Drama Program at Central Piedmont

(gentle piano music) – When I first got this job, a friend of mine who was also working in the Charlotte theater area, told me I had just gotten the best job in the theater in
Charlotte, North Carolina, and he was quite right. I get to work with some of the
finest students in our area. And we not only do wonderful shows, but we have talented
students in the classroom, and watching them grow
is one of the things that makes my life enjoyable. Hi, I’m Tom Hollis, Chair
of the Drama Department here at Central Piedmont, part of the Visual and
Performing Arts Division, and I’ve been here for 33 years. Here in the Drama Department
at Central Piedmont, we offer a dual track AFA degree. That means you can concentrate in either performance, acting, and you can also get certified in backstage technical theater, stage craft, costuming, makeup, and other related skills. We give each student a two
year education in the theater. What you would basically get if you were attending a four year school in your freshman and sophomore year. – Hi, my name is Selina Lewis and I’ve been going to CPCC
for four semesters now. I’m at Central Piedmont now because my mother found the school and we were looking for
an affordable college where I can get my
prerequisites out of the way, and she found that Central Piedmont had a great drama department. When we looked at the school, we loved it. And now I’ve been going on four semesters. My ultimate goal is to become an actress and Central Piedmont has allowed me to get a feel for acting
in front of the camera and acting in general. They really just helped me to branch out and become more open because I was shy. Being a part of the drama
department is very fun. It’s challenging sometimes,
but there are teachers there to help, including Tom Hollis. He was there to answer my questions, teach me direction in acting. – Why come to Central Piedmont
for your theater degree? The cost, it’s one of the
most affordable places you’re ever gonna go. It’s gonna cost you less than half of what it would cost at
a four year institution. But most of all because
of the opportunities. Freshman and sophomore year
at a four year institution, you can sometimes get lost,
as the juniors and seniors, and if there’s a grad program,
take all the opportunities, but here at Central Piedmont,
you get to be the star. (gentle piano music)

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