Draya Michele TURNS UP The Sex Appeal, Stars In New Film | We Belong Together

Knock knock. Tracy! Uh, Ms. Jacobs. Professor Lewis.
Didn’t see you in class today. I couldn’t show my face in there after what happened
the other night. You know what?
Why don’t we just forget it? No.
I was inappropriate, and you were being
the perfect gentleman. Can’t forget it. Look, we all do things
we shouldn’t have done. Sometimes we make
mistakes we regret. I didn’t say
I regretted anything. I mean you’re cute,
you’re smart, you’re single. An opportunity presented itself,
and I took it. Ms. Jacobs … Listen, I’m just
saying my offer still stands. You forgot what it feels
like to be desired. Look uh, this has gone
far beyond appropriate. I’m gonna have to
ask you to leave. (Sighs)
No. I’m not stupid. I know you want me. Doesn’t matter what I want. It’s the only thing
that matters.


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