Eastenders – Danielle’s Death – Edited Like An Indian Drama

Wait for me! Danielle….DANIELLE! Baby. NO! Danielle.
No Danielle. Danielle. Danielle! Go…go get some help.
Get a doctor get an ambulance! GO GO NOW!
GO NOW! I didn’t see her.
I didn’t see her she just ran out. Peggy.
– Try clicking your fingers. And see where it gets you. Darling you don’t meant that.
You…this…my family that’s all I want. Phil just deal with him will you. Get him out of my sight. It’s Danielle theres been an accident. Danielle.
Danielle. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. If I had known I would
never have given you up. It’s cursed my whole life. My whole life i’ve been dreaming
of this. Dreaming of you. Its going to be okay. We’re going to spend lots of time together. Me and you living together like
mother and daughter. Dont try and speak. Mum. Dont just stand there. Dont just stand there
go and call an ambulance. Call an ambulance. Danielle. Danielle. Shes DEAD! Shes DEAD! (Cries) Subtitles by VideoEditor28


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