Dust Trailer

Our world is always changing. As evolution accelerates,
even the smallest creatures can impact the balance of nature. A tracker preserves this balance. When you grow older, you may see the
forest as separate from yourself… but nothing is seperate You must remember the world is within you and we are all one life. The city is shutting down tomorrow. Maybe you have heard. That means no more trains.
No more chances to get out. What do you think is going to happen when we
are all trapped in here with a plague ad no cure? That is not my problem.
The city does not care about what happened to the countryside. Why should I care about what happened to the city? Irezumi, we will be back by dusk.
Finding the source is going to be easy. Out side of these walls there are no guarantees. This cure is going to be worth more than we ever dreamed. I have seen these symptoms once before. I never found a cure Now it has adapted. You should go back to city while the trains are still running. I’m going to find what did this.


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