hey, idiot! Give birth to 2 children and put them
in cradle and give them their name. [s that so?
– Keep quite! Take your bag. You are going 150ms away. [f you face any difficulty.
come back home. Why? To give fire to my death body? Hey! [s that what
a brother must say? Will you get a brother
like me in this whole village? Whatever it is. but [ will
not come in contact with you. Leave it.
You all take care. [ will come soon. Don’t tell that you will come back. AII the village people
have come together.. ..and bowed down to the principal.. ..to get you both
admitted to that college. Study well and make
your village proud. [ will try. Be in touch. Satisha. [ will howsoever
send you money every month. Don’t get angry if it gets late. Okay! [ will leave now.
Hey. drive now. Be careful.
– Okay! Fine! Go slowly! Go slowly! [ will distribute almond milk today.
Thank god! Brother!
We are going to study.. study. Okay. go! Okay. bye! We are leaving. What is this? There is no board.
no building. Just trees. There is no couple sitting
in the college. [s it a college? [ have left my village and
come here. Have [ come here to roam Wait. [ will ask someone. Hello to the elderly! Sir. why is this place so weird? This is shop. Okay! Good! What is that. sir? That is college.
Can’t you see the board? [ saw. What do you
mean by Shalivahana. sir? That is the name of the principal.
He is like a God. [ want to get inside but there
is no one. [s it holiday today? [t’s always serene here.
No one roams here. [f you go left then right then turn
backwards. you will find everyone. [ am leaving.
[s there tea. Coffee. beer? AII that is not allowed here. Not allowed. Okay! Every day [ will eat 2 bananas.
You make an account. Will clear them once in a week. Keep back the banana. Keep! Will you give me water?
Please. Thank you! Your name? She doesn’t have mouth. She has mouth. She can’t speak. [t’s okay, sir! [t’s okay! AIlow me. sir.
– What did you say? Nothing, sir! You are elder to me.
[ will be staying here. Any problem let us know. sir. Hey, return back the pot. [ am going. AII the best. Go inside. Hey, Venkata,
he is my father – in – law. The girl and the shop
both are my responsibility. You have to stay alone. Hey, you are targeting
at the wrong place. Hey, you are targeting
at the wrong place. Did you get it?
– Yes, sir! Please take a seat. [t’s okay, sir! What okay? We must respect everyone. [f you both don’t sit.
[‘II have to get up. Sorry, sorry, si r !
– Sir.. [ am not getting anything, sir. Did you get it now? You both have attempted for the exams
so any times and finally passed. Then too you have so less grades. Sir. we had problems. sir. You have so much gap in your
education. What is the reason? There is just one reason. What did you say?
– Nothing, sir. Talk to me. Sir! There is a poem written on this?
Who wrote this? [ wrote it.
[ dint get any other paper to write, so [ wrote on this, sir. ”Your heart is sweet as
sugar.. you dance so wonderful..” Best! Very good! Sir, it just came in
my mind and [ wrote it. [t just clicked your mind. Look there
is no specific time to write poem. You would not know when
a poem would click your mind. [t is situation based. [t
originates according to situation. [n your age. what would
this poem mean? [9 loved it. You know.
now people only know movie songs. Based on killing.
Iove. villain. etc. Do you know what these movie
songs have their impact on people? Hey! Hey! Sir, it’s not mine, sir. [f you repeat this once again,
[ will take away your phone. Okay. sir. You come to my house
when you get time. [ will help you with your poems. [ will tell you how
to write good poems.. ..and will give poems tricks and
books on them. You practice them. Okay! Okay. sir! You both have joined
this college from today. Let your poem journey
start from today. Leaye! Okay, sir! Walk! Hey Venkata. what was he talking? Leave it. Okay! Hey, you wanted to
attend this lecture? This girl.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi..kabaddi.. Oh! The village player
is here with his luggage. You called me and [ came. Where will you go otherwise? [n a week around 20 guys
come here searching for me. AImost 2 dozens. Malli. a new chicken has come.
What to do? Cut it. What else to do? Come. Come. Let’s go up. We are of small age.
Why are you talking about going up? [f we talk near the corridor
principal will get us married’. Oh God! No. No. You should have made
kabaddi as your profession. Why did you take it personal? You gave me criminal
kiss that is why. True love? You are asking me? Truly. So what to do now? [ am bored. Give me a kiss. You opened the account
so [ asked you. Ring the bell three times
and come here. [ will give you. This is the entry
of the first love exam. [ love you truly. One time. [ love you truly. Second time.
– Hey! Hey! Who is ringing the bell? [ love you truly. Third time. Hey go! Keep it there. Keep it.
– Okay. brother! Venkatesha. a poem is coming
in my mind washing these clothes. Go ahead. Tell me. ”The mind which
roams here and there.. How so ever we wash our jeans.. [f you use Ujala.
you will get blue dreams..” That is right!
Women must be handed Ujala. Oh! Look there. Hello! Guys use Ujala and
what about you all? We use washing powder Nirma. Oh. Jaya and Sushma. No. Sushmita and Aishwariya.. Look. they are talking like us. They will eat our head. Hey! Come here everyone.
We must win against the boys. Common! Quick! Quick!
Come fast! Come fast! What is this? So many girls joined
together and discussing something. This is the [th wonder of world. ‘Tell me girl what
you have in your heart.. ..you gave me beautiful dreams.. But it would turn into sour dreams.. You will find very less answers
in the Gita to this situation, ..which you are going through.. [t is going to be hard.. harder.. You will be tied in
the middle of the road.. Your heart will be totally open.. You will totally fall for her.. You will keep thinking about her.. Your actions are
controlled by your heart.. She has told you all.
what else is left? Tell me girl what you have in your
heart. you gave me beautiful dreams.. But it would turn into sour dreams.. [ catch seat for you in the
bus which [ have never done before.. Whether it is morning or evening,
[ will call you.. Don’t know how long this would take
us. how long will it make us to wait.. ..what else is there for us.. [f you be mine or not
[ my heart will be full. Tell me girl what you have in your
heart. you gave me beautiful dreams.. But it would turn into sour dreams.. Child!
– Yes! Give me little homemade medicine. Hello to the elderly! One Chandrika soap.
one mosquito repellant. 2 Nycil. Give. my child. Why. sir? Aren’t you fine? What you have to do? [ have heard that health is wealth. Hey! Keep quite and go away. Oh God! Oh! Chandrika! Don’t worry. Nothing will happen.
Let me get some water. Look here! Look here!
Look here! Nothing will happen! Don’t worry! Nothing will happen. According to the reports
nothing has happened. He must just rest
for 2 hours at home. He is coming in between. [ want him
to make my temporary father-in-law. Keep him here for [ – 10 days. sir. Am [ a doctor or you are a doctor? Okay! Not yours not mine.
Keep 5000rs with you. From where do people
like you come to eat my head? Keep quiet, sir!
We know what our difficulty is. [f we would have been 2 minutes
Iate. he would have expired. Thanks? This is not the right place.
Let’s go to some greener place. Come. [ will take you. Your daddy is fine.
Nothing will happen to him. Do you know the word
danger is female or male? Even [ don’t know. [n our village we use
to talk about everything. We use to hide and see first night.
What about you? [ have saved your father.
[s there anything special for me? [ don’t want more. [ will sit beside
you. That is enough for today. Okay? Today’s boys are very forward. At least they must put
their hand on the girls shoulder. Love doesn’t have mouth.
So don’t shout. Actually. [ love you. [n this early Tuesday morning.. [s it necessary to
go to principal’s house? At least some one
is honoring my poem. Being a security guard,
why are you sleeping? What?
– Want a small help. Will you help? What? When [ enter. you don’t allow me. [ will try entering
and you fight with me. Hey! Get lost.
Why do you want to hear from sir? Who is it? Hey!
– [t’s been long time.. Who is it? – Sir. you told
me that you will give me book. Yes! Come. Come. Look, it is there. The books above the cupboard
are related to drawing. When [ hold this.
[ don’t touch them. Take!
– Ciye, sir! Books! Sir!
– [n the 3rd row, its poetry. Take the books from there.
The blue book. that is immortal. [ have seen her in
Yamana Mutkala Mutukala. Sir. is she your wife? This is my life past poems. [ have hidden it
so that no one finds it. No one saw it.
Why did you remove it? Sorry. sir! [ will keep it back. Why do you want to know
about things not related to you? Go! Walk! Walk! Walk!
– Wait! What is going on? [ told you to go,
and you are leaving. Don’t you have respect for me? We have. sir. Do you have or not? Stick to one. We have. sir. We have. What do you mean by relationships? [ don’t know. sir. The sum written in English
is same as that in kannada. Okay, sir! What are you telling? Sir! She is my wife who left me away. First [ become a human being.
then a lover then a loner. What are you talking. sir?
You are too good. Who told you that?
Have you asked the college students? No, sir!
– Then how will you get to know? Go home. Hey. mad! Dumb! Are you serious, sir?
– Yes ! Co ! Co ! Don’t stop ! Wait! Death is the ultimate
thing in human’s life.. Sing this song to the
people who talk behind me. ‘Death is the ultimate
thing in human’s life.. You left me and went away.. Feel pity on me and call me there.# Should we leave. sir? You came and now you are leaving. [n the same way,
she came and went away. She had my student.
my child in her stomach. Can you hear the birds chirping? [ feel that my child’s
voice would have been the same. [ feel like shouting. [ know.. [ know that she is my child. She comes in my dreams
and tells me that she is hungry. The people who get this dream since
20 years. should he get a death. Shouldn’t he get died? You tell me? Yes, sir! Look. Iook here. Look! Look! This is a story written
by me on suicide. This is the story
on my attempts to die. Wait! More is there.
Read all. Read all. Keep reading. Read all.
Read! Read! Read this! Read this! One minute, sir!
– Yes! [ will not die. [ have just
written it all. [ will not die. You know why? Hold it for a minute. Will you help me?
Will you help me? Tell me. Come here. Here, Here, Here.
Help me a bit. Help me a bit. Sir! Sir! Sir!
– [ want to die! [ want to die! [ want to die! [ want to die! [ want to die! [ want to die! [ want to die! [ want to die! Venkata! Venkata! Hey! Pick! Pick her!
Give me my child. Give here. [n the fridge.
there is medicine.. medicine.. Open the fridge. medicine.. The red bottle.. red bottle.. Take.. take the
InIectIon..InIectIon.. InIectIon.. Get it here.
Put it. Give. Give here. The doctor has told
me if [ get too emotional, [ must take this injection. Ciye. Ciye me, sir! Little. Little. Slowly. Slowly. [ will live more. You leave. You leave.
[ will live more. You leave. Brother. good bye! Howsoever we have saved
sir’s life from him and come back. You are sitting on your place instead
of going inside. [s that right? No tension.
Did sir take the medicine? We gave him injection. Now he will not get
up for next 6 hours. Hey! He is suffocating inside.
Go and look after him. Hey don’t eat my head. Go away. Hey! He works for what he is paid. Hey! [ am worried. Principal is God. Correct? Correct! [s it wrong to have the Prasad
which we got from God’s house? Whatever it is.
[ am telling you – no. you loafer. Hey. Satisha! Beer is the medicine.
Iove is the end. Do [ need to bear your bad rhyming? Listen, we ran away
from our village.. ..joined this college.
we don’t know our course.. [f by chance we fall in love
then God knows what will happen. [t is our duty to have a glass
of it and work towards the nation. Okay! Give.. You idiot!
You have your glass ready? Due to excess love. my heart and
brain is filled with gas. Give me. Are you sure? Sur! Sure! Sure! put. Oh My God! Save him. Drinking is injurious to health.
Don’t drink. Hey! Who is that who rung the bell? Hey! Who is that who rung the bell? [ know Nandini. you did this. Hello! What are you saying?
Hwy will [ do this? Once again if you do.. Go! Go! ”[ am besides you..
very close to you. girl.. Let me put kajal on your face. [ love the way you see me. [ like to make dream
in which you are there.. [ like to make dream
in which you are there.. Give me a kiss.. Will [ don’t get mad on you? [ am besides you..
very close to you. girl.. Let me put kajal on your face. [ love the way you see me. [ like to hear what you say.. [ like to make dream
in which you are there.. [ will become a singer
singing for you.. Let me sing so that there
would be a smile in your face.. The way you shy from me.. ..the way you stare
me let it get me your smell.. [ will be the chain in your neck;
[ will be the sweat of your back.. There is nothing to hide now.. [ am besides you.. Why did [ get attracted to you?
How did you take away my heart? [ keep thinking. [ keep smiling.
[ don’t feel colder any more. girl.. Let us give bed sheet to the dreams.
candle to the moon.. Now there is nothing to hide.. Don’t keep me holding like a glass. Break it at least
we can hear the sound. [ will keep seeing your
photo till you accept me.. Can you stay without me? [ will never cross my any limit.. Now there is nothing to hide.. [ am besides you..
very close to you. girl.. Let me put kajal on your face.
[ love the way you see me. [ like to hear what you say.. [ like to make dream
in which you are there..” [ came. What brand beer did you drink? [ don’t know.
[t is principal’s bottle. Why have you come here? The thing is [ wanted
to know something from you. So [ came directly to you. What is that? Love poem. You were looking very beautiful
[ lost my sense and wrote this. [n your neck.
exactly, there.. there.. there..there.. [ will put the kajal and go. You know [ sang a very
good song in my imagination. Hey! Do you know what will
be your condition if you harm me? What else!
They will eat me up. That is it! Hey! [n my village girls used
to call me Applinga… Applinga.. So sweet! [ dint know! Hey! Keep quite!
[f you kiss me once again.. Hello! Don’t talk about it.
Those were the old stories. Okay! Leave. What is going on in your mind?
– Nothing! Does my love for you have no value? But [ want a kiss first. Come in the morning. Do whatever
[ say. Then [ will give you. Hey! [n the morning [ want it.
But what about now? Listen, [ am leaving
thinking you to be poor.. One kiss is balance.
Should [ give it back? Hey! You don’t want?
Can [ sing her the song? Tune.. tune.. Oh god! Hey. Nandini!
The guy is going mad for you. He is mental from the start. [
will make him proper in the morning. Go to hell! The flower which the lady has
in her hair, you have to get that. Oh! She is married. You just have l minute. [ will be back. [s your marriage a love marriage? Yes! Why? Did you approach him
or he approached you? He approached me. Here. near the chappal stand
he proposed me for marriage. This way the guys go mad. Today is our wedding anniversary. No gift for us? Who are you? Consider me as your brother. Good ! So for that [ will take
away the garland from your hair. Don’t shout! Don’t get angry!
[t’s for my love story. Don’t worry. Don’t shout! Don’t get angry! But you..
– Don’t shout! Sir! You slapped me
but [ don’t have time. Hey! Hey. what happened?
– Sorry! Sorry! Sorry, sir! Nothing! Nothing!
Go that side! [s there love. There is no clarity. sir. Clarity? [f [ put you inside
for 2 days. you will get clarity. Should [ put you behind the bars? Should [ call your parents? [t’s good if the
topic closes here. sir. Hey! [ am quite because
you belong to Shalivahana college. Once again if this happens.
then [ will shoot you. go away. Sir.. Come. Yesterday. [ demanded kiss.
[ dint get. [ brought the garland. But still [
dint get. Total 2 kisses are balance. You put it in account. You
will have to leave the village soon.. ..that time [ will give you. What to do with this garland? Should [ give it back to my
sister and get beaten from that man? [ love this flower very much. [ have a photo of my
childhoods where my mother.. ..is garlanding me with this flower. You are wearing green dress in it. Yes! [t had red strips. Pink bangle. Chain in the neck. Face full of powder
and a til on the neck. Last night we decided a place
for the til. Was that the place? Yes! There only. Look at me. [ am so perfect. When she was tying.
whoever was coming in my front.. ..[ was blinking my eyes like this. Leave it.
You were great from that time only. When [ was in S.S.C
my mother passed away. She kept all the property.
jewelry all in the bank. You seem to be wasting your time.
You study seriously. You study seriously. Hello! Every year
[ get 90plus marks. 90 plus? With that
marks 3 people can pass. Why do [ study so much.
why do [ play with others.. ..why do [ make guys fall for me. Where will go? What will [ do?
How long will [ live? [ myself don’t know. Do you have any problem? Yes! [ am mad. [ know that. Don’t come behind me. Don’t love me. Don’t dream about me.
Not good for you. Why? There are many things to
say but please don’t force me. [f you put l button
of your shirt wrong. then all the buttons get wrong. Don’t do that mistake in your life.
Return to your village. Other then the dialogue that
you will get a better girl then me.. ..you told me everything else. [ told you everything.
Rest you have to do. Thank you! Oh! [ got hurt. Don’t come behind me. Girls walking. Guys behind them. This is continuing
since our olden days. OIden days. Please! This is the guy. Mumbai man? Have you eaten
Karnataka’s fish curry? Have many murders have you done? Do the work properly. [ gracefully invite
our chief guests here. Come. Come. Start! Aadishankar is wearing a wig. We also have eyes. Can you remove the wig
from his head? [s that possible? [f you give l-2 kisses extra.
then [ can think about it. Okay! Done. What done? You keep quite.
First give the pending 2 kisses. First give and settle them. [f [ remove the wig from his head.
will you forget the pending 2 kisses? Deal? [f by chance you were unable
to take out the wig then? [ will give you 100 kisses. Super offer! Fix! But if [ remove the wig,
you have to leave this place. Hey! That is all extra offers.
Will see to it later. [ have to leave this place. Hey.
will she be able to remove the wig? The security Shaliavahana is standing
there. [t is impossible. Leave it. this way. Use it properly. Come. Uncle! What. child? Your wig is not in place.
Should [ make it in place? Do. my child. Hey! Sit! Sit! What is going on?
You all are students. One idiot girl takes
out the chief guest’s wig.. ..and you all are laughing. [t’s okay ! Leaye it, si r. [n ou r
small age. we have done the same. [t’s on you to forgive them.
Or otherwise. But why?
What they did was that right? Everyone get up. Bow down
your head and apologize to him. Get up! Get up! We are getting up. Wait. child! There is no place for
you in this institute. [ will prepare your
Ieaving certificate. Bring your parents.
[ want to talk to them Dad stays in other country.
Mum is no more. [ will give you strict punishment.
[t was my insult. You have money that is
why you are so proud of it. [f your mother would
have taught you good manners.. ..you would not have done this. Sir. please don’t
talk about my family. [f [ ask you about your family.
will you keep quite? Wife left you away. You are mentally unstable and
so you are torturing we students. This is what the
people talk about you. Should [ tell this on mike? What is this?
She is crying in front of us. Keep quite! She is crying. You cry. You cry. Okay! Cry. Done? Hey! Hey! Hey! Hands up! Turn! Brother! Who is it?
– D’souza. Yes! Brother
you attacked my daúghter. Why? [f anything happens to my daughter.. ..then [ must forget
that you are my Guru. Why did you do this? Tell. brother! Brother.. What have my daughter done? What did my son do? [ told you that time,
that it was an accident. This is also an accident. Get lost. Naidu! – Yes! Coming. Yes. brother!
Kill him. No one should get to know. What is this? This is not Dubai. Hey, Satisha! Will we have to leave this place? You have to. Then what about you? [ won’t come. My sister
will shout on me like anything. [ am feeling very
sad to leave this place. Love is more superior
then feeling sad. Go! So you won after getting
2 slaps from the principal. Your 130 kisses were pending. [ am leaving this
place on one condition. The kiss which you gave
me while playing kabaddi.. [ want like to keep it. So you take it back. You say yes or no but
[ want to give it back. Ready? Kabaddi.. kabaddi..
kabaddi.. kabaddi.. kabaddi.. [ want principal to get bald.
[s that possible? He has insulted me in
front of the whole college. He must look worse
than the Adishankar. There must not be
single hair on his head. People must laugh when
he walks on the road. [ will give you thousands of kisses. You must have told me before. [ would have done
this rapidly. Ready. Hey, Satisha. [ got work. No, friend. [ am getting
bad intuition. Go back to village. Hey! You are not supporting me? Hey! You practice kissing.
We will come back. Come. Come. Hey. Venkata! Why are we hiding? What we are doing even
God must not watch. That is why. Hey! You think God sleeps when
whole country haves food and sleep? Hey! Why are we holding this umbrella? [t gives us a police feeling. Balding someone is not an easy job.
[t’s difficult. You are gone mad.
Listening to that girl.. Hey! Don’t talk about her.
[t hurts. She is very good. Just that she is little mad.
That is it. Just she wishes to see him bald.
So let’s bald him. Hey! There is no compound. there
is no gun with the military man. You just do your work of balding
him and satisfying your girl. AII is waste.
friend if we half bald him. Come. Come. Let’s go. He has taken the medicine.
He will not get up. Where is the razor? Look. [ have seen
this lady in Mysore. Leave her. Hey. don’t do. [ bow down to you. Hey, don’t. Don’t. Hey this job is not
that easy as it seems. Let’s leave him like this.
He is looking like good young man. Hey! People must laugh when we walks. Satisha! AII is done.
That too so beautifully. So let’s go? – come. She would ask me the proof.
[ will give her. With umbrella. Smile please. Me and my principal. Hey! Hey! Hey Venkata. Shalivahana has his
eyes open in the photo. Show me. Oh my God! Yes! How come? Sir! Sir! Actually. we came and.. He slapped me. He slapped me. [ will destroy you.
[ will end your life. Sir! [ will put you behind the bars.
My promise. Keep watching. No, sir.
– [ will see to it. Sir.. sir.. sir.. sir..
– Leave me. Sir.. Ieave us. sir. No. sir. No. He is not breathing. Hey! Oh my God! We will be caught.
Let’s go from here. Satisha! Tell! You listen and [ will tell.
Let’s bring 3-4 people. No. Iet’s run away. Hey! Otherwise we will be caught. So? Let’s take him to the railway track. No. my friend. Look otherwise we have to go in jail.
Our life will end. Hold him. Sorry! Sorry!
Sorry! Sorry! Forgive us. Hey! Slowly. Hey! Should we throw him here? Hey! You keep walking. Hold him. Hold him. Put him down. Hey! What to do now? Let’s keep his sleepers here. Does a death body need sleepers? Hey! Satisha. Iook there some good
person has left a rope there for us. Bring it here. We will tie him. To and.. ‘you copy this song
from.# hey we are kannada’s [f you want the song, press 9. Throw it away. Police catch hold of underworld
people through these mobile phones. l50rs. Hey, Satisha!
Let us parcel Vada with this money. Hey. Ioafer!
First let us end this topic. Come, sir. Hey! [f you hold him from here. Where will [ go? [ will fall down to death. Hey! Turn your side.
Sir. slowly. Slowly. Hey everyone. He died due
to accident. Why did he go to die? Turn. Turn.
[ am running out of breath. Sir. are you comfortable. sir? Jayram – Sitaram. Jayjayram – Sitaram. Jayjayram – Sitaram. Sir. the body has
been totally smashed. He must have did suicide. sir. Sir. the man has no hair. He is totally bald.
We cannot recognize him. Did Shalivahana bald himself? Mobile. purse both
are of Shalivahana Rao. Photo is also there.
[t is sure that it is him. Send the body to the hospital. Check the blood group
and send to forensic. Okay, sir! Whose chappals are these?
– [t must be his only. sir. Hey! Hey! You have been tied.
Don’t pull yourself. sir. Cood morning, sir! Untie me. Untie me.
– Si r ! You both will go to hell. And once your bad time starts,
it will remain forever. Untie me. Sir, please don’t say that,
we are too young. – We did a mistake. What? What do you mean? You bald me and brought
me here and tied me up. Untie me. Sir. nothing will happen.
Don’t worry, sir. Hey! Sir.. sir.. sir.. sir.. Within 2-3 months,
you will get back your hair. We are sorry. Please forgive us. sir. Hey! [ don’t want my hair now. [ want
you both to go to hell. Untie me. Go to hell.
He is not ready to compromise. Sir.. sir.. sir.. please.
forgive me. sir. We will only untie you. sir. Sir. forgive us. sir.
Stop, sir. Leave us, sir. Leave us. Oh God! Sir.. sir.. Untie me.
Untie me. My telling you untie me. Not possible. We will not. sir. Hey! [s there anyone?
[s there anyone? Don’t shout, sir.
No one will come here. Untie. Untie. [t got untied..untied. Tie him.. tie him..tie.. tie..
tie from back. Tie tie. Leave. Leave. Do you want breakfast? Want in plate?
Okay [ will bring it. sir. You do rest of your chores.
Water is there. We will be back. sir.
Forgive us. Forgive us. What a problem?
He is dancing like anything. Should [ tell you one thing?
– Tell. How will we get his hair grown?
– Keep quite. Okay! Leave it.
What to do now? [f we kill him.. ..the news will spread like anything
and we dint go to college today. The only thing we can do is
just go to college washing our face. Operation start. Sir. we are leaving. sir.
Forgive us, sir. When did he cut his hair?
Who had cut it? [ don’t know. sir.
He used to drink daily. Along with that he used
to take various medicines, sir. Yesterday,
he came early from the college. sir. He was very hurt because
some girl had insulted him. Do you know who is in this photo? No, sir. He used to take this
photo in hand and keep crying. sir. Have anyone come to home yesterday? No one. sir. But day before
2 college guys have come. Do you know who were they? [ don’t know. sir. Find who the guys were. [ want to die. By Shalivahana. Were you there when
he wrote this letter? No. sir. Daily he writes
something or the other. Hello! The body and Shalivahana’s blood group
is same. What should be done. sir? He himself has written a
Ietter that he will die. Suicide. [s it, sir? Send the body to college. Okay, si r !
– Sir. our principal sir died? Yes! Sir. should [ go for lunch? Do your work. Okay. sir. Did principal slap you yesterday? Yes! [n the suicide note he has written
that he was hurt by you very much. That si why [ asked you. Sir, yesterday these two
guys were not present in the hostel. Oh! You! Come, sir. Welcome. Hello, sir! Sit! [ts okay, sir! We did a mistake. sir. What mistake you did? Nothing, sir. Where were you last night? Don’t you remember? We were out, sir? Where out? We got drunk and slept on the terrace
because hostel gate was closed. Day before you went
to principal’s house. Why? Nothing, sir. He recited us poems.
We listened and came back. [s your principal making a movie? No. sir. He is fine. How do you know? We had gone there day before we gave
him injection and came back. sir. Yes, sir. Who killed the principal? Killing? My mother’s
swear [ dint kill anyone. Hey! Shut upl Principal passed away. sir? Tell the truth. sir! [ am doing the investigation or you? You. Daily you 3 must come to
the police station and sign here. Without my permission if
you leave the village. then mind it. We have done our formalities. You all collect the documents
and carry the further procedures. Okay, sir! The body will be burnt tomorrow.
Go. Go away. Will you go or not? Hey. go! Hey! [ told you to bald
him and you killed him. Hey! The principal is alive. You are lieing. [ will tell
everything to the police. Sir! Venkata! We have to think something.
Let us run away. Hey! Principal is alive. Tell her. Principal is alive. Lie. Lie. He has tied the principal. Whose body is this? Even we don’t know. Lie. What do you think. sir? What to do,
we have to come up to some decision. Tell us. what to do? Let us keep the body in the centre.
That is final. [s this a drama? People will clap.
dance seeing principals death body. No, sir.
You are only creating a drama. Okay! But who is there
relative to burn his body? His wife has left him.
We don’t know who she is. Don’t know whether
he has children’s or not. Let us put in the paper.
Someone comes then fine. Or else we will burn the body. Correct! Let us do the
further rituals. Come. Come. The Karnataka’s actors.
The next is a drama on Shalivahana. He was alive yesterday
but death today. Do you think it’s a joke?
Do you think that? Do you think? We are not even
in a position to leave this place. Go away. Now. After killing. you are doing drama. How good criminal you are? What? When [ told you that
[ love you. you dint believe me. And now you believe
that [ am criminal. Hey! He is aliye, your fathers swear. Don’t take my father’s swear. Your swear. Hey! Till the time [ see him.
[ would not believe you. You are so excited to see him? Come. [ will show you. Forgive me! Shows cancel. Not possible!
He is not principal. Am [ an idiot? Hey! [f anyone bald himself
and wears a different cloth.. ..he looks like this. Wait! Look now. Did you recognize? Leave me. [ will go back. Look! [ knew that you are
somewhere with them. You won’t even imagine what
you all have to suffer for this. Sir.. sir.. [ have done nothing. sir. Then why did you come with them? Why did you come? Why did you come? Sir, eat, sir. What do you think [ am?
[f you give me to eat, [ will eat it? [ will not leave you. You idiots! [ thought he is death. You both are mad. [ was just joking to bald
his head and you took it seriously. What? Now don’t change yourself. Hey, Satisha!
Girl is crying. [ am feeling bad. Why? Don’t worry. AII will be well.
[ have planned everything. Tell me your plan. Principal loves children a lot. When her wife left him.
she was pregnant. So what if she was pregnant? Shut up if we bring that child
in front of him. he will be happy. [t’s a very good deed
to make a family together. What to tell these people. Let us try it. [f it works. then will get
the fruit or else will go to jail. [ts mission impossible. [t is possible. You told you have seen the lady.
Where did you see her? When [ was in S.S.C [ went to a fair. Why?
– To sell sugarcane. Then? Then she took the sugarcane
and threw it saying it’s not good. What is that?
you just were sugarcane seller .. Hey! What are you talking? Hey! She was speaking continuously. When you saw her.
was she with her children’s? No. people come to talk to her. Then she goes away.
And then no one can see her. We can see. We have eyes. Let’s go and bring her along. You go! [ will not come. Hey! [f girl would have
worked in hand in hand.. ..then life would have been easier. You come along. [f you find
it difficult. you return back. [ will not come.
– Okay! Come! Hey! See him. Hey! They are going to
burn principal’s body tomorrow. Till then we will be back. Till the time you watch him. You are Satya Harishchandra. you see. Okay! [ will do what you have said.
Go away, idiot! Forg iye me, si r !
[ am coming.. coming, sir. Why did you take your leg up? Eat.. eat.. eat, sir. Eat, sir. Eat. Do you want more gravy?
[ will get it, sir. Do you think you are smart?
[ will not leave you. [ was busy. so [ dint come. Hey! Don’t go. [t is high tide. To romance, you need rainy water.
That feels great. Have you seen Modar Pappa movie? Come [ will show you. Do you know swimming? You don’t know anything.
[ will teach you. Hold me and leave your
Ieg to float and try to balance. First hold me then
will think of balancing. Hey. life is a ocean.
You must learn swimming. Try. You idiot! Cheap boy! Hey. rascall come here. You idiot!
You are teaching my daughter? Loafer. come here. [ will break your head. Come here. You shameless. Come here. [ will remove your
skin and put you in jail. Take this.
Take this to jail for identification. You die! Sir. now [ have no clothes
and have been Adivasi. sir. [ will make pant with this gunny bag.
Give your coat. [t’s matching. Will you give me later? You are God. sir. Thank you. sir.
Forgive me. Forgive me. Let’s have this coconut and return
back. This mission is impossible. Okay! Give me all the pending
kisses then we will return. Here our life is in
hell and you want kisses?! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Why? Why will [ be ashamed? That loafer took our photo. Brother! Other language (tulu) Other language (tulu) You be ready. [ am coming to take back Nandini. Actually [ must take the photo. [ must take your
photo seeing it all day. But why is he doing all that? So? [ can’t take it. No. Wait! Open please! Give it to him. Why to give.
[ will see to it. Hey drive. Open please! Hey! No. Leave him. Hey leave. Leave. Hey! Leave. Wait! [t’s wrong to click photo.
[t’s our mistake. Leave us. Even [ don’t want fighting. Mobile please. [dli was tasty. Thank you! What next? Mysore. Midnight dinner.
[ wish to sing a love song. But you don’t love me. So you only tell me what to do? [ am feeling sleepy.
[ am totally tired. Get little away. [ have trusted you. Otherwise.. Okay! Good bye!
– [ shall leave. Go. Come. Come. Go slowly. [ also have the same sari. You also wear sari? Send them. Go. She is calling you. Hello!
– Tell me. Mam. [ am a very big fan of yours.
Please. one photo. Come.
– Go. Go. Smile. Okay! Thank you! Okay! Tell me what is the issue? We are news reporters. Okay! Which newspaper? [t’s called Shalivahana daily
newspaper. [t’s daily and also weekend. Who are you? Who have sent you? We came ourselves. Actually.
Shalivahana’s situation is not well. So? He wishes to see you and your son.
daughter. They dint leave us
so we acted as reporters. Will you and your daughter come. Mam? Go and tell Shalivahana. that
[ dint give birth to his daughter. Tell him that with the death of the
relationship. the child also died. Tell him that once again
if he send his students like this.. ..Vaani will not be quite. Go. Get lost from here. Sister, [ think what
they said is truth. [ have to leave from here.
Make arrangements. We came with so many
hopes but we got nothing. Let’s directly accept everything
at the police station. Our punishment will be reduced. Hey! Look at her photo. [ liked the sari and
so clicked a photo with her. Otherwise [ wouldn’t have clicked.
Bad woman. When mother shouts on her daughter
you must not get upset, my child. She is not my mother. Whatever! For 4 days. she is your mother.
Shalivahana is your father. Newly! Shalivahana cries all day
for his girl child holding a doll. This mother. before the
child gets birth. it’s no more. Why can’t you be Shalivahana’s
daughter for now? Hey! Not possible. Listen. your father is in foreign.
Your mum did suicide. Hey! Think if you become
Shalivahana’s daughter.. ..not only me but all
Karnataka would be yours. Otherwise jail is fixed.
We have to grind grains. Accept it! Can’t you be his
daughter for some days?! But how will Shalivahana accept it? Let’s play a drama.
What are you joking? [ am the writer
[ will write the dialo/gue.. ..not only will Shalivahana
accept but also will his father. Okay! Walk! That is what [ was telling you.
– [ said yes. Okay! AIways you say no.
so [ got confused. Walkl God always finds.. Hey bulbul! Hey bulbul! How are you. brother? Brother!
– Walk! ”The toy player.. Who is staring me all time.. Why should i.. worry like you.. The toy player.. Who is staring me all time.. Why should i.. worry like you.. God makes us fall in
Iove.. what can we about it? Let us everyone hide
our faces and play drama.. The toy player.. Who is staring me all time.. Why should i.. worry like you.. [n a paint box.. you get 10[ colors.. One is super and other is loafer. The one who is sleeping.. God thinks about him.. Who is that sleeping.
Someone please wake him up.. Someone has left
away his old sandals. You wear it and go. You don’t stop.. What can we do if
we meet God on the road? Will put color on
his face and play drama.. The toy player.. Who is staring me all time.. Why should [.. worry like you.. The toy player.. Who is staring me all time.. Why should [.. worry like you.. We are alive here temporary.
what can we do? Let’s play drama while
walking through the mud.” Sir, in that photo,
Iust you are mIssIng, sIr. Even though you left your family.
your daughter dint leave you. sir. She has come and joined your college. Your daughter will continue.. Yes! [ came to give
to teach you a lesson. [ and my mother wanted you to get
insulted so we planned of balding you. [f you get difficulty.
[ and mother become happy. Why are you telling all this? Come to the topic.
Why are you talking all this? Sir. both daughter and
mother both are same. Same type. Yes! [ had no one to advise me.
[ am mad. He is the reason for me being mad. Making me and my mother’s
life a hell. you are happy here? Aren’t you ashamed? No. [ am not the reason.
[t’s your mother. [f [ would have brought you up.
you wouldn’t be like this. Leave it, sir. it’s all past. Bad time goes and good time comes.
[t’s a part of life, sir. [sn’t it? Yes, sir! Sir, madam is too angry on you. She denied coming here.
She sent her daughter here. Tomorrow howsoever
we will bring madam here. Sir. your life will get settled
and you can live happily. sir. Please forgive me. sir. Yes. sir! Please don’t tell
the police. This is our last mistake. Please forgive us this time. sir.
[t’s ou r m ista ke. Yes ! yes ! yes, si r ! No. no. you are not the culprit. You
have helped me to find my daughter. You are not culprit.
[ will do nothing to you. [ am the culprit. Sir. we will never forget your favor. okay! Just once if my daughter
calls me as father.. ..then [ would forget all. We don’t have time. Tell fast. [ can’t call me father. [ join my hands. Please tell. Let’s go home. father. My daughter.. daughter.. Sir! Sir! People are crying as they
heard your death news. Let’s go. sir. Hey! Get side!
Get side! Get side! Get side! What is all this? What is all this? [ am alive here and
this is my death body? [ went for pilgrimage for
mind purification and you all.. [f someone goes somewhere.
does that mean his died? What? [diot! Sir! What is this, sir? [f you would had been in my place.. ..you would also have done the same.
principal. /
You wrote a suicide letter
bald yourself.. ..kept one sandal at railway
track and another at home. He had put it in the paper,
but you dint come at that time. And now if you come here
in front of us. what should [ do? Go away! [ will die.
Hey. come here. Come here. Hey! Come here. Throw this
away and let’s take back the body. Go. Go. Sir.. Go. Hey, Satisha!
Our drama will come to an end. He is hungry.
We have sent the duplicate daughter. [f he gets to know the truth,
we will get in trouble. Gayatri ! How are you, Gayatri? [f you have called me wisely.
[ would have come. You needn’t do this much big drama. Yes! [t’s wrong.
That is different. Daughter.. No. there is nothing.
[ have told you. Haven’t you passed the message? Look. don’t shout on her.
[t’s not her mistake. Yes! Mistake is mine. You did drama and [ came crying
all the way. AII mistakes are mine. Come home, Gayatri. [ won’t come. [f [ come. the little love
which exists today will also die. Henceforth, don’t come to me. More than your mother’s face.
[ have seen more of her back. Thank you! Why. sir? You made my love of 20 years
to come in front of me. Thank you! Whose building is this? This is a ghost house. sir. Then how did you get all this? This worker showed me.
– What? Sir, once in a month [
come here to clean the ground. [ saw this and gave him. Look here. it has flight
ticket to Mumbai, passport, etc etc. Hey! Come here. That is ladies hostel. [sn’t it?
– Yes! Hey! Stand there. You have bald your second hand dad. You do drama. Life is too hard. Come. Come. Come. child. Should [ make you eat? Sir! Don’t call me that. [ get hurt. Sir, [ am not your daughter. [ have my father. [ have lot of
difficulties in my life. [ lied to you. This is call drama. sir. You are same as your mother.
You don’t even know to lie. You can’t lie. my child. What words can’t express,
eyes can do. Forgive me.
This is not the reason for my tears. Come here. Look! This is the cradle
which [ bought for you. [ stitched these clothes for you. But now they are too small.
Look. your books. Doll books. This is anklet. More is there. [ will show you. here. Look here.. Iook..teddies for you. This is tiger.. monkey. Looks.. Iook..see. This doll for you. [ never left you. You left me. Eat. child. Eat. [ will put in moth.
[ will put. Eat. child. Eat. Brother, D’souza is coming
here to take her daughter to Dubai. Should [ send our man? No. [ will see to it. Thank you! – Why? To give me mum-dad. What about your original dad? He is not mine. He died long back. [ haven’t eaten food filled
with love in my whole life. Do you know.
it was filled with so much love? [ have been waiting
for that love all my life. And [ have got because of you.
Thank you! Satisha! – What? Should [ propose? Why? [t’s said that when girls are happy.
they take it lightly. They fall in love.
You go in side. You.. okay! Should [ wipe your tears? What is taking place. is that love? [ don’t know. [f we be in this position
for some more time.. ..[ think you will get to know. Okay! Take your beard that side.
[t’s hurting me. Should [ shave it? – no. Okay! Leave it! [s this love? [ think no. Are you sure? No. What are you telling? There
is everything but still nothing. You don’t know what a change
will happen if you say yes. You keep on loving me like this. That is fixed. What about you? [ can’t give you guarantee. [ have 10[ difficulties
and don’t want you to suffer. Tears are rolling. Do [ need this? [ feel like returning to my parents. Don’t go. [ don’t want to lose you. [f you are not there,
[ will not be well. You are on both sides.
How is this possible? [ don’t know. Dad is waiting. [ am leaving. ”[n front of my eyes.. ..[ am making my lover
cry who is waiting for my reply.. He has filled my life
with colors..my stranger.. [ have started falling for you.. You have sorted all my difficulties.. Do [ really love him?” Daddy. what is there in the bag? Daughter. you will be surprised. [ am going to your mother. Why. dad? [ want a solution to our fight. [ will keep my entire ego
aside and will listen to her. [ will bow down to her.
She will surly come to me. She won’t come. You don’t go. dad. No. child.
She will come. She will surly come. Look [ know her more then you. Where there is love. there is anger. Love is the medicine to anger.
[sn’t it? Sir. Iove is all waste.
Don’t go, sir. She won’t come. Yes. dad. Wait! Sir! Cood! Co, sir. Look! You cry all day with her photo. She came crying hearing
your death news. Why all this is needed.
You make your family once again. Something will surely happen. [ am happy. Venkatesha. [ have learned this
thinking from you. [n this matter, you are my Guru.
Thank you. thank you! [ am leaving.
[ am leaving. my child. Take care! Hey! [ won’t leave you.
Why did you do this? Why did you do this?
– [ will not leave you. [f he gets to know that Gayatri
dint give birth to his girl.. ..then will have to die. Will he leave me if he gets
to know that [ am not his daughter? [diot! Loafer! This is
all happening all because of you. What are you doing this? Hey! [t’s not good
to do drama for more time. One day he will get to know.
Better he gets to know today. [t’s not good to
play with his feelings. Different people love differently. [ don’t get these relationships. Then eat cow dung. Hey! God has saved us all today
after doing such a big crime. This is the first time in my
life that [ am doing some good deed. He will save us. He will reopen the case. [ will have to die. that is for sure. For balding him – 2years. For keeping him tied – 2years. For making her his daughter
– 10 years in jail. Total 14 years. From one side, my sister
will come with sandals to beat me. And from other side.
the police will be coming. Finally. all is over. [f you want it to happen that way,
Iet it happen. No tension. But [ am tensed. So what now? Let’s leave this place. Where will we go? [nstead of police arresting us
and putting in jail. Iet’s disappear. [f you both don’t agree.
[ will alone go to Mangalore. [dea is superb! Money? [ have reserve bank. Wait! Wait! Wait! Yes, Satisha! Sister. how much money you have?
Do you have 50.OOO? What do you think of yourself? Where will [ bring
so much money from? Not yours. Not mine.
Credit 25,OOO to my account. Why you want so much money? [ want to buy 2 books of 10.OOO each. [f [ keep talking to you on phone.. ..[ will lose my chance of
coming in merit. Keep the phone. Listen, brother! From now onwards.
[ will never do this mistake. [ have totally changed myself. Earlier [ was totally mad.
[ have understood my mistake. [ have left my entire ego.
Just give me one chance. Just once. Without you, [ can’t stay more.
[t was my mistake. Hello! Sir. the college students
are leaving this place. Keep note on where they are going. Okay, sir! You must only tell me. Should
[ take Chandrika with me or not? [ don’t know why but [ think
you should not take her along. Even though [ told you that
she will be able to speak once.. ..she is taken to that
doctor but you are not agreeing. But for 2 days. Look. uncle. She wants to
come with us, is it right to say no? [t’s your responsibility. [f she starts to speak,
then [ will give you party. We all have advance party. uncle. ”Drama.. Watch it.. you will get it. After Sunday. its Monday.. After 10th standard
comes the 12th standard.. We slip in the corridor.. We are ashamed to say more.. Why do bad times come in our life.. Life is for doing time pass.. Even if we keep sleeping
we get back ache. When we cross 20 years old.
why do we get this feeling? We will study.. study.. study.. We will study how to love.. [ will tell you hiding..
what is this nonsense? Drama.. Watch it.. you will get it. Listen everyone.. in a broken knife;
there is no blade just the handle. [s lie original. truth or duplicate? Fruits live only for
some days..extraordinary! [f you eat egg,
there would be no chicken.. [f you eat chicken.
there would be no egg.. [f you help. you will get in return.. To watch good dreams.
you need to pay extra.. Note it.. note it.. note it.. Girls who have no work. they wait.. Guys. who don’t have work.
try to survIve.. We are just making you understand.
rest depends on you.. Don’t give birth to children.
they will grow big.. Don’t get bigger,
children will shout you.. So what to do? [f you become fat.
Iover will scold you.. [f you grow tall.
again they scold us.. Don’t die.. [n foreign countries,
Iast is fast..and love is at the end.. [n [ndia. Iove takes place
first..everything else later.. We will study.. study.. study.. We will study how to love.. [ will tell you hiding..
what is this nonsense? Drama.. Watch it.. you will get it. [ am telling you
a proverb listen to it.. ‘if your hands get dirty.
wash it# extraordinary! When you know you are in love.
make distance.. Or else your life will
get punctured..too ordinary! God is watching us from above.. Where will we scratch ourselves? Place a coconut tree everywhere.. Everyone must do it.. We will study.. study.. study.. We will study how to love.. [ will tell you hiding..
what is this nonsense?” Come! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Go to hell! Hey! Hey! Hey! Do you want anything else, sir? Give me l lack. [ will swim
all over and settle in south Africa. [ have so many tensions. Keep quiet, sir. You go in your room. [ am coming to do the payment.
Go. Go. Do your work. Hey! Chandrika is
behaving differently. Did she drink juice?
– Give me more. Hey. come here. [ have mixed
medicine in the juice. That is why. This is not right. my friend. Hey! Keep quite! Don’t
know when [ will get this chance. This is the time to have fun. Can a guy stop himself
seeing a girl like this? So? [ don’t know about you. but it’s a
different story when it comes to me. What? Send Chandrika.
You don’t come to my room. [ won’t get this golden chance.
Please! [ join my hands. Please. [ will handle her.
[ will handle her. Come. Come. Satisha!
– Wait! Wait! Don’t do.
– Hey. keep quite. [ will be back. Wait! Wait! Don’t get up. [ will make ready.
You will feel better. Who is it? What are you doing here? Who is it. Shobha?
– Actually.. Don’t you feel ashamed
of doing such a cheap thing? Hey! Hey! Leave her. You loafer!
Hey. what are you doing here? Satisha!
– Hey! Satisha! Satisha! Satisha! Leave him. Leave him. Satisha! Today you are alive because of him. [f he would not been there.
you will had to beg. What are you doing with this girl? What are you doing? Mum-dad died because of you. What should [ do? To make your life comfortable.
no one cared about my life. Since last 10years.. [ am looking after his wife who is
fighting for her life and two children. There is no one to care about me. He helped me. Yes! [ have relationship with him. You have grown so big. Don’t you have the responsibility
of getting me married? You call once in a week and
demand for thousands of rupees. From where?
From where will [ get so much money? The money for your clothes. shoes
and also your food. its given by him. Give! Give all that back. After giving all that back.
call me a bad woman. Satisha!
– Satisha! Satisha! Satisha! Satisha! Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Mother. this is not life. Why did you give me birth? Leave me. [ will die. Hey! [f you die.
your soul will never be happy. idiot. [ would be the only
one to take away your body. But there are 3 more
people who want you to earn. My life is a waste. There is
no difference whether [ live or die. These clothes. shoes.
food. nothing is mine. my friend. For whom should [ be alive? We have to live. [n life there is something
which we have not yet understood. To understand that,
we have to be alive. Get up! You have lived your whole
life on your sister’s earnings. Go. Return back her favor.
This is a challenge to you. Look. though that
man does not look good. But he seems to be a nice guy. Make him your sister’s life partner.
Make them marry. You can live your life more happily. Otherwise go and die. [ will not die. [ will show them.
[ will live my life from today. My Friend was going to die. So on that occasion
[ am thinking of having Rum. Now. everything has changed.
our life. our feelings. [n life. no one is
fully good or fully bad. Everyone has both qualities.
Mix qualities. You leave her and
return back to your home. Good bye! Cet in, sister! Girl. boy. girl. God you are so magical. [n this heavy rain.
what is this father doing here? Hello. Father! Hi! Hi! [ came here to ask
you who are responsible.. ..for the mistakes done
by us in our teenage life? [t is said that world is too big.
[ haven’t seen full. This ocean is this much
fat and this much long. [f we sit near the ocean,
we think who are we? Who are we. Father? Life is a drama. [t is said that we all are actors. What [ want never happens in my life. For example.
[ love that girl very much. Father. Looking at her. [ feel relaxed. [f she is in my life.
[ don’t want water, nothing. [ won’t get her but [
want her to be happy. Father. [s that possible. Father? [ did a very big mistake. Father. For that girl,
[ made our principal bald. [t’s my mistake. [f you say. even [ will get bald.
[t was my mistake. [ have come here running
from my place. My mistake. What more mistakes
will [ be doing. Father? Father. you ask others.. ..and tell me what [ have
to do to erase all my mistakes. From today,
[ will end all drama. Iove. etc. What you have to say? Hey. Venkata! Who are they? D’souza! Only these
2 are present in the resort. We can’t find your girl.
– Hey! Who are they? Brother! No. it’s between you and me. Leave my daughter. You killed my son. [ will make you realize
what it feels top lose your child. Now watch! Brother! Leaye him! Leaye him! Stop or [ will shoot. Naidu! D’souza! Drop your weapons! Or else we have to shoot you. Drop the gunl Naidu! D’souza! Drop your weapons. Daddy! Daddy! Drop the gun!
Drop the gun! [ will shoot him!
[ said [ will shoot him. No.
– Hey. Venka! Move! Move! Go back [ said. Sir! Sir!
Sir! Sir! That side. That side. Venkata ! Get in! Get in, [ say. Venkata! Hey! Hey! Venkata – Venky! Venkata – Venky! Thanks! [ want to get down, sir. [ want to see Nandini, sir. Stop. sir. [ will die. sir. Naidu! Let’s go to the hospital. No. that is not possible. Stop the car! Stop the car! [ want to tell you one thing. You must take care
of your daughter properly. [s that possible or not? Okay! Okay! Whatever she says, you must accept. She should live happily. That is it! Okay! Okay! Thank you! Mummy.. Venkata ! Venkata! Venkata! Venkata! Venky! Venkyl Give me my kisses. Give me. Don’t cry. [ don’t like. Satisha! [ feel like retuning back to village.
[f [ live. [ won’t be alive any more.
– Don’t die. Don’t die. Brother! Brother!
Brother! [ bow down to you. Stop! Jesus! That boy was on his way to die but he got down at
mid way for my girl. [ always try to save my
life making thousands people die. Punish me. Save that boy. ftrother, D’souza! Yes! Yes, brother! Your son’s death was
not an accident [ killed him. Stop! Don’t shoot. Shoot me! Kill me. Give me death. [ don’t want you but
your daughter to die. You won’t leave her? Can [ make a call? Child. Child. [ am leaving. You won’t get to
see me anytIme agaIn. You must live happily.
That boy is very good. [ haven’t seen a boy
who loves her girl so much. You tell him that [ have given
you the permission to marry him. You both live happily. My blessings are with you. Child. can you call
me Dad for the last time? Please! Bye. dad! [ am leaying, Nandini! [ have lived a long life. Thanks! Bye! My daughter will live happily.
No one can do anything to her. [ love you truly. Doesn’t my love have
any value for you? Total 2 kisses are pending. [f you give 2-3 kisses extra.
then [ can think over it. Will give you thousands of kisses. Give me kisses. Give me. Venky! Venky!
Don’t leave me alone. Venky! Not only thousands. but [ will
give you kisses continuously. Venky. Please. Venky! Dad.. dad.. dad.. tell me. Look. child.
Your mum is the boss of this house. Do as she tells you to. What do [ know? Ask her. Shalivahana who was
mad since 20 years.. Hey! Mummy!
– Yes! Venky! What are you asking me?
[t’s great that you dint die. You are too young.
First study and get educated. Then will think on it. Put! Venky! take me away.
[ can’t live without you. No. everyone tells us to study. Let’s study and then run away. Venky! Are you serious? Venky! Love comes at the end.
First promise me that you will study. [ take my parents and your swear.. ..till the day [ complete my
education [ will not show you my face. ”[ am besides you.. Very close to you. girl.. Let me put kajal on your face. What do [ say? [ love the way you see me. [ like to hear what you say.. [ like to make dream
in which you are there.. Give me a kiss.. Will [ don’t get mad on you? ”[ am besides you.. Very close to you. girl.. Let me put kajal on your face. What do [ say? [ love the way you see me. [ like to hear what you say.. [ like to make dream in
which you are there.. [ will become a singer
singing for you.. Let me sing so that there
would be a smile in your face.. The way you shy from me. the way you
stare me let it get me your smell.. [ will be the chain in your neck.. [ will be the sweat of your back.. [ am besides you.. Why did [ get attracted to you.. How did you take away my heart.. Why didn’t [ stay away from you? [ keep thinking.. [ keep smiling.. [ don’t feel colder anymore. girl.. Let us give bed sheet to the dreams.
candle to the moon.. Now there is nothing to hide..”


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