Dramatic People | A Storytelling Animation Reaction

Hey buddies its ya girl AyChristene and today we’re checking out this suggestion you guys gave me this is
dramatic people buy tags and I don’t know if this is just a straight-up
animation but because it was black the white I was wondering if this is another
storytelling animation kind of like Jane the animations on ones out let me
explain you know people like that but we’re gonna see what its effect link is
in the description box below for you to check out now let’s get started and see
if we’re dramatic I know I can I can’t stand dramatic people I said like why
they always got to make a big deal out of everything I get sometimes though oh
I can light myself on fire here and I’d still be frozen
oh my getting myself here oh yeah just to make about one ironic statement am I
gonna weigh about drama tomorrow yeah I’ll probably wake up with the food
tomorrow yeah it’s probably gonna happen as a bitch I did not just make that
reference I thought you said two things about dramatic people but not one that
they’re either entertaining enough to watch on YouTube go to a time to be
around let me explain both ways you could say that most youtubers
entertainers and extroverts in general are dramatically amusing from an
audience standpoint after all their job is to entertain ya about their super
hyped up personalities they’re very extra attitudes always the way they
present themselves like jabs at people are first in this Wow
oh my goodness gloves are off times can be exaggerated with their tone sounding
unnaturally ecstatic or your energy levels on steroids you see sometimes
they’ll even party ecstatic or their energy levels on
steroids sometimes they’ll even partake in fake online drug is she talking about
cuz I think that is that supposed to be Jaden yeah cuz she’s got the bird that
is oh this is the swole squad this is let me explain is she telling that I’ve
been guessing this is her okay I don’t know with their tone sounding
unnaturally ecstatic or their honor levels on steroids sometimes they’ll
even partake in my drama with other celebrity in this day and age all
publicity is good publicity doesn’t mean these guys are in the internal genuine
squabbles but often times they might be orchestrating it for the views on the
other hand we have people who are obsessed with drama that should say the
middle because after that point who gives a shit sometimes you might
accidentally encounter snakes gossipers fake people smells I need to escalate
drama which most of the time isn’t even about that even course that all depends
on the people you choose to surround yourself with it could either be the
ghetto hose or the plain Jane’s if I happened to know a drama king or drama
queen these words will usually come out of their mouths or kept on their
facebook statuses like hate drama I’m so down with drama oh yeah stupid you say
that but when a bunch of people come to you and ask so people over to fight at
the parking lot yesterday like never before thirst for attention you feel
like a goddamn celebrity and you’re ready to spill that key yeah it must be
so difficult to stay away from that petty stuff when there’s not much going
on I’m sorry here’s a scenario a friend brings up some news that a girl named
Stacy accidentally spilled milk on Diane’s shirt which violated a fight in
the lunchroom and when you ask me the deets she tells
you don’t do that so like oh my god I swear Diane was just minding your
business right yeah and then that skank oh this man walks up to her and spilled
milk on her head purposely okay the corn on my eye I see Diane pulling out her
pocket knife from underneath oh my god I cut a bitch up she’s waiting for your
reaction why are you looking at me like oh my what okay no you don’t pull a
knife on someone just because they poured milk on your head that’s some
psycho shit I mean I mean I mean it was on purpose though you know it was on
purpose I’m not saying that’s what you should do at all I would never say
that’s what you should do but I mean it was on purpose though so I found someone
just cause they poured milk on your head see now that’s some psycho sure I am in
a mission you pull out your bat on people all the time don’t give me that
I heard she’s dating Stacey’s ex anyways and that’s why she did it
oh dear like Stacey literally stood there and laughed at her okay sorry
about it your die ended after that what laughs and her skin ripped through and
her broke okay that was close by the way bill fight seriously you have to go to
the ER the ambulance just came rushing in like the wait and then afterwards she
had to get like multiple stitches you tried a friend could sign her some shit
I see we should stop talking to both of them
Dianne’s a freaking Stacy probably looks like one now no thank you
right behind you though looking completely fine healthy and ready to
beat your eyes serious wait time shit get hit oh my okay
don’t get violent about it I’m not advocating that okay bull just tell it
as it is don’t be extra don’t exaggerate stay by
a mile and don’t try to make people look as bad as possible just to get a
reaction unless you’re ready to get your ass whooped
if you’re surrounded by those who only exist find some less toxic people and
you behind the scenes people yeah don’t think I forgot about you guys in the
bathroom what he ever mentions you guys when someone gets roasted or so bad
you’re usually the one holding the camera there instigators but something
happens they stay put a salt on a wound so they can burn up and boil up and make
become more than what you originally intended it to be man people are
malicious yeah but who’s talking right ha ha if you’re one of those Gators I
hope you’re aware that you’re just egging on the situation nowadays I see a
lot of new stands where someone’s getting harassed
bullied or even murdered in public and a bunch of zombies would be there holding
the cameras but never think to help the person call the police honestly that’s
really tragic it’s one of those moments you would think Humanity is fun
hopefully none of you would respond to the situation like that but then again
it’s not something that happens often in everyday life now this last one may be
more applicable to you or your have you ever had moments when you were
too impatient or excited to wait for a response after sending a text to your
friend you should be some very exciting news and after three minutes of waiting
the silent wait include you’re no longer friends how on earth could you make me
wait that long how could you betray me like a Nazi we
aren’t as close as we used to play by those you’re probably hanging out with
another friend and replace me by now what was me if you really cared about me
you would have responded but no that’s okay
have you flower withers away and thus recall now take it later if people the
benefit of the doubt because you sound obsessed
yeah most likely not everyone has as much time as you do they got their own
life to focus on to use drama crazy people can be entertaining to watch as
long as you don’t get involved in their bullshit I’m all for like parties and
crazy reactions as long as they’re not drama whores if you constantly find
yourself playing keeping up with the Kardashian with your friends the only
way from the same toxic people that caused it drop their ass and if it’s not
them it’s probably you maybe okay so I say that every single thing that taps
the saying I do get the points though like with the last one for me when it
comes to people like if you tell somebody great news if it’s like a few
hours I’m not so upset about it but it’s like days like I’ve texted someone told
them something like those good news like they wanted to know this information and
I told them and then I’m waiting like four or five days that’s when I was like
you know what I really cool with you right no because for five days then you
wanted me to tell you this and I have to wait for five days for you to get back
with me and the worst part about it was for me
they didn’t eat it wasn’t even like a oh sorry I was doing this or sorry I was
doing that and that’s why I missed your texts it was just like oh like and
responding to what I said like ninja naw you four days later I you have to wait
now a couple days before I respond to you not responded to me four days ago
okay that’s right that’s what I can get I guess if you want to say joannec
although I don’t think that’s too dramatic because it was like a half a
week not half a week it was yeah well I guess give or take depending cuz the
seven days you can’t really be half because okay nonetheless when it came to
the instigators there’s a difference between somebody who’s instigating it
people who just film stuff just to film it and post it for that attention
there’s a difference you do have light instigators like my husband he’ll light
is to gate like if we’re having like a fun argument we’re debating something if
it’s me and somebody or two other people he’ll instigate both sides just try to
like stir things up get it to another level
but he’s not one to like record drama happening people fighting or anybody
dying and then just you know call it a day on that that’s not him so I do feel
like there are differences there are certain people that are you know
particulars let me know what your thoughts are down below in the comment
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