Dude Perfect: Bad Joke Telling

What did the excited gardener do when spring finally came? What? He wet his plants What do ghosts ride in an amusement park? A Roller-Ghoster. Where Would You Find Flying Rabbits? In The Hare-Force What Happens When Frogs Parked Illegally? They Get Toad What Would You Call Two Spiders That Just Got Married? Newly-Webs What Do You Call a Pig That Does Karate? A Porkchop What’s Brown and sticky? A stick. PFFFFF HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA [Wheezing] Got ’em GOT ‘EM Oh, that is funny. Well done, Congrats. Hey, just one more for the Giggles. Yeah Did you hear? Did you hear about the circus fire? It was in tents. What Fish Taste Best With Peanut Butter? Jelly Fish What do you call a Jacket… Hold on… What Do You Call A Jacket That Goes Up In Flames? A Blazer. Why Can’t A Nose Be Twelve Inches Long? Because It Would Be A Foot. What’s An Astronaut’s Favourite Board Game? Moon-opoly When Is A Cigar Like Fish? When It’s Smoked I Have Six Eyes, Two Mouths And Three Ears, What Am I Ugly Hahahaha. THAT IS HILARIOUS. What’s Brown, Hariry And Wears Sunglasses? A Coconut On A Vacation Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs Of Pants? In Case They Get A Hole-In-One What Does A Painter Do When He Gets Cold? I dunno. He Puts On Another Coat. If Fish Lived On Land, Where Would They Live? In Finland. (My Next One Is Amazing.) What Kind Of Pictures Do Turtles Take? Shelfies. On Which Side Do Chickens Have The Most Feathers? The Outside. Yes, Oh Classic Chicken Joke. Hey, Oh Man, Hey Sir, Sorry About That. How Come Oysters Never Give A Lot Of Their Money? Because They’re Shellfish. What Do You Call A Lazy Dinosaur? A Stega-Snorous. What Do You Call A Man Who Never Toots In Public? He’s A Private Tutor How Do You Cut An Ocean Into Two? You use a sea-saw. What Does A Grape Say When Its Stepped On? Nothing, It Just Lets Out A Little Wine. Why Don’t Melons Get Married? Because They Cantaloupe. Knock Knock, Who’s There, Who, Who? you sound like an Owl. Good Effort. HAHAHA That’s Amazing! That is amazing. Oh, you know what I’ll let you go for it.


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