Drop Down Globe | Someday Stories 2017

Hey it’s me. Just want to chat. You know mum got married? The wedding was tougher than your funeral. My auditions tomorrow – today really. The sun is rising and I have not practised
my lines yet. It’s a speech that everyone knows. ‘To be or not to be.’ That’s a question I actually need to answer. I’m sorry dad I just need to talk to someone. I feel like I’m going to throw up. To be or not to be that is the question. Whether tis to nobler in the mind to suffer
the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles
and by opposing end them. To sleep, to die for chance to dream but in
that sleep of death what dreams may come and we have shuffled of this mortal coil must
give us pause. What is this? It’s called cheating because it helps you
understand the language. My mum got it for today’s audition. Dear god, I’ve had a good time at university so far
even though it has only been week one. Sometimes I feel lonely even though there
are lots of people. But, I need your help. There’s this girl. Hey nonny nonny, hey nonny hey hey. Oh my gosh. Have you heard? What? Oh c’mon, you know the drill. What? Do I have to guess? What? Did you and benedick finally get it on? Shut up! Liar. Urgh. He is so annoying, I’d rather listen to
my dog bark. Hey I thought you guys could go for Rosencrantz
and Guildenstern. Hamlet’s friends. From university…c’mon. Aren’t they like big parts? What are you doing giving us lines to say
gal? Yeah man. You know you passed the paper playing the
dead dad. Sorry. Just words. The new student in our class, it’s insane. Apparently she got kicked out of her community
for having sex out of wedlock. What? I know it’s insane. Let’s talk later? Holy shit Hi Hey, it looks like I missed a pretty good
party. Oh yeah. Hey, you’re friggin’ stain of a boyfriend
tried to explain the importance of ‘not being too rash’ I’m sorry. He’s not my boyfriend. Well your maybe boyfriend does not appreciate
being vomited on. Thank-you. Thanks a lot gal. Look, I’m really sorry. Okay I didn’t mean anything by it. I feel really bad about it. It’s like that vodka orange potion. It’s ruthless. Yeah it’s like ear poison. So why didn’t you come to the party? I was practising for today’s auditions so… It’s Shakespeare. Let’s just bloody wing it. Auditions! We will start alphabetically. That’s me. So it is. And who are you auditioning for today? Hamlet Hamlet? Hamlet dear is a male role have you read the
play? Every word Well you can’t just grab an eyeliner, draw a moustache on your face and call yourself
the prince of Denmark. You can read for Ophelia. Act one scene one: get thee to a nunnery. I hope you don’t think I’m following you. You did tell me that you were going to university. I know I can’t be pregnant from what we
did but I do know that I’ve changed forever. The others noticed it too. I told them that it is in our nature to be
thirsty. They told me if we drink it destroys us. Am I going to crumble? The thought of seeing you makes me feel divine. Alright girls, come over here. First game of the season…c’mon. Hurry up. Right. Today is very important. So I guess I better give a little speech. You all know as well as I do, what the qualifying
match means. Now the dregs of the boy’s team have decided
to stay after losing their match like they do every year and cheer us on. This is my last year as captain. Just can’t stretch my bra out any longer. Um… the rooms a little emptier this year
and we all know how much number eleven loved theatre so thought I would… I’ve just got a little famous speech. It’s from a play called “Henry V’ To be or not to be. That is the question. She’ll remember with advantages what feats we do today. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the
slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles. What’s this? Is it her fault or mine? Is it the tempter or the tempted who sins
most? Not she. Nor doth she tempt for it it is I And by opposing end them. Then shall our names… Then shall our names. Familiar in her mouth as household words. Harry, Diva, Bedhead. Having wasted time enough shall we desire
to raze the sanctuary? That’s raze. As in r-a-z-e. It means ruin. Roly, Robot, Wonder Pony The things we love don’t destroy us. The people who tell us we can’t love them do. What’s that from? It’s Shakespeare. I should have chosen a sonnet but it’s the
only thing I can remember. It’s some gross guy’s monologue. But the last bit was me. I like it. What? Shakespeare? Yeah… and you. I like the bit that was you. Be in her flowing cups freshly remembered. And we in it shall be remembered. We few. We lucky few. We band of… sisters. For her today that sheds her blood with me
shall be my sister. Oh shit. Thus the native hue of resolution is sickled
o’er with the pale – thinking. Thinking too much. No thoughts. Action. Come on. Hey sorry for interrupting Patrick. I’m pregnant and I just know that you can’t
make any decisions so I will. Hey girl. Oi. Equal.

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