DUMPLIN’ Official Trailer (2018) Jennifer Aniston, Netflix Movie HD

I don’t know how I’m gonna survive my mom’s pageant season She already started her diet Already? Dumplin’, the other side [Moans] Okay darlin’, just grab my ankles Uh-huh Ok MmmHmm Oh God My name is Willadene Dixon Hey, Willadene Hi Bo Most people call me Will except for my mom, who calls me Dumplin’, I can’t be late This cannot exactly drive itself Being a bit of a celebrity around here meant that she was too busy for me You’ve got a hole in your left by the way What? [gasps] This must be your daughter That’s my daugher’s best friend This is my daughter Willadene Wow, ok And that’s when I decided enough was enough I know that look What’s going on? I think I’m gonna sign up for the pageant It’s gonna be like a protest in heels Willadene Opal Hey y’all, if you’re signing up, I am too No, I’m not the Joan of Arc of fat girls This is gonna be so much fun Totally fun Pageants are harder than you think I’m Rosie Dixen’s daughter It runs in my blood Woo! We really have to play to our strengths My strengths are hula hoop, and I can tap dance [singing] No no, um, stop it I think I know where we can get some help What is this place? It’s the closest thing you can get to Dolly Parton around here Oh, wow Dumplin’, I don’t understand, why are you doing this? It’s a protest We’re trying to make a point Willadene Dixon I think you’re beautiful To Hell with anyone else who’s ever made you feel less than that There’s nothing in the rules that says big girls need not apply I’ve got myself into somethin’ but now I don’t know what I’m doin’ You know that Dolly saying? Figure out who you are, and do it on purpose Viva la revocion, baby! That was truly a surprise


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