E Hoʻokanaka! Kaʻiulani Murphy

I feel really lucky that, you know, in the
20 plus years that I’ve been involved, I got to sail with a number of different teachers
and mentors. And I always appreciate the, you know, sailing
with different people and getting to see like their leadership styles. On the voyage home, so Nainoa asked Pomai
to captain and me if I would navigate, and we knew that if we were going to accept that
kuleana, we would want to have a teacher on board with us. And so we were superfortunate that Bruce Blankenfeld
was our teacher on board on that leg home. There’s so many, so many lessons that we still
have to learn from him. But some of the lessons that are sticking
out in my head now at least are, you know from from the time that we, Pomai and I accepted
this kuleana itʻs just like–I was so stressed out about, you know, that kuleana I mean,
you know, the fact that people are watching, you know, being followed, she’s gone around
the world, you know youʻve got all these eyes on Hōkūleʻa, like I cannot fail right? So, stressed out about that and like not feeling
confident enough that I know enough and I know I don’t know everything that I
need to know but I know I have a lot to learn and so just kind
of being in this place where I never feel ready to just like
leave the dock you know. Itʻs like “Okay untie the lines and go”,
but the simple thing Bruce said is “You know what you know already and you need to have
fun.” Yeah, youʻve got to enjoy this too, like
it’s hard work but you have to enjoy. And so, just starting out before even leaving
Tahiti with that in my mind, like okay, I need to relax a little and
got to enjoy the time that we have. And know that it will be a learning process
the whole thing.

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