Drama, Theatre and Performance – Florence Maclennan

I’m originally from Guildford in Surrey
and I’d never heard of Huddersfield before, all I knew was that it was up north. And I
thought, I’ll just go, I’ll go see it, and I came up here and absolutely loved it.
On the open day we came and saw the building and met all the lecturers and I knew straight
away that this was the Uni that I wanted to come to. I think what’s different is that every year
it changes. Every year the things that are learnt change because you are with different
lecturers, and every lecturer specialises in their own subject. You can go to them for
any help to do with the course, or not, just anything, and they run an open door service
so you just go in whenever you can if they’re there available, they’ll talk to you. At the end of my first year, we had a theatre
company called Duede come in and work with us and they were from Greece. They came in
and we did a two week intensive with them, and then on the last night we performed a
show and it was the most incredible experience I’ve had while being here. It was exhausting
but definitely worth it, because it was an insight into what the professional industry
is like in theatre. My dream would be to set up a theatre company and have my own theatre
company, that I direct, with actors and a production team. It’s been the most incredible
three years of my life. I’ve met the most amazing people while being here and they’ve
created links for me for the future that I don’t feel like I would have got at any
other Uni.

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