Edinburgh Showcase 2017: ‘The Nature of Forgetting’ by Theatre Re

I started the company in 2009 and the point
then was not to make or to create anything new but to breath new life into what was already there. The show is called ‘The Nature of Forgetting’ and maybe I should start with where it comes from, “why did we want to make a show about
memory?”. Well actually it’s not a show about memory it’s quite the opposite, it’s a show about forgetting and what it means to forget and what happens in the brain when
you forget. The main question that sort of lead the exploration was “what is left when memory is gone?” in other words “what is eternal?”. It’s the story of Tom, a fifty-five year old man living with early onset dementia. It’s his birthday and he needs to get dressed and as he gets dressed, the feel of the clothes on the rack trigger memories and at the beginning those memories are quite vivid, they’re quite intact and as the show unfolds those memories are becoming more fragile. We worked with a neuroscientist from University College London and that collaboration was absolutely crucial. Obviously we got to discover a lot about memory processes, how memories are being constructed, deconstructed, reconstructed or misconstructed but we also learnt about other aspects of dementia. We learned about changes in behaviour, we learnt about the loss of spacial awareness, for instance, things that are not as well known as the loss of memory. I’m so proud of you. You will be late for school.


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