Edinburgh Showcase 2017: ‘PROCESS DAY’ by Scottish Dance Theatre

Scottish Dance Theatre is a very outward facing company. I think we work very hard to seek out
the best choreographers in the world and have a very international outlook because we both bring in dancers and
choreographers and artists from across the world and we tour internationally. We’re a Scottish-based company and we’re very
proud of our national status within Scotland and we work very closely with Scottish
artists and choreographers as well. ‘Process Day’ was developed in
2014 and has been touring since. It’s very exciting and a different piece for us because
obviously it works with Gaga movement language and that was a very intense process
that the dancers went through. Sharon Eyal was the choreographer of this piece, she comes
originally from the Batsheva company based in Israel and is working with a longtime collaborator Gai Behar and Ori Lichtik
who’s the musician who also came from Israel. So both Gai Behar and Ori Lichtik were founder
members of the Israeli techno scene. In ‘Process Day’ there are eight dancers
and they come in from the shadows, it’s a very dark start. They’re in very modernistic costume,
very sleek, androgynous, quite mysterious and submerged so the lighting makes them look
as though they’re coming out of the darkness really and they’re picked-up across the stage in
sort of glints and small nuanced movements. So it’s very subtle at the same
time as the music being very insistent so it builds up quite a mesmerising atmosphere. The audience response to ‘Process Day’
has been incredibly positive because I think it’s surprising, it goes beyond dance really. I think people feel that they’ve come out of an experience
rather than having watched a show.

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