Dramaworld Trailer – Viki Original Drama Series

Can I help you? “Taste of Love” is the most popular drama on Korean television! Episode 13 comes out tonight and he still hasn’t kissed his poor, spunky dishwasher-turned-sous chef! And what if they don’t? Would the world end? Welcome to Dramaworld! There is no such thing as coincidence in Dramaworld, It’s always us. Us? Facilitators. On occasion, a crisis will arise that requires a non-character facilitation to realign a drama. If, by the last episode, true love is not achieved, Dramaworld will cease to exist. Wait, what? But we can fix the story! We can save Dramaworld! Oh my god, it’s you! And… you! Oh, my god! I love you guys! What’s happening? Flashback.


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