Drama’s January 2020 Q&A | Happy New Year | Foil Tape | Mold Longevity

Drama’s January 2020 Q&A | Happy New Year | Foil Tape | Mold Longevity. Happy New Year everybody I have a
fantastic 2020 so just like the shower Happy New Year and a happy 2020 to
everybody hope everybody had a great Christmas I was gonna change my monthly
videos when I’m gibbering on so I thought since I gained quite a few
questions via emails messages etc etc so just answer the questions if I can
in these monthly videos of course we’re on January 2020 so here goes
so Jackie asks where do I get my sticky tinfoil the tin foil tape to make my
seams well I just get that tape from eBay most materials that get for molding
supplies I get from MB fiberglass which is a company based in Northern Ireland
which case of the UK and probably Europe and they might I’m not sure if they post
outside the or not but probably so that’s the company I use em BFG those
regards to tin foil making my seams I will probably use a different method try
out a method that seems most use press mr. concrete artists and uses the method
with using paper and some ordinary tape or green tape I think he uses but
actually look into a little bit more I should probably use that method for
making bigger molds which need bigger seems I might just stick to the tin foil
on the smaller molds so also kriti asks about the longevity of silicone molds
and she wants to make a mold of a hand that she’s casted up or hands
that she’s casted that he’s in alginate and then making a plastic house with
that but she wants to make replicas from that hand cast no then I’ve heard and
it’s been said to me that you probably get at least 100 replicas of each mold
certain Adelaide sex I think but don’t quote me on this I think if you look
after them you could probably get maybe up to 200 casts which again which is
what heard but most of the modes here I’ve not even reached a hundred casts
were mold probably the most amount of casts that I’ve the mold here is
probably 50 and that mold is still great and still has its detail every mold I’ve
made since mold making properly or taking it a bit more seriously which is
probably about four or five years ago every single mold I’ve made at the start
then is still in tip-top order there’s no detail loss in fact I did make some
latex mold over ten years ago ago which was moulds if I made some candles and
there might be there might be some floating around here and the detail
still holds really well on those molds as well but probably made 40
candleholder casts of the mold die up here by a couple of months I’ve made
quite a few are offering they’re still holding up fine the Lucas over reached
100 cast mark yet so like I say in these in these update videos I’ve probably
changed the name to update just so I don’t know questions and answers Q&A
for each month lefel is probably best maybe if people are acid asking
questions where nobody else to see the answers that I could just answer the
question here and it’s on video and job done and everybody can hear the question
and hear the answer if I’ve got any answers some of it I’ll tell you if it’s
guesswork and I’ll tell you if I know the answer
100% so anyway the New Year for the great 2020 over now for now see you
later you

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