Dulhe Raja (HD & Eng Subs) – Govinda | Raveena Tandon | Kader Khan | Johnny Lever – Hit Hindi Movie

Come. How do you find this hotel? I liked it very much. But why did you bring me here? I am purchasing this hotel today.
– What? Yes.
– Don’t you know that today, it is an.. ..inauspicious day to
buy or sell anything? Don’t buy it today. Buy it tomorrow. Leave it. I don’t believe in any
auspicious or inauspicious day. He is giving me this
hotel in half the cost. If I don’t buy it today, and
if some other person buys it.. ..then I will have to
regret the rest of my life. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Has Mr. D.K come?
– He is eagerly waiting for you, sir. You do one thing.
You go with him and.. ..have a look at the hotel.
I will just come back. Where is he?
– In his office. Why has this,
Mr. Singhania not come yet? Oh sir, why are
getting tensed so much? Mr. Singhania must be
coming in some time. You sit.
– Don’t talk about sitting. According to my horoscope,
today’s day is very lucky for me. Hence as soon as possible,
I want to put this.. ..hotel’s problem upon Mr. Singhania. After this, Singhania knows
and that roadside hotel boy. That hotel boy has troubled me a lot. Because of him
my blood pressure rises like.. ..that of a pressure cooker and
whistles can be heard all over. Good morning.
– Come, Mr. Singhania. Come. Wow! The God had made heaven on earth.. ..and someone has a made
such a beautiful hotel. Not someone. I have made
this hotel. I, P.K Diwani. Diwani?
– Yes. Diwani is a woman’s name.
Man’s name is Deewana. Are you a man or a woman? The thing is that I am not.. ..what you are saying, I am.
I am the one as you can see me. Diwani is just my surname. Come please. Why are you wasting time? I thought that you are a
woman wearing trousers. Mr. Lawyer, quickly take out
the agreement papers. – Sure. Take this.
– And give them to Mr. Singhania. I have already signed and kept it.
You too see them and sign. Take this.
– Oh Lord! – First draft. Giving it, friend. You also.. No, that should be done first. It is the most important thing. Take this.
– Did you sign? Congratulations, Mr. Singhania.
Congratulations. From today, this hotel is yours,
all the staff is yours.. ..the manager is yours and
all the tension is also yours. What tension?
– Problem. – What problem? Tension. Leave me. That my manager will explain it to you. But I have not met your manager yet. You will meet him.
– Listen. No, I won’t listen.
– But how will I recognize him? He is the eighth wonder of the world.
You will recognize.. ..him at his first sight.
– What will I do with this coat? Go down.
– Take it? – Come quickly. Mr. Diwani, listen to me. Eighth wonder?! He is quiet drunk. Where is he going inside?
I think it is him. Hey, eighth wonder! Hey, wait! Turn. Is it permanent?
– Yes. Are you the manager of this hotel? You guessed correctly.
But who are you? I am the new owner of this hotel. Master! Yes. Ok. Why are you
walking in a twisted way? Because I am from Baakepur. So does that mean that all the people
of Baakepur are born deformed? Actually, I fell down while I
was seated on a twisted branch.. ..that was on a twisted tree
and that was on a twisted pool. Ok. I can straighten
this twisted body of yours. If a person who is born
upside down, kicks you over here.. ..then this twisted body
will get straightened. Master, even I was born upside down. Once I tried to kick my hip.
But I fell down on my mouth. Since then, my bones
have become even stiffer. Incidentally, I too
was born upside down. Now just get a kick
from me, and then see.. ..how you get straightened up. Ready? Are you going to kick me?
Wait a minute. Where are you taking it there?
Bring it here. Yes, ready.
– Master, please kick slowly. If I kick slowly, it
won’t get all right. Think it to be yours and then kick.
– Not mine. Master, I am all right. Now did you come to know?
– Thank you. Yes, I came to know master.
One minute. This is from my side.
– What is this? I give my massager 5 rupees everyday. I am giving you 10 rupees.
– Am I your massager?! No. It is a good luck from me. Oh! From a poor man. Yes.
– Don’t tell anybody. – No. Ok then. Come. I have
solved your problem, isn’t it? You have solved my problem, sir. But I can’t solve your problem, sir. What is my problem? There is a problem. This is why Mr. Diwani sold off.. ..this hotel to you in
half its cost and ran away. What do you mean?
– Come here sir. I will tell you. Come here. Look, here.
– Where? This joint is in the
compound of your hotel. People stay here, but eat there. They have a bath here
but wash clothes there. I will destroy this
joint in a minute’s time. The old master could not
do it. And you will do it. What did you say?
– I mean to say.. Go and bring that joints’ owner here. Is he an ice cream, cream or rice-milk
which I’ll bring it to you?! He is crazy. He has gone to his
village for holidays. Even if you meet him, think
before you say anything to him. Otherwise, what will he do?
– If I can, I can kill him also. But, I too have certain principles. First, I’ll explain to that person.
If he does not understand.. ..then I teach him such
a lesson, which he does.. ..not forget for his entire life. Brother Raja, you don’t know him. He is an impossible person. His name is Ajgar Singh. He is a very strict person. Here he comes again to
take things free of cost. Oh no! This nuisance
has come again today. How are you Sukhiram?
– I am very sad, sir. Why? I hope no rogue is bothering you. You being here, which
other rogue will bother, sir? What did you say?
– Nothing. Don’t eat these biscuits, sir.
– Why? These are dog biscuits. It’s fine. He is used to it. You too take it. But don’t bark.
– No. What is this?
Seems to belong to a new company. It’s of a new company.
Each one costs 70 rupees. Very good. Pack four of them for me. Listen, this soap too seems
to belong to a new company.. Wow! Pack two-dozen of these too. Each of them costs rupees 10, sir. I have heard that
you mix water in oil.. ..stones in rice,
horse dung in coriander powder.. ..and grind bricks and
mix it with chilly powder. What are you saying, sir?
All this is false, sister-in-law. What is false?! Now quickly pack one
kilo of chilly powder.. ..half kilo of coriander powder,
five kilos of oil and.. ..ten kilos of rice. I will take them home, cook them.. ..eat them and then check them. As if it is his father’s things. Whatever you want to do,
do it quickly. I have to go to.. ..the bank.
Otherwise it will close down. Oh yes! I remember that. Yes Sukhiram. What is the total amount? It seems, he is going to
settle down the previous payment. Sir, the previous and today’s total.. ..is 6900 rupees. Ok. And remove how
much ever money you have? I have 2000 rupees, sir. So adding 3 to it, totals to 5.
– Yes. Deposit them in the bank.
And now there will be one lakh.. ..rupees in the account.
– Ok. I will leave. You write it in the account.
Also the cost of this sweet. And forget it. You fool! Bribe taker! The fool will write the
cost of this sweet also. Hey, you pushed a policeman?! Often there is a
conflict between lame law and.. ..blind public, inspector. My name is inspector Ajgar Singh. So does that mean that you
will swallow poor people? You will eat their goods?
– This is my area. I will eat.. ..whatever I want. Who are you? If you question me, I will grind you.. ..in the prison’s grinder. Ok then even I have a magic bomb. I will bomb it in such a way that.. ..you will do a monkey dance
for the rest of your life. Remember, that if within 24 hours,
you don’t return the.. ..things you have taken from
these poor people, I will.. ..teach you a lesson,
that you will never forget. Who are you? Are you a minister?
Are you the.. ..chief minister or the
prime minister? Who are you? Don’t indulge with me. Otherwise.. What is this?
– Just move your cap upwards. Move my cap upwards. What? Nothing can happen. You go.
– What did he see in the cap? Constable.
– Yes. – Come with me. What did he see in the cap?
We have to enquire. What is below the cap? Did you see, brother Raja?
How does this Ajgar bothers us? Don’t worry, Sukhiram. Just see that from today.. ..I will not only ruin his food,
drink, standing and.. ..sitting but also his sleep. Who is this manner less? Hello?
– This is Nisaar Khan speaking. What?
– Nisaar Khan speaking. Yes, I will wake him up. Listen please. Get up.
It is SSP sir’s phone. Get up.
– Bring here. It is not a bribe that
you put it in your pocket. It is SSP sir’s phone. Oh, SSP sir’s! Yes, sir. Inspector Ajgar Singh speaking, sir. Any emergency sir?
– Tomorrow morning, from the.. ..first flight, the health
minister is coming to our area. Don’t worry sir. I will take
care of the health minister, sir. You don’t have to take care of him.. ..instead, you’ve to take of the dogs.
– Dogs? So, are the minister’s dogs too
coming with him.. ..in the flight, sir? You fool!
There is some disease spread.. ..out in the dogs of our locality. The minister has allergy to it. That’s why, before his arrival.. ..arrest all the dogs.
– But excuse me sir. It is the municipality’s job
to catch the dogs. Don’t explain me who’s work
is what! When I am saying.. ..to arrest the dogs, then
arrest them! – But sir, where will.. ..I keep so many dogs?
– In the prison. But there are prisoners in the prison.
– Leave them free. They are humans. We
can arrest them again. But dogs can’t be
caught again and again. Now no further questions
nor answers. Goodnight! Bad night. So many dogs, in one night. Good morning, sir. Ajgar Singh, what is all this.. ..happening inside?
– Dogs, sir. Dogs. Different types of stray dogs,
injured dogs, diseased dogs.. ..pet dogs, stray dogs,
dogs that bite, barking dogs.. Oh, sir, how did we catch these dogs,
this is something that.. ..only we know or the dogs know. Where are all the
prisoners who were caught inside? Sir, you had told to let go the.. ..prisoners and put the dogs inside. Because we can catch
the prisoners again.. ..but dogs are impossible to catch. You had told this.
– I told this? – Yes. I had told this?
– Yes. – You are absolutely mad! No sir.
– You have gone mad! Sir, last night, on the
telephone you had said that.. ..the health minister is coming today.
No dog should.. ..be seen on the roads of the city.
So I obeyed you. Me? How can I say this?
You know very well that the.. ..the telephone company
has cut my phone connection.. ..instead of my neighbors. Oh! Sir, try to remember. Maybe you must have called up
from a public booth. You know. Oh, will you shut up? Do you know that I can suspend you.. ..for your this foolishness. That means.. That means you had not called up?
– No! And, listen one thing carefully.
If in future, you do such.. ..a senseless thing again,
then I will surely suspend you. Sir..
– Did you understand? Sir, what should I do with these dogs? Leave them on me. Should I leave them
one by one or together? Shut up! Do you know
that I can suspend you? I didn’t call up.
– It rang. It rang. Hello? – So brother Ajgar,
how was your night.. ..with the dogs? You? So it was your work. It was my fault.
I should have put you inside.. ..along with those dogs. This was my decency. If within 24 hours you don’t
return the money of those.. ..shopkeepers, I will see to
it that you get a transfer.. ..from here. Transfer. Dear, my name is Ajgar Singh.
If you mess with me.. ..I will fit you in such a
case that you won’t dare.. ..to come again near this area. So, its fine, brother Ajgar. Remember my 24 hours and we will see.. ..who swallows whom?
– Keep the phone. Now see, what I do to him. He is acting too smart. Lawyer sir, how are you?
– Brother Raja, greetings! Greetings, brother. So how are you?
– I am fine. Is everything fine in Delhi? What should I say brother Raja? My life has become hell.
– Why? What happened? Don’t you know?
– No? I had to come here
for Nisaar Khan’s case. Nisaar Khan? SSP sir?
– Yes, him. Move aside. Why? What is his problem?
– In some Delhi party.. ..he must have drunk and
must have teased a lady officer. So after that there was an uproar. That lady officer filed a
case in the court. – Then what? If by tomorrow morning 11 o’clock,
Khan sir, does not.. ..reach Delhi, a non
bailable warrant.. ..will be issued against him. Really?
– Yes. When is Mr. Nisaar going to Delhi? By tomorrow morning 7
o’clock train, brother Raja. Really. So that means that
I have to do something.. ..today night itself. Who is it? 5 o’clock? Who has come at morning 5 o’clock? Listen please. He never gets up. Yes. One minute. Who is it?
– He is there? Who he?
– Brother Ajgar. Yes, he is there. Where’ll he go? But who are you?
– I am your SSP sir’s wife.. ..Salma.
– Okay. Listen please, SSP
sir’s wife has come. What? SSP sir’s wife? I am reporting madam. Reporting. Sister-in-law, why so
early in the morning? Is everything alright?
– What should I tell you, brother Ajgar? I am ruined.
– What happened? You already know that
Mr. Nisaar is such a.. ..short tempered man. He is
angry about a small thing.. ..and is going to Delhi.
– But why is he going to Delhi? Yes. – Actually, he is going
around with somebody in Delhi. Going around?
– Second marriage. Second marriage? Tell your husband to stop my
husband from going to Delhi. Yes, stop him. – Let me listen.
– If you didn’t stop him.. ..I will hang my
self to the fan and die. I hope there is a fan in your house? Yes, it is there.
But it is a table fan. Oh God! Now where will I hang myself? Salma. Salma sister!
– Yes. Your husband will
not climb this train. This is a brother’s pledge.
– Yes. What time is the train?
– Morning 7 o’clock. He won’t climb. SSP sir. Sir. Wait sir. Wait. How come you are here
so early in the morning? You have come here to
say good luck to me. No, sir. I have come here to
explain to you to forget.. ..whatever has happened.
– How can I forget it? Sir, such small things keep happening. Is this a small thing?
It is a matter of my dignity. Leave dignity. I mean to say,
you come home and think.. ..about it coolly. You
will realize your mistake. My mistake?
What rubbish are you talking? No sir. You can’t go.
– Leave my hand. No sir.
– My train will leave. Had it been a plane and
If it was about to leave.. ..then also,
I wouldn’t have let you go. Sorry.
– I say, leave me! No sir.
– It’s my order! Then even I am sorry to say
that this too is an order. What are you doing? Have you gone mad? Leave me.
– I will not leave you in any case. Never.
– Hey! My train is going. Sir, come what may, I will
not let you catch this train. Just look. The train is going. Sir, let it go. I want
that the train should go. Open the handcuffs.
– No, I won’t open. I say open. No, I won’t.
– Open. – No, I won’t. The train is going. It’s gone! Idiot! Fool! Dumb! What did you do? I wanted to reach Delhi anyhow today. No, sir. If you would
have gone to Delhi today.. ..then your wife would have
hanged herself to the fan.. ..and would have died. What rubbish are you talking?
My wife is waiting for me.. ..on the Delhi platform.
– Delhi platform? She had come to my
house in the morning. Shut up. Today, since I
have not reached the court.. ..a non bailable warrant
will be issued against me. Oh no, sir! I am sorry. What sorry?
– I am doing your transfer just now. No sir. Listen to me, sir.
– You are suspended! But sir.. – Suspended!
– He has very strongly suspended me. Sir.
– Suspended! If his wife is waiting at the
Delhi platform, then who was.. ..it who had come to
my house in the morning? Who was she? For whom the phone is
ringing in the platform? I am suspended. Ok I will pick it up.. ..or else it will keep ringing. Hello? – Brother Ajgar,
salutations from Salma sister. You lousy woman, what did you do? Not a lousy woman, but a fool. I had told you, that if within 24 hours
you don’t return.. ..the money of the shopkeepers, then.. So you are transferred, isn’t it?
Ok. Then I shall also leave. My work is also over.
Now even I will leave for Mumbai. How are you, Brother Raja?
– Make a Benarsi betel leaf.. ..with cut betel nut. Take this. Chhotu!
– Brother Raja. Brother Raja! – Praise be
to lord Ram! – How are you? Absolutely fine.
– Really? There is good news for you.
– What? After you went, Mr. Diwani,
left the hotel and went away. Went away? – Yes. – Ok. So
he is not in trouble anymore. And the new owner is
dying to meet you. Dying?
– Yes. – So come let’s kill him. But, brother Raja. This
new master seems to be.. ..a bit weird to me. So, am I a straight guy? Let today’s meeting take place.
I will set him straight. So, you are the owner
of that small joint? By assuming the joint to be small,
don’t assume the person also to be small? What is it?
– Master. Listen to what he is telling.
– What? Actually, my nature is somewhat odd. If I mess up with someone
then I do something strange.. ..of which the person
can never ever dream of. One can only see if he’s
able to dream, isn’t it? A person, who messes with you,
loses his sleep itself. Are you at my side or his side?
– At your side. What my side? – I am just
saying it. – Crooked eggplant. He looks like a difficult person.
In order to pacify him.. ..I will have to talk sweet as honey.
– Honey, won’t do. Did you hear anything?
– If you talk so much loudly in.. ..your mind, the sound will
definitely be audible, isn’t it? Talks will keep happening.
You are my neighbour. Tell me what will you have?
– I don’t need any favours. I mean to say that you don’t bother. Before sacrificing a goat,
you have to feed him properly. Yes, I understand that.
– You tell me one thing. Are you on my side or his side?
– I am on your side. Which side is this?
– No. What will you have for food? Tell me what do you have?
– We have chicken lollipop.. ..chicken barbecue,
chicken grilled, mutton rice. He is our guest. Let him eat.
Don’t simply talk in between. Please. There is fish.
– Give him tea. I will give him tea later.
– Mutton dish, chicken dish is there. You do one thing.
Bring one plate of each. I will give the order for food later.
– Yes sir. Were you a buffalo in your last birth? You said again, master.
– Did you hear? If you tell a bad word to yourself,
will it not be heard? Why will I say buffalo to myself? That’s what I am saying.
That a buffalo is not like that. Oh, God! He is a very clever man. I have to be clever if I
want to deal with you. I will talk to you in clear terms.
I want you to break that.. ..joint which you have
made opposite my hotel. And what should I do?
Come on the roads? Fry snacks?
– No. You can work in my hotel. I will give you
10,000 rupees per month. You work in my joint.
I will give you 20,000 rupees. Look, I am talking
in clear terms to you. Don’t threaten me. The previous owner too had appointed
people to kill me but could not do anything. I am not talking about killing you.
I am talking decently. Show decency by not
thinking about my joint. Very correct.
– What? – Your daughter’s phone. She said, my daddy is quite strange.
I told she’s right. What did you say? – She is talking
on the mobile. Her bill will increase. Ok.
– Rest, come here. Yes dear.
– Whose phone is it? His daughter’s. His only daughter. Is she young?
– Yes, young and beautiful. Is she unmarried?
– Yes, unmarried. Then the problem is solved.
– How? The boy is here and he’s.. ..searching all over.
Talk to him about me. Talk to him?
– Tell him. Yes, master.
The problem is now solved. – How? Talk to him.
– Yes, what? Look, Mr. Lala was saying
that now I am young and.. ..of marriageable age. And just now Baake told me that.. ..you have a young daughter.
– So? So, I was saying that you get
your daughter married to me.. ..and I will give my
joint in your hands. How dare you take my daughter’s name?
– What’s the problem? You have a young
daughter in the house.. ..and a joint in front of your hotel. What is the problem
in combining money? I will break your face.
– Ok, master. You have messed with me.
Your bad time.. ..starts from today. And if you don’t
believe then look at.. ..the time in your watch.
– What should I see? What is it?
– Did you see his standard? Where this poor man
and where my daughter? At least say yes.
– Yes! Hey, I died! You bald. Are you blind?
Can’t you see such a big car? Baby, this is the business
of poor people. They make.. ..money by coming
below rich peoples’ car. Just see. You have
done so much of my loss. You will have to give money.
– What money? It was your fault. Idiot! We will make a complaint
in the police station. Did you understand?
Come baby to the theatre The public must be waiting for you.
It’s time for the show. It’s their fault.
Moreover, they are blaming me. The world has become so strange.
There is no one to.. ..look after a poor man. Hey, Chhotu!
Who made your condition like this? One mad girl,
who dashed into me with her car. And, you came just like that. You have insulted men in this way. Who was that girl? Tell her address. Brother Raja, I don’t know
her address. But today there.. ..is her dance programme
in the theatre. Really? – Yes.
– So now you just see, how I make.. ..that girl dance today. “The boy seems to be crazy.” “Wow!” “He seems to be a mature lover.” “Wow!” “The boy seems to be crazy.” “Wow!” “He seems to be a mature lover.”
– “Wow!” “The boy seems to be crazy. He
seems to be a mature lover.” “He seems to be a bachelor guy.” “The girl seems to be crazy.” “Wow!” “She seems to be the
queen of fairies.” “Wow!” “The girl seems to be crazy.” “Wow!” “She seems to be the
queen of fairies.” “Wow!” “The girl seems to be crazy”. “She seems to be the
queen of fairies.” “She seems to be so lovable.” “The boy seems to be crazy.”
– “Wow!” “The girl seems to be crazy.” “Wow.” “He keeps wondering.” “He seems to be someone unknown.” “I won’t go near him.” “I find his eyes to be mischievous.” “What work do I have from you?” “Come and ask me my name.” “For even a moment without you.” “I don’t find myself at ease.” “What kind of lover is he?” “He doesn’t even understands love.” “The girl seems to be clever.”
– “Wow!” “She seems to be the
queen of fairies.” “Wow.” “The girl seems to be clever.” “She seems to be the
queen of fairies.” “She seems to be so lovable.” “The boy seems to be crazy.” “Wow!” “The girl seems to be crazy.” “Wow!” “See how beautiful she is.” “She is red in rage.” “Seeing her youth.” “My heart has become restless.” “Go away, you rowdy boy.” “Don’t stop me like that.” “Don’t look at my beauty.” “Don’t bother me like that.” “Your fabulous style drives me crazy.” “The boy seems to be clever.” “Wow!” “He seems to be an old lover.”
– “Wow!” “The boy seems to be clever.” “He seems to be an old lover.” “He seems to be the grandpa of Majnu.” “The girl seems to be crazy.”
– “Wow!” “She seems to be the queen of fairies.”
– “Wow!” “The girl seems to be crazy.” “She seems to be the
queen of fairies.” “She seems to be so lovable.” Wow! Wow! Wow! My leg!
– Poor thing has got hurt. Somebody at least call the ambulance. I am dead! Where has that person
gone who had fallen on him? Brother Raja, did you
teach that girl a lesson? Keep quiet, you fool! It was
all your fault. – My fault? You came from the wrong side.
You purposely dashed with her car. Your brakes failed. Your bell was not working. You had become blind, you idiot. Wow! So, the thief is
scolding the inspector?! You are not the inspector.
You are a thief. You are not even a thief.
You are dacoit No.1. It was her mistake and
you are blaming me for it?! Hey, mind your language. That
girl can never make a mistake. She is so beautiful, so lovable,
so cultured, so decent. I wish, I had dashed with
her car. My leg should.. ..have broken. She would
have brought flowers in the.. ..hospital and would be
feeding me with her hands.. ..and would ask how
are you feeling now? Now this hotel won’t
survive for many days. Whether the hotel survives
or not, but my life is set. I am going.
– Hey, you just came and now.. ..you are leaving?
– Such things happen in love. Man comes and goes. Goes and comes. Eats and drinks.
Takes a bath and washes. Again goes and comes. O God, our brother Raja,
is out of control now! Sir, how did this happen? It was the time of Rahu. I started the
programme at the time of Rahu.. ..and Saturn jumped on me. It is a very serious fracture. Not even a light
weight should be put on it. Weight? I won’t let
even a mosquito sit on it. Sir, it’s hurting very much, isn’t it? Yes. – But who was that
blind man, who had fallen on you? Me! Sometimes it so
happens that people become.. ..blind in spite of having eyes. And the same thing happened with me. Yes, baby, it was him.
– Hey, hold these flowers. So, it was you who
fractured sir’s leg. Everyone saw how sir’s leg broke. But nobody saw how my heart broke! What?! – He’s a flirt baby!
Keep away from him. Baby, the one whose leg
is fractured becomes mad. Because there is a direct
connection between leg and mind. And the reality is that I love you.. ..with all my heart.
I love you very much. Shahajahan had made
one Taj Mahal for Mumtaz. I will make seven Taj Mahals for you. Hey! From where will
you get so much marble? There are many Khan’s in
our country, Shahrukh Khan.. ..Salman Khan, Aamir Khan. I will ask for loan from any Khan. But I will definitely bring it. And if, in spite of that,
I don’t get it.. ..I will draw it for you
on paper and gift it to you. Give it here, you moron! Baby, take this and
give me what I want. Take this!
– I love you! My leg! Hello? Who is it? Lallu!
Sir, some Lallu is calling up.. ..from Konukochu. Not Lallu from Konukochu.. ..but my friend is
calling up from Honolulu. Go and do your work! What are you doing? Dancing? Go.
You donkey! – Strange! You yourself are kicking
and calling him, a donkey. Then, am I a donkey?
– Then why do you have the habit.. ..of kicking?
– I was a seasoned football player. Come on. Do your work.
– Do your work? Should I kick.. ..him again? What a woman she is?!
– Hello! Who is it speaking?
– This is donkey speaking. Sorry. This is K.K. speaking.
– Hey Keshu, this is Billi.. ..from Honolulu.
– Hello Billi! How are you? I am fine. Ok listen.
Mac has completed his studies. We are coming to India the next month. That’s a very good thing.
I will quickly find out an.. ..auspicious day for
Kiran and Mac’s marriage. Ok. Bye. With whom were you talking?
– My friend had called up.. ..from America. I have fixed up
Kiran’s marriage with his son. What!? This can’t happen. Kiran will get married.. ..to my friend Meena’s son, Ravi,
who studies in Africa. You are mad. Kiran will
get married in America. No. Kiran will get married in Africa. Kiran will get married in America. Kiran will get married in Africa. Kiran will get married in..
– Mummy, daddy, now.. ..what is that
you’re both arguing for? It’s nice, dear, that you came.
Now you, yourself decide.. ..whether you want to get
married in America or Africa. Neither I will get married
in America nor in Africa. I will married to someone in my country.
– In our country? Yes. I have chosen my desired boy.
– Who is he? What does he do?
– What is his name? You are today’s favourite boxer. All the people have betted on you. But today you will have to lose. What?
– This is big brother’s order. We should get
today’s entire collection. Rahul! Rahul! Rahul! Rahul! Rahul! Rahul! Rahul! Rahul! One, two.. ..three, four, five.. ..six, seven, eight, nine.. Rahul! Rahul! Rahul! Rahul! Well done, Rahul! Rahul! Hello brother, Rahul lost
in spite of me explaining.. ..everything to him. Yes. Ok. Rahul, I am very happy today. Because I won? You win every time. No one can defeat you. But today, you have won me also. Father, has called you home.
– Really? Rahul. Mr. Bishamber
wants to meet you right now. Kiran, I will have to go
out for an important work. You go. I will meet him later.
– You will come, won’t you? Definitely.
– Definitely? – Yes. – Bye. – Come. People make unfaithful
snakes as their pets. But you.. ..turned out to be an
unfaithful scorpion. You bit us only. When you were told to
lose in the boxing match.. ..then why did you win it? Do you know how much losses
we had to face because of you? 50 lakh rupees!
– Now who will give money for it? You? What do you have? If a
poor man doesn’t even have.. ..a penny in the pocket,
then what will he spend? We have already given
you 20 lakh rupees.. ..for your comforts. You
have not repaid that yet. Above that such a big loss! You are just worried
about your 50 lakh rupees. If I would have lost today,
I would have to bear.. ..loss of crores of rupees.
Kiran would have left me. Kiran?! Who is this Kiran? She is K.K Singhania’s daughter. Hey brother, K.K
Singhania is a very big.. ..business tycoon. That Singhania? Yes.
– Ok. So you have trapped.. ..Singhania’s only daughter. Yes.
– Bravo! We spend lakhs of rupees on
this attitude of yours only. But, just be careful.
– Yes. – Be wise. She is a very big.. ..fish for us. She
should not escape your trap.. ..at any cost. You don’t worry. Kiran is totally trapped in my love.
– Really? She is eagerly waiting to marry me. Very soon, she is going to
introduce me to her father. Sir! – Who is it? – Sir. – Oh,
how are you?! – Fine. Get lost! Sir, they have come from abroad.
And he is their agent. Nice to see you.
– They wish to do a great show.. ..with Indian and English film stars.
– Oh, wonderful! Thank you. And
that’s why they want to.. ..book our hotel for two months.
– Oh! Sir, this stage
programme of theirs will be.. ..the world’s biggest show. Michael Jackson will
come in this show. Really?
– And hence the security should.. ..be very tough. – You ask him
about the security over here. You don’t worry. Our
master will himself stand.. ..on the gate with a gun.
– Really? Am I a watchman?
– No, I mean to say that the security.. ..will be so tight.
You don’t worry about the security. Sir. You have to remove
that joint from.. ..your compound.
They want to put up the stage there. You don’t worry.
I will remove that joint in.. ..a minute’s time. You wait, buddy. Will it be broken?
– Yes. I will break it. Ok, so do I think that the booking
is confirmed. – Yes, absolutely. Advance?
– Yes, please give. – Go. You all leave. I will follow you.
I will just join you. Please.
– Come with me. Please. Sir, why did you do this deal? Even your father can’t
get that joint broken. What did you say?
You took my father’s name! No! The previous owners’
fathers too tried but could not.. ..get it broken. This is
why I was saying. I was not.. ..taking your father’s name. Haven’t you heard that quote.. ..by ‘Saam’, ‘Daam’,
‘Dand’ and ‘Bhed’?! What is this new scandal?
– It’s not a scandal. ‘Saam’ means to first explain him.
– You tried to make him.. ..understand a lot, but
he did not understand. ‘Daam’ means pay and buy that place. You tried to buy him.
But he didn’t get sold off. Now look what the ‘Dand’ i.e.
the punishment is. What is the punishment? Tomorrow the budget is going to come. And you have filled up
one month’s ration.. ..of the joint today itself?!
You are great, Raja. You think about the future. Sometimes I think
about the near things also. Who knows that a person
who is close can also betray. Hey, you tall man! Why are
you standing in my way.. ..like a bamboo?!
– Hey, you! We have come to increase your height.
– Increase my height?! Why? I am satisfied with my height! Hey! What are you all doing? Brother, it seems that you
have eaten many dry fruits. But why are you removing
your energy on these potatoes? Do you want to know
why are we doing this? When a man gets over smart,
Then he does so. Hey, you!
– Yes. We are going to throw you.. ..just as we threw
this sack of potatoes. Should I tell you one thing?
– Yes, tell. Did I tell you anything when
you threw the onions? – No. Did I tell you anything
when you got the potatoes.. ..thrown out? No.
– Do you know why? – Why? Because this is not my tempo.
My tempo is standing there. I was just standing here
keeping my hand this way. Where? Come.
– Hey, you.. Get lost! Brother, Nanhe. Brother, Banne.
– Nanhe and Banne. Who had sent you all here? Tell.
Otherwise I will.. ..your brother’s..
– Mr. Singhania had sent us. Where is he?
– There. Now go and do to him what
you had come to do to me. Otherwise..
– Please go, brother Nanhe. Go. Otherwise he will..
– Yes, we are going. – We are going. Oh, God! Why are
they coming towards me? Oh God! They have hit me and left me here. May you be ruined! May you
get insects on your body! Not this. Show something else, please. Kiran, we are going up,
on the seventh floor. You come there only.
– Ok Fine. Not even this. This one. Wow! It seems as if the moon
has appeared from the clouds. Your husband’s choice is incredible. He is not my husband.
– Then, boyfriend? Just shut up.
– It has just started, buddy! Means, would be. It’s ok. One day I will
marry her and definitely get.. ..her to your shop.
– Bring her definitely. – Yes. Why are you staring at me? What? Actually, I have
never seen a girl like you. If I have seen then I have not
met her. If I have met her.. ..then I have never spoken to her.
If I have spoken to her.. ..then the talk might
have never went ahead. And, that is why I have
never succeeded in life. But now I have met you.
Now I think I have chances.. ..of progressing in life.
– Shut up. Don’t shout
otherwise the lift will stop. Shut up! Saw! The lift stopped. I am not at all scared.
Did you understand? Fool! What happened, Baby? Why
are you giving 1000 volts.. ..shock in this darkness? Wow! So many bulbs have
lightened up in my heart. How did all this happen, baby? Cockroach!
– Cockroach means ‘Jhabada’. Brother Cockroach, you have entered.. ..at the right time. I will salute you till
the time I am alive. I will light an
incense-stick in front of you. I will make your statue
and put a garland on it. I will feed you with sweets,
you idiot. What is this nonsense? I
am Sorry, madam, but I was.. ..praising the cockroach. It is suffocating here.
Is there anyone there? I am here.
– Shut up! Is anyone there?
– Madam, you come up.. ..from here.
– From there? Ok. Keep your legs on my hands,
baby. And climb. Yes keep. What are you looking at? I am looking at you, baby.
– Close your eyes. You are talking about eyes.
My breath itself is stopping. Climb quickly. Give your hand.
– You are quiet heavy. Hey! At least thank me once. Hey, what are you doing?
– With my shoes. What are you doing?
– I got it! I got a gift of love! Give back my sandals.
– I won’t give. Give back my sandals.
– Wait a minute. I am giving. I have sworn to make you mine. I will just show you.
– Hey listen. If you want to spit.. ..then spit on this.
– Idiot! Hey you! At least take me out. Have they kept you,
only to help girls?! Listen, please.
– Yes say. – Where is Chhote Miya? He has gone to Nagpur.
– But he was there till yesterday. But he has gone today.
– When will he return? Never.
– Why? He got married in Nagpur.
– So what? So he has stayed in Kanpur
only after getting married. Why so?
– Because he was from Jaunpur. So are people from Jaunpur like that? This can be said only by the
people of Jaipur and Udaipur. Ok. Then who will stitch my clothes? I am there. Your husband.
– My husband?! I mean to say your
tailor’s big brother. Ok. Fine. Take the measurements. I have already taken your
measurements from my eyes. What did you say?!
– If you don’t believe.. ..then ask my hands.
Ask my breath. Ask that light
which spreads in the darkness. What daylight, which darkness?!
What kind of jokes are you cracking?! You won’t understand.
Your clothes are ready. Go and try them. I don’t know what kind
of mad man have I met! Hey, Raja, I have stitched
all the clothes as per the.. ..measurements given by you.
If even one inch goes up and.. ..down, she will ruin my shop. Don’t worry, buddy.
– I had held her so tightly.. ..and taken her
measurements in the lift that.. . Today I will go and ask
God that why didn’t he give.. ..me more two or four
hands to take measurements. You, fraud! Take these clothes! Take this. Hold it. Take this also. “O God! How good you look!” “O God! How beautiful you are!” “O God! How beautiful you are!” “O God! How beautifully do you walk!” “O God! How beautiful you are!” “O God! How good you look! O God!
How beautifully do you walk!” “O God!” “I got lost in her dreams.” “I got crazy about her.” “I didn’t return again,
once I went in her lanes.” “I got lost in her dreams.” “I got crazy about her.” “O God! How good you look!” “O God! How beautiful you are!” “O God! How good you look!” “O God! How beautiful you are!” “She is a fire.” “She is a knife,
sharp on both the ends.” “She is a flower with thorns.” “Just look! Just look!” “She is a fire.” “She is a knife,
sharp on both the sides.” “She is a flower with thorns.” “Why didn’t I think before
falling in love with her.” “O God! What a beautiful face? “O God! What attitude she has?” “O God! What attitude she has?” “O God! What a smile she has?” “O God! What a beautiful face?” “O God! What attitude she has?” “O God! What a smile she has?” “O God!” “I got lost in her dreams.” “I got crazy about her.” “I didn’t return again
once I went in her lanes.” “I got lost in her dreams.” “I got crazy about her.” “The fun spills out of the bowl.” “It’s the fun of the beloved
that is hidden in my heart.” “A girl with an attitude,
shows her attitude.” “The fun spills out of the bowl.” “It’s the fun of the beloved
that is hidden in my heart.” “A girl with an attitude,
shows her attitude.” “I stayed awake all
the night for her.” “And slept while dreaming of her.” “O God! What a fragrance!?” “O God! What hair she has!” “O God! What hair she has!” “O God! What magic is she?!” “O God! What a fragrance!?” “O God! What hair she has!” “O God! What magic is she?!” “O God!” “I got lost in her dreams.” “I got crazy about her.” “I didn’t return again,
once I went in her lanes.” “I got lost in her dreams.” “I got crazy about her.” “I got lost in her dreams.” “I got crazy about her.” Thank you. I have called for this
oil from the village. Slowly! – A crackling noise
comes from your bones, isn’t it? Noise and bones,
both will vanish away. What do you mean?
– I mean to say that you will.. ..be relieved from
both noise and pain. Have you used this oil on
anyone before or are you.. ..testing it on me?
– I have used it. There was a wild
hippopotamus in our village. The villagers beat him a lot. And, then we tested this oil on it.
The hippopotamus.. ..simply disappeared.
– What do you mean?! I mean to say that it
returned to the village.. ..where he had come from.
– You mean to say that since.. ..I have come from Alibaug,
I will go back there? Yes, absolutely.
How long will you stay here.. ..and get beaten up, sir? Get lost. I will not
spare that joint boy. I called the entire
police force to deal with him. They must be coming soon. Good morning, sir.
– Come please. Inspector Ajgar Singh reporting.
– Welcome, sir. Thank you. Oh sir, this
watch is very beautiful! Is it from Switzerland?
– Sir, you just remove that joint. I will bring ten such watches for you. For the time being I will
keep this one. Get nine more. Really?!
– Oh! Lovely! What a beautiful glass! It seems to be of an Italian company. Sir, you please remove that joint. I will get ten such glares for you. For the time being I will keep
this one. Call for nine more. Really?! This is very good. – There is the air
conditioner. Where is he going there? He seems to be the father of
Alibaba and the forty thieves. No sooner he came, he
has started looting us. Leave it, buddy.
Forget about getting looted.. ..I am even ready to die
to get this Joint removed. Shall we leave, sir.
– Yes. Come. I will see this later. Where is that joint owner? Sir, he has bothered me a lot.
You arrest him today itself, sir. You don’t worry. Hey!
Where is that rogue? What is this?! You are selling
liquor without a license. Sir, this is not liquor but water.
– Shut up! This is that same liquor,
which after drinking.. ..15 people in Surat, 20
people in Andhra Pradesh and.. ..25 people in Uttar Pradesh died. Sir, how can this be possible?
– Arrest this fool. What are you doing? You don’t
have to arrest this drunkard. Please catch hold of that big rogue! So is he not him? No. Where is the big rogue?
Call him. Call him! Did you see? He got so scared. Brother Raja.
The police has come outside. Come outside, you joint owner! Come, let’s go. – Brother Raja,
get the shave done at first. First let me get rid of them.
Then I will shave. Come. Say, inspector, sir.
What are you saying? He is that joint owner. So you have come
applying the shaving cream. So that you can escape quietly. Who will escape quietly,
that we will come to know.. ..after the cream is removed.
– Shut up! This is my first case in this city.
– It can be the last one too. Keep quiet! Let me see,
what kind of a big rogue are you. Constable, arrest him. One minute. At least
let me remove the cream.. ..before being arrested.
– Yes, remove it. Do you have a handkerchief? Do you have a handkerchief? Will you take my
handkerchief itself? Remove yours. For the first time, I have
to give my handkerchief to someone. Yes, I have it.
– Take. Hold this. He is fooling me, by
applying this shaving cream. I have caught big idiots,
sir. Who is he?! You are right. He is lying. Come, inspector sir.
– Hey! You!? Let’s run, Azgar. Hurry up, Azger. Hey! What happened to him?
– What did he look in your face.. ..that he ran away like a fast train? Sir, this is a secret. The
day when you come to know.. ..about it, you too will get
scared and run away like this. My name is K.K Singhania, child. Great people could
not survive before me. Then you are the
eggplant of which farm? Not eggplant. Radish.
– Give a proper example. Yes, that only. Radish. Sir, I am such a radish that
if you eat me, your nose.. ..mouth, ears and eyes, all
will start watering along with.. ..all other places. I don’t eat radish at all.
Did you understand? Really?! Father!
– Yes? Father, this is Rahul. My
life partner and your would be.. ..son-in-law. So, it is you who has
trapped my daughter in your love. No. He has not trapped me. In fact, I have trapped him. Hey! Will you only tell everything.. ..or will you let him
also say something?! Greetings, uncle. – Rahul is a
very shy boy, mummy. – Really?! Come, Mr. Shy. Please, sit. Thank you. And, young man, what do you do? I want to set up a chemical plant.
– Chemical plant? Yes.
– Do you any have experience about it? Sir, I have done business management.
– Fine. So you have done business management?!
– Yes. – Management?! Meaning my job is in danger?! Have you appointed a new manager?! Shut up! Idiot! Says anything. Sorry. Sir, he is wearing black glass
in the house as well. Just check it out whether
he isn’t blind or squint. I hope he isn’t
physically handicapped. Mummy. Please tell him.
– Cheque. Here is the cheque. His sense of humour is really good. Here you go. I have
removed my black glasses. See, Rahul, you
can’t leave me like this. Rahul, for you, I’ve left
my parents, my siblings.. ..and even my house. Now, what is left in you!
Your father has.. ..disinherited you from his property. And the money that you had brought.. ..all that’s over now.
– Rahul! I am bearing your child,
Rahul! Rahul please! So, what happened? Prior to you.. ..many girls came, became pregnant.. ..and took the child away with them. If I accept every child,
then I will have to.. ..open an orphanage.
Did you understand? Rahul! If you leave me and go,
then I won’t be able to live. Then what’s the problem?
You die. Commit suicide. What?!
– Many girls have done this only. This means its your
profession to play with the lives.. ..of innocent girls, Rahul?!
– Yes. Did you understand?! This only is my profession.
Now get out! Hey father, in which
thoughts have you got lost?! Whoever sees Rahul
for the first time.. ..gets lost in thoughts,
in the same way. And what about the person, who
sees him for the second time?! Have you ever seen him before this? I can see fraud in his eyes. Shut up! Fool! Dear, get the food
served on the table for him. No aunt. Today is Tuesday, isn’t it? I fast on Tuesdays and Saturdays. So you are very religious, aren’t you?
– Yes uncle. Kiran pulled me and brought me here. Otherwise I don’t
get out of the house.. ..without worshipping, no matter if it
causes a loss of crores of rupees. Fine uncle. Greetings. Fine. Greetings.
– Bye! Should I call a rickshaw for you?
– No. I have a car. Your own car?
– Yes. Very good. Would you please give me
a lift, till the hotel? Please come.
– Thank you. How did you find the boy? He is a number one loafer,
flirt and a wicked kind of a boy. What are you saying, father?! Trapping rich girls,
giving them false promises.. ..that he’ll marry them,
later robbing away.. ..their dignity and money,
this is his old profession. You are blaming Rahul!
– I am not blaming him.. ..but I am telling the truth.
I myself have seen and heard.. ..the begging of that helpless girl.. ..who was bearing his
child and who later.. ..had committed suicide.
– I don’t believe this! What proof do you have?
– I am your father. Now do I have you give you a proof?! I understood it. To keep your
status high in the society.. ..you want me to
marry your friend’s son?! If you don’t want to
marry my friend’s son.. ..then don’t marry him. You go and bring any
beggar from the road.. ..or any enemy of mine.
I’ll get you married to him. But never with this
deceitful man. Never! And what if you denied then too?! Then do what you feel like.
I won’t tell you anything. It’s a promise. Hey you! Come on work fast! Yes.
Everything must be fine! Hey, what is this?!
– I am making a family room. Family room?! For what? When I get married and bring my wife here,
will I keep her in your hotel or what?! Hey, I am trying to break down your joint
and you’re making a family room?! What difference does it make to me?! Sir, you don’t understand. We both have just
recently become enemies. Now to continue the enmity,
it’s necessary to have children.. ..isn’t it? Today we
both are fighting. Tomorrow our children will fight. Then their grandchildren will fight. All this will go on. You
won’t understand this. You’re a kid now.
– Dear, you’re trying to be smart. If I don’t call up the
municipal commissioner.. ..and break down this family room.. ..and this joint of yours, then my..
– What my?! Did you forget your own name? Hey, you! – Then your name
wouldn’t be K.K. Singhania. Done. Here.
– Yes, I know. Please come, Todnar sir. Greetings.
– Greetings. Good morning. Is this the joint? Yes. It’s this one. A
dirty joint in the compound.. ..of my prestigious hotel and a
black spot on my 5 star hotel. Fine. Hey you, fool!
Come here. Come here. Look, empty this
joint within 5 minutes. Otherwise, we will walk it
over with the bulldozer. ..and you yourself
will be responsible.. ..for the loss incurred.
– Hey sir, what are you going to do?! If our sir will come,
then he’ll create a problem. What?! Is your sir a collector,
a commissioner, or a minister.. ..that he’ll create a problem?!
– Yes! See, firstly he
constructed this joint.. ..moreover you all are
illegally constructing.. ..a floor on it. Its
illegal and so it must be broken. Hey! Many things in
this county are illegal. So will you keep breaking everything?! If an order comes,
then everything breaks. You have constructed this joint.. ..on someone else’s place.
Do you rule here or what?! Even the government
isn’t ruling properly. It keeps on changing again and again. Then how can we rule?! But today this government
bulldozer will surely run. Hey, you start it! I want to make a call.
– Call?! He has a phone too!
– I even have 3 lines connected to it. All the people who stay in his joint.. ..make a call from my 5 star.
– You! Leave him!
– He strangled me! Hello. This is minister
Kaloo Prasad speaking. Who is it? Kaloo!
– Yes, uncle. Accept my greetings.
– Greetings! How are you? I am in a very big problem.
– What is the matter? Hey, I had told about
the problem of the.. ..5 star hotel here, didn’t I? So the owner of the 5
star hotel has come here.. ..with a bulldozer, to
bring down by joint. What are you saying dear?! If someone will
bring down your joint.. ..then I’ll bring down
the government in Delhi. What are you saying?!
Which is that officer? Give the phone to that man! I am giving him the phone,
uncle. Talk to him! Talk to him, brother. At least you talk.
– No. I won’t. Uncle, they aren’t
ready to hold the phone. I have put on the speaker.
You talk to them. Hey you officer, listen carefully!
I am speaking. If you break my child’s joint.. ..then remember, I’ll
remove you from your job! No. We won’t break it.
– Hey, did he agree? How won’t he agree?!
The sweat coming out.. ..from his head clearly
indicates that he has agreed. And that sir?!
– What will that sir say?! The top two floors of his
5 star itself are illegal. No one breaks that.
– Hey, I will break it! Hey, you officer! Quickly destroy the
two floors of the hotel! Sir, if you break
the first two floors.. ..then all the top
floors will come down! Fine, then uncle. Break
the top two floors only. Yes, then do one thing. Quickly break the top two floors. Fine, uncle. Hail Hanuman! Hey, break them!
Otherwise I will tell uncle. No!
– He will ruin you. – No. Do you think Bihar is just a state?! No. Nothing. I am going, isn’t it? Hey Bhaskar, turn the
bulldozer to this side. We need to break the
top two floors. Come. Come. First break the top floor. What do you say, sir? How was it? Dear, that only the time which
is about to come will decide.. ..that how was it. Till now, only jokes were going on. But remember one thing. Henceforth,
if someone.. ..is my biggest enemy in
the world, then it’s you. If you don’t want to
marry my friend’s son.. ..then don’t marry him. You go and bring any
beggar from the road.. ..or any enemy of mine. I’ll get you married to him. But never with this
deceitful man. Never! And what if you denied then too?! Then do what you feel like.
I won’t tell you anything. It’s a promise. I have stuck the kite, big sister.
– Bravo! Take this. Keep it with you. I hope you remember what
all I explained to you. Yes, big sister.
– Very good. But Raja didn’t come yet.
– He will be coming. Come, Chhotu, get
down the luggage! Come. There he comes. Come on, go!
– Yes. Keep the change.
– Brother Raja! – Yes. My kite has got stuck.
Please go and bring it down. Hey, even I am stuck, buddy! I am trying since so many days. I don’t know when
will she agree. Come. I wish that while
helping you, God helps me too. I will remove your kite, buddy. But what about my kite
that Is swinging in the air? You don’t know how
to let loose the kite! Always be free in life. By becoming a sparrow, you.. O God, my enemy! Baby,
he had broken my leg! Yes.
– Beware of him, baby. Hey, shut up! Hey, she killed me! “She harasses the one, who
is crazy in love with her.” “She shoots with her eyes.” “She’s an incredible girl,
she shoots with her eyes.” “She’s an incredible girl,
she shoots with her eyes.” “She shoots with her eyes.” “He harasses the one, who
is crazy in love with him.” “He shoots with his eyes.” “He’s an incredible boy,
he shoots with his eyes.” “He’s an incredible boy,
he shoots with his eyes.” “She shoots with her eyes.” “She walks a bit stylishly.. ..just like a deer.” “For a moment she becomes something,
for another.. ..she become something else,
she changes so many forms.” “She walks a bit stylishly.. ..just like a deer.” “For a moment she becomes something,
for another.. ..she become something else,
she changes so many forms.” “Whomever she wants,
she can make him crazy.. ..with the magic of her beauty.” “Her long, black hair,
black as a she-snake.” “She shoots with her eyes.” “She’s an incredible girl,
she shoots with her eyes.” “He harasses the one, who
is crazy in love with him.” “He shoots with his eyes.” “He’s an incredible boy.
He shoots with his eyes.” “He’s an incredible boy.
He shoots with his eyes.” “I also used to love you,
hiding from everyone.” “I loved you only my darling,
all day long.” “I also used to love you,
hiding from everyone.” “I loved you only my darling,
all day long.” “I tell the truth,
that this heart of mine.. ..doesn’t love anyone else.” “See, a nightingale
like me, got trapped.. ..because you had set up
the net in such a way.” “He shoots with his eyes.” “He’s an incredible boy.
He shoots with his eyes.” “She harasses the one, who
is crazy in love with her.” “She shoots with her eyes.” “She’s an incredible girl.” “He shoots with his eyes.” “He’s an incredible boy.” “She shoots with her eyes.” I will not spare him. The last time you fought
with that joint owner.. ..then I had massaged
you the whole week.. ..with different kinds of oils. This time you fought with him,
so you’re in this condition. He got two floors of
my hotel demolished.. ..I won’t spare him!
– Sir, don’t get angry. Because of the heat of
your anger, the ice melts. 30 kilograms of the ice is over.
The 40th kilogram is going on. I will never spare him.
I will never spare him. Hey, what happened father?! I’m not feeling well. You come down. I will make
you alright in two minutes. Why? Have you specially
brought any doctor or what?! Not doctor, your to-be
son-in-law has come. Another new son-in-law has come?! It’s as if not a son-in-law,
but a newspaper. It changes daily.
– Shut up! Idiot! Please come, father. He
is waiting downstairs. The house is good, Raja.
Now this is to be seen.. ..that, how is your
to-be father-in-law. O, God! What is this
rogue doing here?! Who is he? As soon as
he saw me, he jumped.. ..and sat facing his back towards me! He is a bit shy kind of a person. He is scared of you father, isn’t it? What’s there to get scared?!
Am I a ghost or a devil?! Will I eat him or what?! Sir, the one who had
come before him.. – Yes. He had hidden his eyes. There was something fishy in his eyes. He has hidden his face. I hope there isn’t
any stain on his face. Hey, no buddy!
– I’ll give you one slap! Please show me your face, like a man.
– Look, if you see me.. ..then you’ll get a big shock.
You’ll get the biggest shock of your life. What kind of a beauty
is filled in your face.. ..after seeing which I will
get shocked?! Show me your face! See, children have
said that good old men.. ..shouldn’t be so arrogant.
– Let the children go to hell! Will you show me your face
or should I fly till there.. ..and remove your hand?!
Show me your face! By the way, I didn’t
want to but still.. ..if you’re insisting so much,
then here you go. This is in your service. Hey, he fell down! Father! Father! Hey, what happened to him?!
What happened to him?! Someone please call the doctor. Hey, call the fire brigade,
friends, relatives.. ..call the ones who sing,
the ones who cry. – Hey quiet! Talking nonsense! You idiot! Baake, doesn’t he
have epilepsy, does he? Epilepsy?! O yes. Make him
smell shoes, stale onions. One minute. I will
make him smell shoes. Sir! Smell the shoes and
gain consciousness soon. Listen. Now whether you
make him smell stale onion.. ..or a torn shoe, he
will gain consciousness.. ..only after the interval. Hey, where are you?! Where are you?! Hey, at least let me
peacefully sit in the bathroom! Come soon. Come outside. We’re ruined! Please come soon! Come out soon! Hey, what problem has arisen?!
Is it an earthquake?! Kiran has eloped from the house!
– What?! See. Read this. All this is the
result of your arrogance. Wait! Father, I and Raja have
decided to get married. Today evening, at 5 o’clock,
we are getting married.. ..at Baake’s house.
– This cannot happen! Come!
– At least wear your pant. Let the pant go to hell!
My honour is getting ruined. And even this will come down! Come!
– O God! At least, listen! Get up for the sacred rounds.
– Hold this. This marriage cannot happen! Stop it! The god of devils has come!
Baake! Stop him! You all go ahead. I
will handle the old man. Leave this towel!
– If you stop being arrogant.. ..then I’ll leave this towel. Hey, priest! This is a fraud. This is betrayal! This is a fraud! This marriage is being
done against my will! Hey, don’t listen to him!
Keep making the rounds! Have you gone crazy?! Hey, priest! Hey, stop this! Make it fast,
priest. It’s almost done. Don’t leave the towel.
– Now the marriage is consummated. What are you saying?! Is it?! Now
you both have become husband and wife. Hey, how can they
become husband and wife?! The bride giving
ceremony wasn’t done at all. I did the bride giving ceremony, sir. Now you both go and
take the blessings. Please you go first. I feel very shy. No, I won’t take the
blessings of this football player. Please go. – Fine. If you say,
then I’ll do a bit of daring. Father-in-law, mummy-in-law. See, I am not ashamed of
what all has happened. Wait! They can’t get married! Stop it! Congratulations, Mr. Singhania. For what?! Firstly you got my
daughter married to my enemy.. ..and on top of that
you’re congratulating me?! Marriage?! Me?!
– Yes, you! If you wouldn’t have caught my towel.. ..then I wouldn’t have let
them take even a single round. And furthermore you did my
daughter’s bride giving ceremony! Who are you to do so?!
– Bride giving ceremony I myself keep begging to the people.. ..from where will I do
the bride giving ceremony?! Mistress. You have been ruined. Sir has gone mad. Call the doctor.
Get his check-up done. I am getting tensed.
– I will hit him. O God! – I will hit him a lot! He is
right. What nonsense are you talking?! Which marriage, whose marriage?! Surely you must have dreamt something. Hey, what kind of a dream?!
He had held my towel.. Where is my towel?
– Which towel?! Where is my towel?!
– I don’t have a handkerchief.. ..from where do I bring a towel?!
– Oh yes! I was dreaming! dear
Kiran hasn’t got married! Hey, dear Kiran hasn’t got married! See, my clothes are also the same! Everything is the same. I
don’t know why had you.. ..become unconscious.
– Why had I become unconscious? I don’t know, sir. But
what not did we do.. ..to make you gain consciousness. We made you smell stale onions.. ..and the dirty
undergarment of the gardener. – Oh no! We made you smell stinking shoes. See this. There lies
the bunch of shoes. The shoes became unconscious,
but still you didn’t gain consciousness. After that, I made you
smell this socks of mine. Then you gained consciousness. Keep it inside your pocket. By
smelling its stinking smell.. ..I came out of my dream. At least you gained consciousness!
– Let such a consciousness go to hell! Where is dear Kiran? She has gone to the farm house,
along with her friends. She wouldn’t have
gone with her friends. She must have surely
gone with that joint owner. What?! – I think that something is
really fishy, sir. – You control her. Otherwise, I won’t be able
to show my face to anyone. Hey, she is my daughter!
How won’t you be able to.. ..show your face to anyone?! When you’ll get insulted,
then won’t I get insulted too.. ..along with you?!
– Yes. What?! Hello. Raja, the owner
of the joint, speaking. Did you get only my house,
in the whole city.. ..to commit a robbery?! My elders have said, that
you shouldn’t commit robbery.. ..in the house of dacoits.
– Fine. What did you say?! Dacoit?! – No. I mean that
why did you call me, sir? You do one thing. As
soon as possible.. ..you reach my house.
– What are you doing, sir?! It does take time to bring
the marriage procession. Hey, I will take out
your marriage procession. First, you reach here alone.
– Fine. I understood it. You want to talk about the dowry
before the marriage procession. I will come just now.
– Hey you.. I’m not telling you.
Chhotu! Bring the rickshaw. Enjoy yourselves girls. Hey, you over smart! Are you mad, that you’re breaking a
bottle.. in the middle of the road?! You called me over smart?! Hey, what are you doing buddy?! You are so thin!
– But sir. – Keep quiet, buddy. He is a real fighter. Why
were you fighting with him? Do you want to die?! Do you what a thing he is?! Do you know what a
bomb he is?! Do you know?! Explain him.
– He won’t even get hurt. How much you hit him,
the punch will hurt you. Do you want to see it?! Did he get hurt? It won’t hurt him. Do you want to see more? See, he won’t get hurt. Fine. Now see. Now I’ll kick him.
I’ll kick him so hard.. ..but it won’t make
any difference to him. He won’t get hurt, buddy. Hey, this is nothing.
He is a very strong man. Even if I pick up such a big
stone and throw it on his head.. ..then too, it won’t
make any difference to him. Do you want to see it?
– No. He understood that. He is a moron.
Whom were you fighting with?! You didn’t know him. You go brother. Your
sisters are waiting for you. We people will also leave. Come. They aren’t my sisters. They.. Oh! They are your girlfriends.
Sorry buddy. Don’t feel hurt. Let’s go. Come. Let us leave. You are a moron. Good that he came or else I.. Let us leave brother. You
don’t know what a strong man he is! Fine brother. Sorry! Sorry. Why are you laughing?! He went away after beating you up! How do you know? Last week, he had beaten
me in the same way. – What?! Then why didn’t you tell me before? He would have hit me again. Hey sir, do you have a
change of 100 rupees? No. I just have 20 rupees.
– What?! Only 20 rupees?! Hey listen. Come here. A
rickshaw driver is standing outside. Give him 10 rupees and you
keep the rest 10 rupees as tip. Tell me. What was the matter?
Why had you called me? Yes. Come. Sit. No. Sit here.
– Why? Have you kept a bomb here?!
– Fine then sit here! Fine. Please sit.
– Yes. Say, fast. Now is the time,
when my business ruins. Yes. Today I have made this decision.. ..after giving it a lot of thought.. ..that I won’t break your joint. That you wouldn’t have been able to break
anyways. What’s there to give it a thought? See, the vast
distance that lies between.. ..my position and your status,
I have called you here.. ..to explain that. The vast distance that
lies between your position.. ..and my status, I saw
that as soon as I came. See, I had this 100 rupee note
and you had a 20 rupee note. So, it’s a distance of 80 rupees. Today, I’m not at
all in a mood to joke. But, as soon as I see you,
I feel like joking. Sir, think one thing peacefully,
that if your daughter and.. ..I get married, then this is
your hotel and this is my joint. This is the girl’s in-law’s house.. ..and this the girl’s mummy’s house. Sometimes the girl will
be in her in-laws house.. ..and sometimes in her mummy’s house. The whole day she will be
jumping from here till there. She’s your only daughter. Why are you
bothered if she stays happy all her life?! Shut up! Today I will show you,
how big is the distance.. ..that lies between your
position and my status. Come with me! Come on! See this! Should I
show you your status?! These are my daughter’s clothes. She doesn’t touch that cloth again,
which she wears once. And see this! My daughter’s shoes. She doesn’t put her
legs into that shoe.. ..which she wears once.
See more! Come here! See this! All these are
my daughter’s perfumes. All are imported from Paris.
And see this! See this jewellery! Have
you heard about their price? This is worth 5 lakhs,
10 lakhs and 15 lakhs! And this! This jewellery
is worth crores of rupees. Each set is worth 50 lakhs! See this! You must have never
seen it in your dreams. See this! I am going to
give all this to my daughter. What do you have?!
– I have a joint, don’t I? And then after you die,
all this will be mine only. Hey! I’ll give you a tight slap! You can’t even bear the
weight of a single box. Then how will you take
care of my daughter?! I can lift you as well. But right now, I am
not in any such a mood. And don’t show me
these jewellery, sir. I have no interest in them.
I am a poor man. And if the question is
about this bag, then yes. I can surely pick up this bag. And along with that, I can
run away with it as well. Hey you thief! Someone catch him! Catch him!
– You get aside! Hey, my mummy-in-law!
My sweet mummy-in-law! Hey, what are you
playing with him?! Catch him! Where did he go?! Hey, there he is! Catch him!
Hey you thief! Catch him! Taxi! Is this taxi empty?
– Yes. It’s empty. That man took away my
goods worth lakhs of rupees. Follow him.
– Here you go. Hey, what kind of door it is! Hey, I had to follow him!
Where are you going?! Is it empty?
– Yes sir. One minute, or else you will run away. That man is running
away with my goods.. ..worth lakhs of rupees. Follow him!
– Fine. What has happened to
the public of Mumbai?! That one ran away with the car
and he himself ran away. Hey, you! Hey, who are you?! How
did you come inside?! Sir, take this bag in your custody. There are diamonds and jewellery.. ..worth crores of rupees in it.
– What?! – Yes. But from where did you
get all this jewellery?! Sir, they were
illegally kept by someone. With great difficulty, I have brought it
snatching away from him. He must be following me, sir. Here he comes, sir!
– Hey, mister! All this belongs to him.
– Is this stuff yours? No. It isn’t mine. I was
going on the upper floor.. ..but I came down. It isn’t mine. What are you doing up and down?! He is lying, sir.
This stuff belongs to him. Well done, young man.
You have helped the government. Thank you.
You’ll be rewarded for this. How much? – 10 % of this stuff.
– Hey, my life is set. Get your name and.. ..address written here.
– Hey, I will get the name and address.. ..of my whole family written.
– One minute. Hello. Just send Mr. Sharma
and Shashi Sinha from there. Sir, you poor thing came on the road! So, you can’t even speak now?! Sir, listen to me,
with a peaceful mind. See, the very big
difference that existed.. ..between our status,
that is reduced by 90%. Now even you are poor, I am poor,
do the bride giving ceremony.. ..and fulfill an auspicious ceremony.
– You.. My shoe?! Sir, please come. What will you have? This shoe!
– Give sir a shoe to eat. Don’t feed me a shoe,
but get down my shoe.. ..and give it to me.
You have hung my shoe. See sir, people hang a horse’s shoe.. ..to make their shop run well.
I have hung your shoe. And since the time,
I have hung your shoe.. ..my business is doing
so well, that I won’t. I won’t. – My shoe. – I beg in front
of you. I won’t give back your shoe. I won’t be able to do this. Hey you.. what are you doing here?! I had come here to eat food. Hey, you are my hotel’s manager
and you eat food here?! My salary gets spent in
eating food in your hotel. What is left?! You think
what will be my future! Future.. hey, this foreigner!
He stays in my hotel.. ..but he’s eating here! Not only this foreigner,
this black man, that thin man.. ..that fat man, all of
them stay in our hotel only. But they come here to eat.
– Why? Is my food stale?! Does their stomach start
aching after eating that?! Your food is four times costly
than others. On that sales tax.. ..male tax, this tax.. And upon that, whoever
eats once in my hotel.. He comes here again and again.
– Hey you.. Are you on my side or his side? I am always on your side.
– How can this be on my side?! My finger is towards him,
but my heart is towards you. I am faithful to you. Now you’ll eat my beatings too. You have gone crazy in your old age. Nothing.
– Yes! This joint owner is harassing a lot. Something must be done about him. Sir, where have brought me to? I’ll tell you. Read this board. Very good. Sell the hotel. Remove the root cause of the problem. That is not my board.
This board is mine. Oh my God. New rate
for Maharaja hotel. Spicy Chicken was rupees
175 and now it is rupees 25. Rice rupees 120 to rupees 20. Grilled fish rupees 100 to rupees 10. What is this? Cabaret
dance free with one beer. What are you doing? You’ll be ruined. I will ruin myself completely
to uproot that joint fellow. How is the scheme? No one will eat in his joint now. Hey! Why are you all
sitting and eating here?! There in that 5 star hotel,
in 20 rupees.. ..you get stomach-full food,
along with that beer.. ..and even cabaret for free.
– What?! – Get up. Are you telling the truth?
– Yes. You yourself come and see. – Yes.
Come soon.. – Everything in rupees 20. Hey, where are you
people running away?! Hey Chhotu! What happened?!
Where are these people going?! Hey brother Raja! Look at that sir! By reducing the rates of
the food in his hotel.. ..and by arranging a
cabaret programme in his hotel.. ..he has made all the arrangements.. ..to drive our joint into a loss. Oh! This means that the old man.. ..is going on playing tricks!
– Yes! He doesn’t know the tactics.. ..and he’s come to fight with me?! Hello. K.K speaking. – Sir, an
incredible thing has happened! Hey, your enemy’s business
has gone into such a loss.. ..the same way like the hair
is lost, after balding the head! Hey, this is nothing! You watch,
till the evening.. ..even his joint will get vanished.
And you do one thing. Make arrangements for
tomorrow night’s train ticket. Sir! Are you going to your village?! Hey you fool! I am not going. I am sending that joint owner. I will make the enemy
disappear after I win and he loses. I am just coming in some time. Fine? So, Baake, how are the enemies?! Forget the enemies,
remove the handkerchief.. ..from your pocket.
– Why?! To wipe your tears,
forget a handkerchief.. ..even a bed sheet
will fall short for you. What nonsense are you talking?!
– Look there. Why is there so much crowd, buddy?! Why are people standing in a queue?! When the people who
are sitting and eating.. ..when they’ll get up, then
they’ll get a chance to eat. When they eat and get up, then
the others will get a chance. The whole story has
become vice-versa, sir. He came out to be a
very big businessman. How’s that?!
– Come, I’ll show you. Yes.
– Please come here! You know to read and write, don’t you?
– So what?! Read it. Brothers and sisters, come and
eat food to your heart’s content. Pay when you feel like,
otherwise don’t pay. Hail India!?
– Hail India! Here is the train ticket.
– Hey you fool! When you came to
know that everything.. ..has become vice-versa,
then what was the need to bring.. ..the train ticket for him?!
– This train ticket doesn’t belong to him. This is the ticket to
your village, Alibaug. Yes.. what did you say?! Shut up! Where is he? Call my enemy! Sir, this is the same as
the pigeon tried to walk.. ..like a deer, and
forgot his own walk. Hey, it’s not a pigeon, but a crow. At least, give an example properly. Now what’s the need to
get into the example?! That’s what I am saying. Anyways! To get my joint broken down.. ..you have used all
means like buttering, money.. .. punishment and class.
But you have been unsuccessful. If you really have
to remove my joint.. ..then I give you one chance. You will have to compete with me. Which competition?!
– Of singing and playing music. If you win, then I’ll remove my joint. If I win, then you’ll have to
get your daughter married to me. I agree.
– Hey, my destiny has been made! Sir! You agreed without even thinking! Do you know to sing or to play music? Hey, you don’t know
and even he doesn’t know. What?! Singing has been
my familial profession. Before the hotel, we
used to do this work only. O God! I suspected since before. I take my mummy’s oath. – But my
heart never agreed. – Hey you! I didn’t sing and play
music on the road. – No! Profession means we used
to sing and play music.. ..in the king’s palace. But I am very weak in one aspect.
– What?! I don’t know how to form couplets.
– Hey! Don’t worry about that, sir.
I also am a road-side poet. I will write couplets on
paper and keep giving you. You just handle the rhythm.
– That’s it! “Go and bring fragrance, beauty.. ..colour and get the mood as well.” “It is said that once the age passes,
it doesn’t come back.” “So, go and get back my
youth from the tavern.” “Wow!” “Hey, an era once passed.. ..it doesn’t come back.” “Maybe, he hasn’t seen that.” “He has gone crazy in his old age,
nothing strikes to him.” “A jasmine doesn’t
suit on a rat’s head.” “A jasmine doesn’t suit..” “A jasmine doesn’t
suit on a rat’s head.” “There is a lot of
difference between a rich man.. ..like king Bhoj and a
poor man like Gangu Teli.” “There is a lot of
difference between a rich man.. ..like king Bhoj and a
poor man like Gangu Teli.” “What say boss?! Its fine, isn’t it?” What did you say?! Rat?!” “I am a bag on sugar, and
he is a piece of sugarcane.” “I am a bag on sugar.. “I am a bag on sugar, and
he is a piece of sugarcane.” “There is a lot of
difference between a rich man.. ..like king Bhoj and a
poor man like Gangu Teli.” “There is a lot of
difference between a rich man.. ..like king Bhoj and a
poor man like Gangu Teli.” “You are on the verge of dying.” “You are on the verge of dying.” “You are on the verge of dying.” “You are on the verge of dying.” “The days of life are quite numbered.” “The fellow peeps in my
house from the parapet.” “The fellow peeps in my
house from the parapet.” Yes. – “The fellow peeps in
my house from the parapet.” “He has an eye on my money.” “Hey old man! This
couplet is for you.” “If a man is good, then
his money isn’t important.” “If his heart is good.. ..then his face isn’t important.” “Tell this to this unaware gambler.” “If the product is good.. ..then the price isn’t important.” “What a couplet you have said!” “I was created of realism but
you were cursed by realism.” “If I wasn’t there, then what
would have happened to you?” “If you weren’t there, then
what would have happened to me?” “If you weren’t there, then
this hotel wouldn’t have existed.” “If I wasn’t there, then
this joint wouldn’t exist.” “Neither this hotel would
have existed, nor this joint. “Neither this mashed potato would.. ..have existed, nor this fight.” “Don’t create phony puzzles for me.” “Don’t create phony..” “Don’t create phony puzzles for me.” “There is a lot of
difference between.. ..a rich man like king Bhoj
and a poor man like Gangu Teli.” “There is a lot of
difference between.. ..a rich man like king Bhoj
and a poor man like Gangu Teli.” “Hey Gangu!” “Hey Pangu!” “Hey Gangu Gangde!” “Hey you lame Pangu!” “Come on. Say!”
– “Then listen!” “Just try to understand a thought.” ” It is a great thought
to understand a thinking.” “Just try to understand a thought.” “It is a great thought
to understand a thinking.” “Those who understand but
still behave like a fools.” “According to me he is a fool.” “A fool!” “Don’t think that I am a fool.” “A fool!” “Don’t think that I am a fool.” “I can’t understand your thinking.” “I can’t understand your thinking.” “I loved him, this
was the limit of love.” ” I gave my life to him,
this was the limit of trust.” “Even after dying, my eyes were open.. ..this was the limit of my waiting.” “This was the limit of my waiting!” “This was the limit of my waiting!” “This was the limit of my waiting!” “I suffered your company,
this was the limit of bearing.” “I fought with you, this
was the limit of fighting.” “I opened a joint in front of you.. ..this was the limit of my opening.” “This was my limit of opening!” “This was my limit of opening!” “This was my limit of opening!” “Money in my house!” “Its hard to decide
whether I go here or there.” “I am in a big difficulty!” “Should I go here or there,
there or here?!” “Where do I go?!” “He lost his money and riches.” “He lost his honour
in a crowded place.” “He was on the seventh cloud!” “Buddies, I have won the game.” “I have won and he has lost.” “I have won and he has lost.” “I have won and he has lost.” “His palace is all mine.” “His palace..” “His palace is all mine.” “There is a lot of
difference between.. ..a rich man like king Bhoj
and a poor man like Gangu Teli.” “There is a lot of
difference between.. “..a rich man like king Bhoj
and a poor man like Gangu Teli.” “There is a lot of
difference between.. ..a rich man like king Bhoj
and a poor man like Gangu Teli.” “There is a lot of
difference between.. ..a rich man like king Bhoj
and a poor man like Gangu Teli.” Sir, the doctor has
said that your plaster.. ..will be removed within two days. Then you can very
happily do a classical dance. Why are you looking up,
again and again?! Baby, I can fight with horses
and elephants on the earth.. ..but not with that boy. That boy sat twice on me
and my leg got fractured. Now if I meet that boy,
then I will break his leg. Why are you talking such things, sir? Who are you all ?!
– What are you all doing?! Leave, baby!
– Save me! Save me! Hey, my leg broke! Catch
that idiot! You fools! Mother, my other leg also broke! Listen! Please wake up! Hey, what is the matter!?
Has a flood come about.. ..or has an is it an
income tax raid in our house?! What is the problem?!
– It’s 2 o’clock in the night.. ..and Kiran hasn’t retuned yet! Hey, she will come! You sleep! Its strange! The daughter is
missing for the whole night.. ..and the father is sleeping. Which father and
daughter don’t have a fight?! That doesn’t mean that
the father turns his face.. ..away from the daughter! Hey, I haven’t turned my face away,
my dear wife! – And you! I love my daughter
much more than you do. What kind of love is this?! Now I think, that the
truth must be revealed. Listen. What?
– I’ll tell you one thing. It’s a secret. Don’t tell it to anyone.
Bring your ears near me. I myself have got my
daughter kidnapped. – What?! Yes.
– You have got her kidnapped?! – Yes. But why?! – To free her
from that jerk joint owner. He wanted to insult me
by becoming my son-in-law. So I hid my daughter only. What nonsense have you done?! It’s not nonsense! – This was the
only way to have an upper hand. For my dignity, I can
get myself kidnapped.. ..and can get you kidnapped too.
– What?! Because, if once the dignity is lost.. ..then it never comes back. It
makes you lose your dignity.. ..and I love my dignity very much. This is why I got my
daughter kidnapped. Please tell me. Where is she?
– Really? Should I tell you?
– Yes Tell me one thing. Are you
on my side or on his side? On your side.
– What kind of support is this?! Wherever our daughter is,
she is very comfortable there. So you also sleep
comfortably and let me also sleep. I am feeling very sleepy. Where are you hiding,
I am suffering here! Kiran! Hey! Who is it?
– Hey sir. Do you have the change of 100 rupees? Hey, you are always
roaming with this 100 rupees? Didn’t you get its
change done till now?! I am going to get
married into such a big house.. .so nowadays I have
stopped keeping change with me. Have you ever seen
your face in the mirror? Yes, I have. It’s very good. Your daughter likes it very much. This is why we both
felt that for each other. And very soon we both
will set up our that.. And you will keep looking at that. What’s that?
– My face. This is called as a cat
dreaming of eating chicken.. ..and a snake dreaming of eating eggs. So you see eggs in your dreams?! No. I keep seeing you.
– I am that egg, which when hatches.. ..will create a lot
of problems for you. Will you go from here or not?! Hey, anyways since quite many days.. ..I haven’t seen my wife, I mean,
would-be wife. Kiran! She can’t meet you.
– Why not?! She has gone very far away.
– Where has she gone? That I won’t tell you.
– Hey, that I’ll find out. You won’t be able to find
out even after seven births. Then I’ll take an eighth
life on loan from God.. ..and will take birth again.
– You take ten births. I challenge you to
find out where is she. If this is the matter sir,
then I also challenge you. I will make you
yourself say where Kiran is.. ..within 24 hours. Go outside and do it!
– I’ll do it here only, in the hall. You..
– Hey sir! Get out!
– Don’t remove your shoes! Brother Raja.
– Yes. You have challenged that you
will find out where Kiran is.. ..within 24 hours. But
how will you do that? I am thinking, buddy!
Let me think peacefully! Incredible sir! You are getting happy the same way.. ..as frogs and turtles get
happy during the first rain. You fool!
– Yes. If you are appreciating
someone then at least.. ..give some good examples. Am I a turtle or a frog?! Who am I? You are looking very happy.
What is the matter? Hey, why wouldn’t I be happy?! Today my enemy
wouldn’t have been able to.. ..find my daughter. He will
get out of her life forever. He is the thorn on a
mulberry tree. He won’t get out.. ..so easily. – Tell me one thing.
You are my manager. You take your salary from me. Are you on my side or his side? I am on your side only.
– What kind of support is this?! No. You didn’t understand.
– Oh, I didn’t understand?! I mean, that he’s like a
chewing gum stuck on the hair. When a chewing gum
sticks on the hair.. ..you have to cut
that hair on that part. But the chewing gum
doesn’t leave its place. Hey, forget the place.
I will make him leave the city. Why are you laughing?! Forget this city, I am not
ready to leave this house sir. Time will only decide this.
24 hours are going to get over. After that your defeat and my win. I am not going to accept
defeat so easily, sir. Then will you get
defeated after doing.. ..classical dance and folk dance?! That I don’t know.
But I will surely make you do.. ..folk dances. Inspector Ajgar Singh reporting. Inspector Ajgar Singh!
Good you came, sir. Arrest him. I haven’t come to arrest him, but you.
– Me?! In what crime?
– He has lodged a complaint.. ..that you have
murdered your daughter. No sir. He is lying.
– According to the law.. ..we will have to search your house. Soldiers! Dig in the walls,
tear off sofas.. ..tear off the carpet,
make the chandelier fall.. ..and if even then you all
don’t find the dead body.. ..then a bulldozer
is standing outside. Make it walk over this house!
– Hey, how can you do this?! Attack! What are you doing? Hey, you are a policeman or
from the income tax office? What are you doing?!
– Mr. K. K! – Yes. We have got the
information from the crime branch.. ..that you have hid his Anarkali.. ..in some wall or pole of your house. Anarkali!
– Coolly. It will break buddy! Anarkali! Sir, here is that dead body. Dead body?!
– Kiran! K.K! The dead body! Kiran! Kiran! Hey, this idiot father
killed his innocent daughter! No! All this is a lie!
This can’t be possible at all! You aren’t a father but a murderer! Hey, why are you acting?!
I haven’t done this murder! Hey, you killed my bangle-laden Kiran. Bangle-laden?! So what?
– Meaning bangles worn in the hands. Hey, what did you feed her?!
She has turned black. She has turned black means
you have given her poison. Mr. K. K! You are under arrest. You will get a
punishment for at least 14 years.. ..or you will be hanged till death. Hey buddy, how can this be possible?! She isn’t my daughter Kiran. Hey, if she is your daughter
then how can you deny it?! Because she cannot be my daughter. Hey, if she is your daughter
then how can you deny it?! Because Kiran can’t come here only. If she has come, then
how can you deny it?! Because I have caged her. If she is free,
then how can you cage her? Hey, I have caged her
in my old bungalow.. ..and kept her there.
– He is lying! He has only one bungalow
and no other bungalow! Oh my God, I do have
another bungalow.. ..near the red mountain in Khandala. Thank you. I had to find out
in 24 hours and I have done so. Soldiers! Let us go back! Hey! The truth has been revealed!
Attention! Turn behind. My money?!
– Sorry? – My money?! Which money?
– 500 rupees. – Yes. Take this. Money for what?
– For acting! Buddy, she was acting in
front of me! And even you’ll.. Where did she go?!
This girl went away! The girl went away but
the your phone has rung. What? Phone?! Hello? Cat?
There isn’t any cat here! Get lost! Hey! Give it to me! Hello. Yes Billy. Yes.
I am K.K. Tomorrow? Morning? Fine. Ok. Very good. Thank you. Now see how I teach
that joint owner a lesson! Tomorrow morning, my friend
is landing here from America. What else, Baldev? How was your journey
from America till here? Hey buddy, in the
excitement of meeting you.. ..I didn’t realize when I reached.. ..London from America,
and from America till here. Uncle, why didn’t your daughter come.. ..to receive us on the airport? Dear, Indian girls are very shy. This is why, they don’t
meet their to-be-husband.. ..before marriage.
– Oh, I see! But you don’t worry uncle.
Once she gets married to me.. ..then I’ll take her to America
and make her so modern.. ..that she’ll openly romance with me. Uncle, look there! Hey sir! They are sticking so much
to each other and sitting.. ..that no air is passing from between. Hey K.K, why are you
shying away buddy?! Hey, if the boy and girl
are doing so cheap things.. ..then people like
us have to shy away. Kiran! O God, what is the matter?!
– Kiran! Why are you looking so angry?! But you had gone to the airport,
to bring your friend. Where is he? – I have left
them in a hotel and come. This girl will never let me
live peacefully. Where is she? She is in her room. Father, if I’ll get married
then only to Raja, otherwise.. Listen to me. Not only in this birth,
but not in any birth.. ..can you get married to that beggar. If you’ll get married, then
only to my friend’s son Mac. And if you try to go
against my decision.. ..then I’ll forget
that you’re my daughter. Tomorrow is your birthday party. And there I am going to
announce your engagement. And if you try to do
something fishy in that party.. ..then remember, that
you’ll see the worst part of me. Thank you. Father. Very bad. My to be father-in-law
seems to be richer than you. Idiot! Don’t say such foolish things. Don’t worry father. An
idea has come to my mind. What’s that?
– I’ll become your live-in son-in-law. Shut up! How are you Mr. Baldev? Hey buddy K. K, where are you? The party is lifeless without you. Hey, my party’s life
is you and your son. How are you dear?
– First class, uncle. How are you? Fine, thank you. – Uncle, your
daughter can be seen nowhere. Till his daughter doesn’t come.. ..you keep boiling like hot water,
by looking at her photo. There is her photo. Father! Very bad!
She is that girl only.. ..who was sticking and
sitting with that motorbike boy.. ..in such a way,
that no air could pass.. ..between them, father! No! She might be some other girl.
She is my daughter. What say Baake?
– She is sir’s daughter. But she’s the same girl whom you saw. What are you doing, you idiot?! Are you on my side or theirs?
– I’m on your side. How can this be on my side?! Hey, today there is a lot of fun here. How come this fool came here? Father. Extremely bad!
This boy is the one.. ..who was on the motorbike. You came here again?! – Hey sir, do
you have the change of 500 rupees? You fool, you reached 500 from 100?! Now what do I tell you?! First
I used to come in a rickshaw. Today, I have come in
a taxi. What do I do? I have to take care of your dignity too.
– Who called you here? What are you saying? – Does a
son-in-law have to take permission.. ..to come to his in-law’s house?! I just felt a bit
uneasy and my heart beat.. ..and the husband
came to meet his wife. Where is my wife? You fool, stop dreaming such things. Today, my daughter is
going to get engaged.. ..to my friend’s son Mac
and very soon she will go.. ..to America as his bride. Forget America, your
daughter can’t go to Dharavi.. ..nor to Chinchpokli. And if she’ll go, then only
with this relative of yours. Relative?! You can’t
even become my watchman! Hey sir! Don’t hit me. Get lost!
– Hey sir! – Get lost! “Listen father-in-law! Father in-law.” “Listen father-in-law!
Now stop being arrogant.” “Listen father-in-law!
Now stop being arrogant.” “Agree to me. The bride
will go with Raja, the groom.” “The bride will go
with Raja, the groom.” “Listen father-in-law!
Now stop being arrogant.” “Listen father-in-law!
Now stop being arrogant.” “Agree to me. The bride
will go with Raja, the groom.” “The bride will go
with Raja the groom.” “Open the doors and
remove the security.” “Today decorate my marriage
crown with your own hands.” “Now I am free to say anything.” “Don’t stop me like this,
I am your son-in-law.” “Drum will be played
along with the band.” “Drum will be played
along with the band.” “The marriage procession will arrive.” “The bride will go
with Raja, the groom.” “The bride will go
with Raja the groom.” “Don’t be so unaware in
spite of knowing everything.” “Your daughter is young. “Come and do the
bride giving ceremony” “You won’t get such a
good proposal again.” “You won’t get such a
son-in-law again.” “You enemy of love!
Don’t come in my way!” “You enemy of love!
Don’t come in my way!” “Keep your hands on mine.” “The bride will go
with Raja, the groom.” “The bride will go
with Raja the groom.” “Hey moron!” “Come. You darling.” “There should be a bed of dreams.. ..with a garland of flowers.” “There shouldn’t be any
greed for money. Just your love.” “I’ll kiss your lips and hug you.” “Forgetting the world,
I’ll just take your name.” “Our days and nights, will be
spent with so much fun only.” “Our days and nights, will be
spent with so much fun only.” “The bride will go
with Raja, the groom.” “The bride will go
with Raja the groom.” “Listen father-in-law! Father in-law.” “Listen father-in-law!
Now stop being arrogant.” “Listen father-in-law!
Now stop being arrogant.” “Agree to me. The bride
will go with Raja the groom.” “The bride will go
with Raja, the groom.” “The bride will go
with Raja the groom.” “The bride will go
with Raja the groom.” “Praise the bridegroom.” K.K! Had you called us here,
to get insulted.. ..in a crowded place. If your daughter
loves some other boy.. ..then why did you..
– No buddy! All this is wrong. It’s a lie.
– What’s a lie? We have seen everything ourselves.. ..and you say that
it’s a lie. Come on. But father. It’s very sad.
His daughter is so beautiful. Come on. Shut up. Hey Balli, at least listen to me!
– I don’t want to hear anything. I don’t want to hear anything.
– Please listen buddy. Sir, one party has already given.
Now only one party is left. Now quickly bless both of us.
– I will surely bless you! Sir, my mother had told that
whenever any elder hits you.. ..then answer back by smiling. May be he realizes his
mistake and your dignity.. ..and self-respect is also maintained. As far as Kiran is concerned,
I will surely take her from here. Please don’t try to stop me.
You’ll fail to do that. Let us go Kiran. Come with me.
– Where?! Far away from this house,
this environment.. ..into our world of love.
– Which love?! Why are you joking?
– I am not joking, Raja. You have understood a joke as love. What do you mean?
– Meaning that I have never loved you. Then what was all that
was happening between us.. ..till today and what
was happening downstairs?! A drama. To get my real love,
I played this game. Real love?! My real love. Rahul. So was I the only one, whom
you got from the whole world.. ..to make a fool?!
– Father was arrogant.. ..that he’ll get me
married to any of his enemies.. ..but he’ll never let me marry Rahul. And you knew that I
was his biggest enemy. He will never let you marry me. I will be insulted and
thrown out of this house.. ..and your way will be
cleared to go to Rahul. I am sorry, Raja. Except this,
I had no other option. Kiran! Maybe, you don’t know me. If I wish, then I can
ruin this plan of yours. My bite doesn’t even allow
the venom to seek water. The man who
destroyed the top 2 floors.. ..of your father’s five star hotel,
for his joints safety.. ..what not can he do
to keep his love alive. But I won’t do so. Because I also have
some principles, mistress. Money gained without working,
forceful love.. ..and dirty and stinking food,
all these 3 must have.. ..just one future. They must be picked up
and thrown in the dustbin. You don’t know, Kiran. By
carrying out this trick.. ..you have invited such a
big problem for yourself. The man whom you’re talking about.. ..I don’t know, how
many lives has he ruined.. ..of girls like you.
– Shut up! I don’t want to hear
anything about Rahul. – Why? Are you having any
problem in hearing the truth?! I have seen every
shade of his personality. And may be your father too has seen. This is why, he isn’t ready
to get you married to him. Because no father in the world,
will push her daughter.. ..into any problem intentionally. And your father.
He loves you very much. And you are betraying him?! Making a conspiracy against him?! Kiran.
Till today, I considered your father.. ..as my biggest enemy. But today. Today, I pity him a lot. With this decision of yours,
he won’t be able to.. ..show his face to
anyone in the world. He will die after
being humiliated so much! And only you will be
responsible for his death! But. But. Raja. Will you go like this only? Wont you take your
bride along with you? This.. one minute. I’ll come back. Come dear.
– Father. Ladies and gentlemen,
today I very gladly announce.. ..that my daughter has
chosen her life partner. It is true that I didn’t like
that boy previously. Because I didn’t consider him to
be of my status and family. But today I have realised my mistake. And I being proud of
my daughter’s choice.. ..I announce her
engagement with that boy only. Who is that fortunate boy?
– That boy is Raja. What will a poor man
earn and what will he spend? You were saying that
the girl is in your trap. Where is that girl? Where is
Singhania’s crores of rupees? That Singhania has
announced his daughter’s marriage.. ..with some other boy.
You kept on fooling us. I will kill you. Hey brother, what are you doing? If he dies, our money that
we had spent on him too.. ..will go away. He should be alive.
We will do one thing. We will break his hands and
legs and leave him begging.. ..on the signals. In this
way we can recover our money. Yes. It’s not a bad idea. Shut up! What rubbish
are you both talking? In order to trap that girl,
we have already given you.. ..lakhs of rupees. But
you are a gambler who lost. A gambler wins or loses only
when he opens all his cards. But my last card is yet to open. You just see, how Kiran, who
is madly in love with me.. ..brings all her father’s
money and jewellery to me. Rahul.
– Sir, is upstairs in his room. Rahul. Rahul. Rahul. Kiran. It’s so good to see you. Today I have left everything
and come to you. – Everything? Yes, Rahul. Today I
have left my parents and.. ..my everything for my love. Hello?
– Rahul, come downstairs quickly. Yes. Ok. Kiran, you relax for two minutes.
I will just come. Ok?
– Ok. Look. Look carefully. Your
last card has been opened. You were saying that the girl
will bring crores of rupees.. ..and jewellery. But she has got
her shoes here for hitting us.. ..on our heads. – What
happened if she did not get the money? She has come as a key
herself to Singhania’s locker. Didn’t you understand?
Through Kiran we can ask for.. ..anything from her father. Yes. What will a poor man
earn and what will he spend? You are right.
– Now the idea of making you beg on the.. ..signals is cancelled.
– But how will all this happen? We will deal with
Singhania for his daughter. The price will be rupees ten crores. Ten crores. Brother, I have heard that
he owns a farmhouse and.. ..a big bungalow in Khandala.
– Yes. Don’t worry. He will name that farmhouse
and bungalow in our names. And also that five star hotel.
I have wanted it since long time. Will he do all these in our name? Singhania will be forced to
give everything, in order.. ..to save his daughter’s life. I will take the entire money.. ..that I had spent on
pretending to love Kiran. Otherwise I will kill her in pieces.. ..and send those to her father. You cheat! You traitor! So
till today you were pretending.. ..to love me? You were
playing with my emotions? I have left my
parents and house for you. And you?
Rahul, I will kill you! Rahul, leave me. What are you waiting for?
Take her inside. Rahul, leave me. No. Rahul. Father, I am sorry.
This is my punishment. For whom are you crying? The
one who has not bothered.. ..about the dignity of
this house and went away? She has given us a bad
reputation in the society? You are crying for the girl
who has not left us to show.. ..our faces to anybody.
– Be brave, father-in-law. Father-in-law? Do you
still hope to be my son-in-law? Hope dies only when a man dies, sir It’s fine if Kiran does
not love me. But I love her. And I will never let my love to
be disgraced. Neither will I.. ..let any harm come to
the dignity of this house. Hello.
– Singhania? – Yes speaking. Listen to me carefully.
Your daughter, Kiran is in.. ..my custody. – Who’s speaking?
Where is my daughter? She is alright wherever
she is. Pay her price and.. ..take her away.
– Hello! Who’s speaking? Who are you?
– I am Raja. Do you remember the
auto rickshaw, two girls.. ..beating you up.
– Oh! How can I forget you? Explain one thing to the old man. If he wants his daughter alive,
he has to give us ten crore rupees and.. ..his farmhouse and
bungalow in Khandala.. ..and hotel Maharaja.
The property papers will be.. ..in the name of three people,
Bishambernath, Pitambernath.. ..and Rahul Sinha. And this
should be done today itself. And yes, remember one thing.
If you do the mistake of.. ..calling the police then
along with our hand cuffs get.. ..the arrangements
for Kiran’s death also. Hello? He’s a habitual offender.
– I won’t give him a single penny. What are you talking? I want
my daughter back. – They.. Mother, you don’t worry.
Everything will be alright. Sir, it is true that
Kiran has bothered you a lot. But after all she is your daughter. And the history says
that fathers love their.. ..daughters more. Look she is
innocent, arrogant. But she.. ..is your only daughter.
If she is only not there.. ..then what will you do
with this money. Lick it. Let’s go and bring her back. – But dear,
they are asking for ten crore rupees. Who is giving them ten crore rupees.
I am thinking of.. ..running away with
their ten crore rupees. Can you do this? – Why? Didn’t
I run away with your money too? They are very
dangerous people, brother. So were you less complicated?
When I have improved a.. ..a person like you, then they
are the eggplants of which farm? Somebody explain to him.
At least give.. ..the example correctly. Hello. – Sir, a man has come.
He is saying that he has come.. K.K Singhania. What is in his hands?
– A big suitcase, sir. Let him in. Quickly. Do you have a change
of hundred rupees. Wait there itself.
Pitamber, search him. Ok, I will take later. What?
– Stand straight. What are you doing, buddy?
– Stand straight. Where are you touching?
What are you doing? What is this?
– Why are you getting so much scared? It is not a bomb. It is
a fortune telling mirror. Fortune telling mirror?
– Yes. It’s my part time job here. To see fortunes. I have
little knowledge about it. Come please. You too come please. Today I have got the
opportunity to take.. ..revenge for that day. I
will beat him so much that he.. ..will remember for his entire life. I too have that in my mind.
– What? To beat. Did you hear any sound?
– If you talk so loudly in your. ..heart, then won’t it be heard.
– Hey, you both are.. ..arguing on what topic?
Come on. Come to the business. Open the bag. Come on, hurry up. First bring Kiran in front of me. “The bride will go
with the bridegroom.” Oh Lord! Why? – Brother, your destiny
says that even if I bring.. ..double the amount of money
which is in this bag, then too. ..you will remain bald.
– Hey, you called me bald? Then what should I call a
bald person. A tambourine? Hey! You are making fun of my brother? First you didn’t bother about
your younger brother’s hair. Now it’s bothering you
when I am making fun of him. Brother, your destiny
clearly says that someone will.. ..soon cheat you.
– Who will cheat me? That.. – What are you saying?
He is my elder brother. Where did I say anything, buddy. Raja. – Where are you going there?
First open the bag. Open the bag. This is not opening. What is this joke? This is the style.
If you kick from behind.. ..it will open from the front. Opened!
– Saw. Hey! What is this?
– One lakh rupees. Fifty
– fifty thousand for you both. We had asked for ten crore rupees. So where am I saying that
the amount is only one lakh. Where are the rest of the money.
– In the bank. In the bank? In whose account?
– Rahul’s. In my account? But why?
– You had only told. When did I say? Tell. You yourself had told me
to deposit nine crores.. ..ninety lakh rupees in your account.
I did that, buddy. He is telling a lie. – What did you say?
– Rahul is very smart. He is telling a lie.
I am saying that he is telling a lie. Ok. I am telling a lie.
Is the receipt a lie too? And these papers. Is it a lie too. Look at it. Till then
I will see his future. You will get a lot of beatings.
– This.. what is this? The entire property is only
in the name of Rahul Sinha. Brother, he had called
back again after ten minutes.. ..to say that the entire
property should be in his name. He is telling a lie.
This is his conspiracy. Ok. One minute.
You call up at the bank. One minute. Do. What is the number?
– 3074332. Say slowly. 3074332.
And please on the speaker.. ..so that even we can hear
what the opposite party I saying. Yes.
– Hello, National Bank. Yes. National Bank.
This is manager Baakelal speaking. Look, I wanted to ask you
that in your bank who holds.. ..the account number 1074.
– Yes, it is in the name of.. ..Mr. Rahul Sinha. Sir, he has done a great thing! Today he has blessed our bank. Today he has deposited 9 crore
99 lakh rupees in his account. Sir, what should I tell you?!
I am very happy today. And so I have climbed a pole. And I am searching
of small companies.. ..to give them loans. If you
want a loan, then please.. ..you are most welcome.
– Oh no! Don’t give even a single.. ..rupee from that money to anyone.
– Why? Is it your father’s money,
you son of a rag picker? Son of a chameleon! You moron!
Keep the phone down. Hello!
– You idiot! – Oh. I am sorry. What are you doing?
– I’ll kill you! I had explained him so
much that don’t fight with.. ..your boss, otherwise you
will be in trouble, didn’t I? So in turn he started saying that,
firstly I convinced.. ..the girl and the two
dogs to enjoy its benefits. Did you say like that?
– Yes! Then when I again explained.. ..to him, he told me
that he will make two.. ..bundles of fifty and put
them in these dogs mouth.. ..like a bone, so that they’ll be.. ..faithful to him all their life. It does happen in life,
that when once a man says.. ..something wrong and
then has regrets it. Then after that what did you say? Yes! What is that proverb?
What will a naked man do.. I have come, Kiran. I am a very sticky lover. Don’t cry. Brother, this is his conspiracy. You are trying to be too clever. Let me also hit him, buddy.
So that I can also show you all.. ..that how can I
beat someone so badly! You.. You are trying to become a boxer. What will a poor man spend,
if he doesn’t have even a penny. Idiot, hits girls!
– Hit him more! Traitor, fool, idiot! Tell Singhania, to make
the property papers again. In name of the both brother’s.
– Mr. Singhania’s is sitting.. ..there with the lawyer Mr. Daruwala. Tell his manager to bring
the property papers here. His mobile number is 9821052236.
– 52236? 52236. – Ok – Come sit.
Till then I’ll predict your future. We will get bored
just sitting like that. Just bow your head a little.
– What is this? – What? Is there any enemy in your house? No.
– You aren’t going to live for long. What are you saying?!
Who will kill me? He?
– Not he. Some family member. Is there any woman who is
your enemy in the house? Anyone who can give you poison?
– No. She has left me and gone
away since a long time. Then who else will kill me?
– Brother, why are you so scared? He is saying that I am
not going to live long. I am going to die soon.
– You are going to die?! Really? Is he your brother?
– Real brother. Then why is he
laughing about your death? Hey, what rubbish are you talking?
Where am I laughing? There is nothing to laugh. He
really is not going to live long. Death is nearing him. The god of death can
come here anytime. I have come.
– Has the god of death come? Not the king of death.
Angel of death has come. I mean Yamdoot.
Singhania’s manager has come. Hey, you, bald! Chicken thief! What are you doing?! Do you remember you used to
stay in the Teli lane and.. ..used to stay in
the colony of chickens. You used to steal
chickens by coming in my colony. Do you remember you
had stolen a red chicken? How can I forget my childhood?! Which childhood? You
have hit me so much that.. ..my head has been swollen. Which Teli lane? Which chicken colony? Which red chicken?! Neither have I gone to any
Teli lane nor have I stolen.. ..any chicken.
– Shut up! So you don’t remember the Teli lane?
– No. You have never been
to the chicken colony? – No. Haven’t you stolen my chicken?
– No. Sorry buddy. I am very sorry,
buddy. No problem buddy. What’s there to cry in this?!
Come one. Take it easy! What are you doing? First
ask the person who is he? Without looking you
just stared hitting him. Must he not be getting hurt? – It hurts.
– Yes. So ask for forgiveness. I am very sorry. Next time I
will become bald and come. At that time you can hit
me as much as you can. Tit for tat. – Hey, tit for tat
can be done later also! Later. First take out
those property papers. Oh papers! These are the papers and.. ..this is the ticket to London.
– Ticket to London? Who is.. ..going to London?
– You are going. Your name is Pitamber, isn’t it?
– No, he is Pitamber. Why is Pitamber going to London?
– Where am I going? I am not going anywhere.
– Isn’t he going to London? First tell me, in whose
name are these papers? In Pitamber’s name.
– In Pitamber’s name?! Yes. – In my name?! – What else?!
Don’t you remember.. ..what you had said?!
Are you Pitamber or plumber?! You only told me to
transfer the papers in your name.. ..because you aren’t sure that
your brothers will live long. Didn’t you say so?!
– I had told you that its written.. ..in your destiny that
you are going to die soon. Your own brother wants to kill you.
– I didn’t say any such thing! Your face is showing
that you are very happy. No brother. I am not happy.
– Poor thing is crying. He can’t do such a thing.
– You don’t believe him. They can be crocodile tears also.
Baake, you search his clothes. Boss, you come here.
You don’t know that nowadays.. ..brothers kill brothers for money.
All these conspiracies.. ..are done sitting at my
joint only. Never trust anyone. What is this?!
– See, he has purposely given a bomb.. ..in your hand. It
is going to explode. Come in my lap! Come! I could have never thought
also that my real brother.. ..would betray me so much!
– It’s a very bad thing. And, I never thought you will save me. This is nothing, boss. You
see what all do I do with you.. ..in the future.
– Bravo! You are a very useful man. Do one more thing.
– What? Tell that Singhania to name
his entire property only on.. ..my name.
– There is no need for this Bishamber. I have come here myself. Father! Father! Forgive me, father. Forgive me. Bishamber, for my daughter’s sake,
I have named my entire.. ..property in your name. What are you doing this, father? Money comes and goes daughter. But a daughter is the
dignity of the house. And once if the dignity goes,
it never comes back. Yes. Wait dear. I have done the signatures.
Now even you do it. – Yes! Boss, before signing, at
least you should have read what.. ..is written on these papers.
– I will do the reading. Me, Vishamber, the son
of Sitamber, in my full.. ..consciousness, in front of 4
people, standing on one leg.. ..transfer my entire property,
car bungalow, money in the.. ..name of Raja, the
owner of the joint. Did you see, brother?
Rahul was right. – Yes! Wait, buddy! At least
listen to what’s written ahead. Aren’t you able to speak?!
Yes. Then, listen. I kidnapped Singhania sir’s daughter.. ..and asked for 10 crores.
– I didn’t ask! Listen. When I didn’t get the money.. ..I threatened to kill
his daughter Kiran . He did that!
– Hey! I was unconscious! And all my friends have
supported me in my bad times. This is why today I hand
over everything that’s mine.. ..whatever is left with me,
which includes a gold ring.. ..a necklace, wrist watch and even.. ..the clothes that I’m wearing,
all to my men. And I request them
to come and forcibly.. ..snatch everything from me.
– No! Hey! What are you
all waiting for buddy?! Your boss is requesting! Rob him! Come on! Rob him!
– What are you doing?! Rob him! You’ll won’t get
such an opportunity again! Go ahead!
– Leave me! What are you doing?! You traitors!
I will see each one of you! What dialogue you used
to say? If a poor man.. ..doesn’t even have a penny.
– What will he spend? Hands up! Come back! Come! Arrest Vishamber and Pitamber! Come!
– Please come inspector sir. Boss. Where are you going,
after transferring.. ..this property worth
rupees 10 crores in my name?! Hey, I am naked! What will a poor man spend,
if he doesn’t have even a penny. I will see each one of you’ll! Father! Henceforth, whatever
you say, I’ll do that only. Promise?
– Yes! Do you like this boy? Father! Then watch a drama
and support me in that. I can hear what one feels
and father and daughter.. ..are talking on top of their voices. Come dear! No one here is ours! Hey! How can this be possible?!
I am here your son-in-law, isn’t it? Where are you leaving me and going?!
– Who son-in-law? Whose son-in-law?
– Hey, I am your son-in-law.. ..standing in front of you. You are the owner of a
simple joint and I am the owner.. ..of a five star hotel. On one side am I,
a rich man like king Bhoj.. ..and on the other side is you,
a poor man like Nangu Teli. It isn’t Nangu but Gangu.
At least give examples properly. You are Teli, isn’t it?
– Yes, that I am. That’s enough.
– Hey! – Come dear. How can this do?!
– Raja! “Listen father-in-law,
now stop being arrogant.” “Listen to me!” “The bride will go with the groom.” “The bride will go with the groom.” “The bride will go with the groom.” “The bride will go with the groom.” “Hail the groom!”


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