Dumbo Official Trailer

♪♪ Millie:
Welcome baby Dumbo. We’re all family here. No matter how small. ♪♪ V.A. Vandevere:
You have something very rare. You have wonder. You have mystique. You have magic. Woah! Come with me. Together we can soar
on that Elephant’s wings. Millie:
What’s happening? Where they taking her? Holt:
Take Dumbo back inside. But she’s his mom. Do something. Millie:
He needs us. Look at me. We’re gonna bring your
momma home. ♪♪ Neils:
He doesn’t look like
magic to me. [Crowd laughs] ♪♪ Colette:
Your children want you to believe in them. Come on! Millie:
You can do it Dumbo. Show ’em. Fly Dumbo, fly. ♪♪


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