Dua Lipa – See in Blue (Documentary)

I’m scared Because at the end of the day this represents me and no one else I don’t know it’s a weird concept but
it’s like I just want it to be a hundred percent authentic And a hundred percent real Do it through once and I’ll tell you where
it starts Okay one more time? Yeah If we don’t mess this whole thing up Guaranteed I can blow your mind Mwah Cool Cool And tonight I’m alive, ain’t no dollar
sign Guaranteed I can blow your mind mwah And tonight I’m alive, ain’t no dollar
sign Guaranteed I can blow your mind mwah This whole year has just been like Jam-packed full of like things That I’ve always dreamed of doing Performing in Glastonbury to doing The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon To now putting out my record You’ve got to work really really hard And I feel like it’s not just for music It’s for anything that you do in life My dad always used to say you need to work Really really hard to get just a tiny bit of luck I didn’t think having a career like
this Was possible I didn’t think that it’s
something That was like in my reach My earliest memories of music My father’s a musician I was always surrounded by music I’ve kinda had like ups and downs With trying to find myself This one Well I was really young I remember waking up really early in the morning And seeing foxes in the back garden I have really really vivid memories of just Going into the living room in my little Barbie belly top or like anything I could
find And dance around This is so embarrassing I remember driving to school and singing along To the Stereophonics, Christina Aguilera, Robbie Williams It was always just a part
of What I was brought up into I was too young to really understand the lyrics And really know what they were talking about But as I grew older I’d still listen to
those Same albums over and over again and the lyrics Would start making sense to me It was honest, and truthful, and you know It wasn’t sugar coated they were really
just singing About stuff that they new and I admired that Hey this is Dua this is my third cover Which I’m going to be putting on YouTube When I started putting covers up online it
was When I had just moved back to London When I was fifteen I did Ain’t No Other Mountain by Christina
Aguilera I did Super Duper Love by Joss Stone Price Tag by Jessie J I don’t know I just did like loads But they were the kind of videos Where it was like hey I’m Dua Lipa And I’m fifteen years old and this is My cover of Super Duper Love by Joss Stone
mwah It’s kind of how everything started You know from doing these covers It was just when I started taking music seriously And I had this tiny little demo track On my laptop and then I started just contacting A few different people and just Getting like random demos here and there and They all sounded so different cause I just Didn’t know what my sound was Waiting for the right time But I like the baby Is it all set up in the booth? Okay Dua was always an easier proposition Than most because she has such a clear idea Of what she liked and just as important What she didn’t like I kept on going into studio sessions going I want to make a song that sounds a bit like J Cole mixed with Nelly Furtado Try and like merge the two together to have this like Hip hop influenced pop You know I was writing a lot and the first song that I wrote Where I was like oh this could be something Was Hotter than Hell That’s when labels started getting interested He calls me the devil I make him wanna sin Every time I knock he can’t help but let me
in Must be homesick for the real I’m the realest it gets You probably still adore me With my hands around your neck Can you feel the warmth? Yeah Once that happened I signed my deal I was told that I could quit my job At the restaurant and I think that was like The craziest moment of my life And my friends would be like oh what are you
doing today Oh I’m just getting to the studio and that’s
it It seemed like such a dream Cause we’re hot like hell Does it burn when I’m not there? When you’re by yourself Am I the answer to your prayers One more time one more time one more time Everything comes from me from the Set list to every song to what I write about To how I want my record to sound I’m a hundred percent involved in it It’s scary and it’s exciting And I feel like I owe that to myself but also to my fans When people send me letters And they say that my music has touched them Or made them feel a certain type of way That makes me really happy I want people know that we all Go through the same things in one way or another It makes me feel like I’m in the right place And I’m doing what I should be doing It pushes me to work harder It pushes me to make sure that the next thing
I put out Is better than the last thing I did I believe when people listen to the whole
record They’ll get a much clearer idea Of the kind of person that she is She’s worked really really hard for Two years or whatever and has had All these dreams and all these expectations And it’s starting to become a reality I’m bringing who I am as an artist And I wanna put out there everything that Is completely me one hundred percent You know if you take away all the production It’s just the bones of a proper song It can be just on piano and it will Sound exactly the same and I feel like It’s really about authenticity In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth For what it’s worth I think that he might’ve
created you first Just my opinion your body is the one paradise That I wanna fly to every day and every night I’ve been sick and tired of running Chasing all of the flashing lights These late nights don’t mean nothing So I just wanna apologize I’m sorry so sorry I’m sorry yeah I need your love and I’m dying for the rush ‘Cause my heart ain’t got enough I need your touch This is getting serious Tell me that it’s not the end of us How can we go back to the beginning? How can we go back to the beginning? Without you, I’ve got no air to breathe
in How can we go back to the beginning? It’s a massive milestone for me From doing these covers To making an album To actually get to do this as a career It’s been like a really this is so cheesy But really magical process Just got to keep going No rest for the wicked Dreams do come true Where I’m coming from, yeah Is a darker side of me that makes you feel
so numb ‘Cause we’re hot like hell Does it burn when I’m not there? When you’re by yourself Am I the answer to your prayers I’m giving you the pleasure of heaven And I’ll give it to you Hotter than hell


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