Dylan Wang’s drama update, Top 20 Chinese Drama Actors 2019

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update January 3rd 2020 edition. In this edition, the Top 20 Chinese Drama
Actors of 2019, but first.. The National Southwest Associated University
and Usis an upcoming Republican-era drama starring Dylan Wang and
Zhou Ye and they recently released some posters. The drama follows youths fighting for their
university education during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Dylan Wang burst on the drama scene as Dao
Mingsi in 2018’s Meteor Garden. He stars in the upcoming costume drama Ever
Night 2 which should premiere some time this year. Zhou Ye had a supporting role in the movie
Better Days with Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yi. The National Southwest Associated University
and Us will be her first drama. The drama has also released a trailer and
you can find the link to it in the description box below. Production wrapped on December 31st 2019 and
I will bring further updates on it when they provide it. Dance of the Phoenixis an
upcoming costume drama starring Yang Chaoyue and Xu Kaicheng and they recently released
some character posters. The drama tells the story of a modern day
medical student who goes into a fantasy world through a game
and enters a marriage agreement with the prince of a tribe. Yang Chaoyue recently starred in Project 17:
Side by Side, a sports drama about badminton whereas Xu Kaicheng recently starred in Boys
To Men, a sports drama about fencing. The supporting cast for Dance of the Phoenix
include Fu Jing and Estelle Chen as well as cast members from The Untamed,
Wang Haoxuan and Guo Cheng. The drama wrapped filming in December 2019
and I will keep you guys updated on it. And now some quick updates on a couple of
highly anticipated costume dramas. Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo’s Legend of Fei
released a couple of new production stills. It’s just of the two lead characters looking
at what seems like a picture of Zhao Liying’s character, Zhou Fei. Legend of Awakening starring Arthur Chen,
Dylan Xiong and Cheng Xiao released some character posters to ring in the new year. The drama wrapped filming in January last
year. Hopefully, I can update you guys with a premiere
date soon. Vlinkage, a marketing consultant company based
in Shanghai, has released their Top 50 Chinese Drama Actors of 2019. The list is based on drama view counts, and
data from Weibo, Baidu and Douban. I won’t do all 50 but I will start at 20 and
count down the list. So these are the top Chinese drama actors
of 2019, I have a few in mind that I think will make the top 10. Do you? If you don’t, here are numbers 20 through
11 while you think of some. So that’s 20 to 11. Personally, I thought Li Xian might have
placed higher with the popularity of Go Go Squid! and all. I’m also surprised that Cecilia Liu made the
top 20 as she hasn’t had a drama or movie since 2017. Have any of your favorite performers made
the list yet? If not, maybe they’ll be in the top 10. Ju Jingyi starred in The Legend of White Snake with Alan Yu and then later in Please Give
Me A Pair of Wings with Aaron Yan. Dilraba didn’t have any dramas or movies in 2019 but found ways to stay in the limelight
with variety shows and commercials. Such is her popularity that she still managed
to appear in the top 10 of this list. She does have a few dramas slated for 2020,
including the highly-anticipated Pillow Book. Wang Yibo began the year with the gaming drama Gank Your Heart which was one of the highest-rated
youth dramas of the year but undoubtedly he burst into superstardom
with The Untamed. Yang Mi’s sole drama this year was The Great Craftsman with Wallace Huo but like Dilraba,
she stayed active on variety shows, commercials and public appearances. What a year it’s been for Xiao Zhan. After the year’s biggest hit drama, The Untamed,
he became one of the most sought after actors in China. He made several appearances on variety shows
and commercials and also starred in the wuxia movie Jade Dynasty. Personally, I thought he would’ve made at
least top three. Jackson Yi starred in my favorite costume drama of the year, The Longest Day in Chang’an,
and also in the movie Better Days with Zhou Dongyu. Another actor whose superstar status has kept her in the limelight despite not having any
dramas or movies premiere this year. She is filming Legend of Fei with Wang Yibo
and that’s expected to be a huge hit. Personally, I thought Yang Zi or Xiao Zhan would’ve been number one on this list. Yang Zi starred in one of the summer’s big
hit dramas Go Go Squid! and followed it up with My Mowgli Boy. She was also in two movies, The Bravest and
Bodies At Rest. Deng Lun began the year with a supporting role in Investiture of the Gods
and then went on to star in three dramas – My True Friend, Mr. Fighting and Blossom in Heart
– the most out of anyone in the top 10. Zhu Yilong starred in Skynet Action earlier the year and then later in My True Friend
with Deng Lun and Angelababy. Now, I am a fan of Zhu Yilong. I thought he was terrific in The Guardian
and in The Story of Minglan and I fully expected him to be in the top 10 of this list
but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised he’s taken top spot. Especially when you consider the criteria
that Vlinkage has outlined. In any case, he will star in the upcoming
modern drama, To Dear Myself, with Cecilia Liu. Before I let you guys go, here are some dramas
that have recently premiered: And that’s it for today guys. Do check out my Patreon page where you can
find perks to becoming a patron, the link is in the description box below. This show would not be possible without your
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you in the next one. Cheers!


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