Drama School congratulates with 8th of March| Flying Banana Theatre| MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy

Dear moms and grandmas, sisters and cousins We prepared for you a small present. Enjoy! Once upon a time in the forest there was the 8th of March. On this day strange beautiful thing happened. The Snake, who was usually eating squirrels, picked some flowers and decided to give them to the lady Squirrel. The Squirel was busy eating nuts. When he came up to her and said: – Happy 8th of March! – Th-h-hank you. – You are welcome! That day the Bull who was usually very angry decided to give some flowers to the small Rabbit. The Bull was always hungry so all along the way he ate a few flowers. He saw the Bunny jumping in the field. The Bunny was scared, but the Bull said: – Happy 8th or March! – Thank you! – You are welcome! And finally, at the end of the story there was the the king of the forest – the Lion. He came out, everyone was scared of him. But today was a special and beautiful day. The Lion came out and congratulated the both, the Rabbit and the Squirrel. – Happy 8th of March! – Don’t be afraid! – He is good. – HAPPY 8TH OF MARCH!


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