Drama, Theatre and Performance at the University of Huddersfield – Caroline Ingham

Hi, I m Caroline Ingham and I m studying Drama.
It was the nicest Uni I looked around and all the lecturers were so friendly and all
the other students you know, just really nice people. And I got a real sense that I could
achieve here. I’ve been really surprised about my time in Huddersfield because I’ve just
grown so much in confidence and as a person. And being a more mature student I didn’t think
that was possible, but I have. It’s blown my mind and it’s made me even better. We’ve got three main studios and they’ve got
lovely black sort of, dance floors. There’s lighting rigs in all of the rooms, there’s
sound systems that you need for performance and everything’s just, it’s just really good.
I use the Milton Building, that’s our main drama building and I use the library. There’s
loads of stuff in there and if you need something then you know, you just ask the librarians
and they’ll order things in for you. Or you can go and say that you’re struggling with
something like, you can’t find certain books and they’ll actually sit and help you and
find the material that you can use. All the tutors have had experience in special
areas of our subject, whether that was performing or directing or dance, they have been there
and they pass that on to us. You know, if there’s something you’re thinking about doing,
or there’s an area you’re thinking about going into they help you, you know, it’s not a case
of you go and you sit in a lecture room and just take notes. There’s a real kind of, two
way thing going on so you can really get to grips with your subjects. The best thing about my course is that it’s
given me the opportunity to perform. I went to London this year and performed for the
Department of Education and hopefully I’ll be doing some voice work soon which would
be really cool. And if I hadn’t been here doing this course, I would never have had
that opportunity. We’ve got a student run theatre group and that’s called Doodle, and
they do various different performances and you can just get on board some of those. There
are other opportunities as well, say you took an evening class and then that generated into
a performance then you could go and take that somewhere and I had that opportunity with
going to London and hopefully we’re going to Edinburgh soon.

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