[Drama Made with You] EP 1-3 | The Moment Realizing Reality during the Crush

Yes, he did! Sangwon called me out
and gave a gift! This is for you. What is it? You worked hard as my manager. So, a gift for you!Rakyeong
You’re already that much closer? So, what the gift? Oh, I haven’t opened it yet. Hey, open it now! Okay, wait a minute. Oh, my! The gift box is so pretty!
Oh, god! You make me dizzy! Open it quickly! Wait a moment. Huh? Why? What is it? Huh? Socks. Socks? The things you wear on your feet? Yes, the socks… Well, no letter for you? Oh, a letter! No letter for me… A pair of socks out of the blue? I should’ve noticed
at least at that time… But, blinded by love, I planned a big deal.Drama Made with You
Definition of First Love Hi. Oh, hi! This is from Sangwon. From Sangwon? He could do it directly. Huh? A card… Sena, what did he write? Huh? Nothing… I’ll be back soon. Hi… Uh-huh… What’s going on? I don’t know. After reading Sangwon’s card,
she rushed out. A card from Sangwon? Yes, it was in the gift box. Something funny is going on. What? No way… No, I don’t think so! Anyway, I’ll confess to Sangwon. I’ll finish our open relationship now. What? Confession? (Nodding) Hey, buddy! Why don’t you postpone
your confession? What for? I want to confess! I’m tired of the open relationship… I think you’ll get embarrassed
if you confess to him now. So, forget about it for a while. Oh, no, no, no! Hey!Women’s Restroom Do you have to do it today? Of course! How about this color? You look like a bloodsucker. Don’t I look sexy? Babe. A pure image is your thing. Is it? Then, pure image for me
recommended by my soulmate! Oh? Jiyeong, anything special today? Yes, it’s a big day for me. Oh, you have a new muffler. And your makeup is…! A big day for you, too? I’ll tell you later. Hello? Oh, okay. I’ll be there soon. Yeah. Kim Jiyeong, way to go! Sena, go for it! Anyway, when and where
do you see him? Well… I sent a message to meet
at the park in front of my house. But, he hasn’t checked it yet… What? Then, call him or text him! Well, actually… I know his FB ID, but his number… Hey, you mean that… you still don’t know
his phone number? He’ll check the message later. After checking it,
he will surely come. Why did I think
he would surely come? Without a shadow of a doubt,
I waited for him. One hour, two hours… I waited for him until the sunset. But, he never showed up. And…Next Day Jiyeong, close your eyes, and don’t open them
until I count three. One, two, three! Huh? What the heck… Jiyeong, thank you. Jiyeong? What’s going on here? When he called my name correctly, I felt some distance somehow… Jiyeong! Thanks to you,
I could date with Sena. We had good feelings for each other,
but a bit awkward… But, thanks to you,
we could get closer. And we found out
we like each other. And even we started to date! Thank you so much! Jiyeong, I said I would tell you
if things went well, huh? Oh… So, you two like each other… And started to date… Con… congratulations. Oh, my mom asked me
to come home early today. Congratulations, you two.
Bye… How stupid I am.
Why didn’t I know it? Give it to Sena… I thought I’m a direction loser… But I didn’t know Sangwon’s feeling for Sena. I am a heart loser after all. Be careful when you walk. You could’ve knocked down the post. Are you crying? Thank you. Sorry. What, are you really crying? Gosh… You found out, huh? I warned that
you would be disappointed! Come to your senses
before you get hurt. It’s all your fault! Sangwon that I thought my fate left giving me a dark history. Can I call it my first love?Sangwon? He’s not my type.
How about you, Jiyeong?

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