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Cigarette! Smoking cigarette is…
– Stop, I know what you are going to say. Cigarette smoking and consumption
of alcohol is injurious to health. Thus, there are no such scenes in this film.
Looks like, you came well prepared. Go on. Why now? You have already said it. No problem dude,
a good word can be said any number of times. Cigarette smoking, consumption of alcohol
– And company of an idiot like this is injurious to health. Matter is conveyed, right?
– Move on then. Hey, the entire train is empty.
Why are you pushing, man? Hi I am Nani.
There is nothing much to say about me. Because I am neither a successful
person nor a failure person. I am just travelling in between. If you still want to know about my story,
you need to know about my love story first. Because when love is a part of everyone’s life,
my life is a part of love. My love story plus life story is a package similar
to the package of drainage plus mosquitos. We cannot separate them. Mine is a middle class family.
My dad is Nageswara Rao and mom is Savitri. Not the ones in TV, but those watching TV.
Great song, right Savitri? Dad is a small employee in Railways. My dad is crazy about Cricket. Even if India has to hit 100 in one ball or 1 run in
100 balls, he watches both with the same interest. Even if we lose the match, he is a sport lover
who watches even the highlights with a hope that India may win at least in that,
though when it loses the match. He likes sports so much. His dream is to see me as a player. Of course I too am a good player,
but the only game I know is Show! Come on give money. Take. Hey, you do not need weep so much
for losing just 50 rupees. These are not tears dear.
– Is it tap water then? Tears of happiness as you became
such a great player. Come on my son, I am proud of you. That is it. I like movies as much as
my dad likes sports. My dream is to become a director
of Ramgopal Verma and Rajamouli’s range. I started trials after completing my degree
to make my dream true. I went to Hyderabad getting to know that a close
relative of my far relative lives closer to Filmnagar. What boy, came to become a director?
– Yes sir. What did you study?
– I did BA to become like K Raghavendra Rao sir. Oh, K Raghavendra Rao did BA, but all those
doing BA cannot become K Raghavendra Rao. I came to know that only after finishing BA sir. Ok dear, as my fellow recommended, will keep
you as assistant to my serial. A serial?
– Why, will you not do if it is a serial? That is, a film would be better.
Right sir? Look, when cinema is like high school
serial is the elementary school. Leave it, who is the top director of Tollywood?
– Mr. SS Rajamouli. He too has started from here.
Get to know dear. Rajamouli! I have not thought anything else
listening to that name and joined immediately. Shooting in schedule, watching movies
at village when free is my life style. Hey, Pisachala Peta of Laxmiganesh films is
releasing tomorrow. Do you remember? You have to take us for that.
Do you remember this? Should that be mentioned specially dude? Balu would take for the film of Balaiah babu.
Nagaraju would take to the film of Nagarjuna. Malli takes to the film of Mahesh Babu
and Parvateesham to the film of Pawan Kalyan Our Rambabu would take to all the rest. What about you then? You know that I am a fan of Rajamouli, right?
– Wow Let his film release,
I will take you. You are great dude. Rajamouli
works for 3 years and does film. You would think for six times and take tickets. Leave all these, we are going to the film by
9 AM bus tomorrow. Ok? – Ok! Hey, time is almost 9.
Why is this Nani fellow not come still? We cannot wait for that guy, let us leave.
If he comes, would reach by next bus. Okay, come. Hey, come this side.
– Okay. Hey, get in fast. Get in…
Right…right! Stop! Hold on! Some delays in life happen for a luck.
Me getting late that day has changed my fate. A small stone is enough to disturb
a peaceful lake. Similarly a girl is enough to disturb
a peaceful life. I too have colour blindness like animals.
Thus, all look in black and white like old Mayabazar film. But for the first time entire world looked
in colour after seeing her. “Tender beauty like the moon,
So much beauty and a strange bonding” “An open pampering, the shore of my breathe
Hey astonishing beauty, come into my way” “Am I not in you like you, I am already completely you
Shall I come along wherever you are, whatever happens” “Tender beauty like the moon,
So much beauty and a strange bonding” “An open pampering and the shore of my breathe
Hey astonishing beauty, come into my way” “Am I not in you like you, I am already completely you
Shall I come along wherever you are, whatever happens” “Tender beauty like the moon,
So much beauty and a strange bonding” Ticket!
– Amalapuram No idea where are our idiots. Your balance is too low to make an outgoing call.
– Bloody! Excuse me!
– Yes I need to make a call.
– Go on, why do you need my permission for that? But, no balance in my phone You have no balance in phone, but I have
no balance even in life. What shall I do? Excuse me, I need to make an urgent call.
I do not have balance in my phone. Just a missed call. If you do not mind,
can you give your phone? You give a missed call now
and they would call back after some time. They would ask who I am and so on.
Is all this disturbance needed for me? Oh! Nothing would happen like that. Whichever number I give a missed call from,
my friend would call me back only on my number What is this? WHy would he call you
back giving missed call from any number? That is our code and I generally
do the same always. Ok, no need of a missed call,
you can make a call. Oh no problem, just a missed call is enough. He would come himself.
– When did he come in the time specified? Who is that fellow dude? What a great
idiot is he to give you a missed call? It is none other than our Nani. Looks to be an unknown number. It is him giving a missed call from either
a well-known or an unknown number. He is the kind of a person who gives a missed call
even to fire department when the house is burning. You are correct, dude. See, the same number. It is my friend. Thank you.
– It is ok. Hey Rambabu, where are you?
– Where are you, dude? I missed the 9 AM bus and
took the next bus. After reaching, come directly
to the theatre, bye. What dude? – He gives a missed call
and talks for hours when we call. Idiot! Hey, I need to tell an important matter dude.
That is a secret dude. You know Shruthi living adjacent to my house, right?
She called me when nobody was around yesterday. When I went, she asked to check the
TV as it was not working good. Cable wire was disconnected and I set that right.
She immediately thanked me. Just trying simply, I said is it only a thanks? She asked what else I need. I asked to give me a kiss. She did not agree to that first. But agreed when I forced. When I took her close and tried to kiss,
her parents came in the same time dude. Ok dude, we will discuss
the reset after I get down. What would have happened then? Hey, do you come silently back saying half episode like
a power cut in the middle of a suspense film? What then? Beautiful girls are seen to us rarely,
but guys like us would be seen everywhere for them. Thus I said so for my lover to
remember my face well. What, a lover? You have just seen her
and what is this love so fast? If not, shall I wait for 100 days
and start loving after celebrating a century? Mine is a love at first sight. Hey start a real estate business if you have any sites. What would be the reaction of
that poor girl for your over action? What would a father coming do,
when a boy was about to kiss his daughter? Inspector sir, he kissed my daughter in front of me.
Keep him in the jail. What would a father coming do,
when a boy was about to kiss his daughter? Judge sir, he kissed my daughter in front of me.
Sentence him to death. What would a father coming do,
when a boy was about to kiss his daughter? Will you kiss my daughter in front of me?
I will… You had no sleep for the whole night, right?
– Yes. He just said a story and
left leaving it in the middle. I had no sleep the whole night thinking
what would have happened after that. Why are you like that then?
– You know about me, right? I would read the last page first and then the first
page even in the case of a suspense book. When that guy said a suspense story
and left in the middle… I had sleep for the whole night in that confusion. You both are better, look at them. They were very active daily.
They became now like mad fellows. Have all of them followed this story too? Not only those, but it is the same
condition even with me and the driver. Leave all your discussions, that guy
climbed the bus here yesterday, right? If he does not get into the bus today,
no sleep tonight also. Why do you say that so slowly, dear? Stop! Right…right! Stop!
– Stop! Come on, come! Get in fast.
Come fast, climb in. Hey get up. Sit here boss.
– Thanks. Hi…hi!
– Hi! Why is he taking out his kerchief? Hey, ask him what happened next please.
– I will not, you ask him. I fear a lot to ask. Please ask him.
– You ask him. Sir, at least you ask him please. Boss!
– What? What happened that day?
– Which day? Yesterday you were telling your friend on phonethat
you were going to kiss a girl That matter. Hey, do you have any sense? It is wrong to
listen when someone is talking over phone. It is another mistake asking about it,
instead of forgetting about that. On top of that the biggest mistake to ask me
when you get a doubt about that. Thank God, I had not asked. No sense at all.
Are you a human taking rice? I am eating Chapati as I am
putting on weight boss. Why do I need what you eat? What is that sound instead of a beep?
Is it by censor people? Bloody! It is not by censor,
but the guy behind me. Hey get down bloody. What to do, not knowing what happened
I have been controlling from yesterday. Look boss, situation is gone out of control
because of your story. See, how are all into suspense boss.
Tell what happened next. Ok, is my story taking so many lives?
I will tell it then. That day, when I was about
to take Sruthi closer and kiss… Oh no, you said this yesterday.
Tell what happened next? If someone stops in the middle, I will not tell it.
– Hey, you stop it. You go on boss. At the exact time when I was about to kiss,
her father saw it and… Have you got her after so long Nani?
Do not leave her. What, has her father supported you?
Is he a father or a broker? Broker, but a marriage broker.
Contact if you need any matches. Has her mother at least not said anything? Why not? Nani, do not leave Sruthi. Take her to your house.
She is making a great mischief. I will not kiss you this time.
I will bite your cheeks. – Leave me… What, Sruthi means a 5 year old baby?
We thought she was a big girl. We thought she was a big girl.
He narrated greatly bro. Hi, I am Nani.
– I am Sirisha. Sirisha! Sirisha! Sirisha! Just by listening to that name my heart
shook like a cell phone in vibration mode. Because, I have a bonding with that name.
I was 10 years old then. You know, why am I saying the age so exactly? Nani, do you think you are any kid.
You are 10 years old now. You are roaming without
a shorts having no shame. Come and wear your underwear. Exactly at the same, there was
a beautiful girl in the house opposite to mine. What is your name baby?
– Sri Saisathya Sirisha. I like that name more than I liked that girl. Due to her good and my bad time,
she left the village in her childhood itself. Thus, I felt she is come back for me again
by listening to her name. In general girls get attracted to two types of boys. One is to the boys roaming like vagabonds. Second is to those who play dirty jokes
and make them a laugh a lot. Thus, I selected the second method. I used to read jokes from books and narrate
adding my creativity to those. I too know that my jokes
would not bring in laughs. But if she is laughing for what ever I say,
I think she loves me. My foot, smile may come doing comedy
at girls but not love dude. You go on! Bloody, you never say good.
You are jealous as a beautiful girl is flat for me. Hey, keep all those aside
and know one thing dude. Girls may laugh when we say jokes,
but will not get flat for us dude. You go on! Have you again started it bloody? We feel they are in love when they speak,
but they are same with all. You go on! Bloody, what do you feel?
Is it that she is not loving me? Leave my feeling aside and
know about her feeling first. Or else you will have to feel later.
Why did you stop, you go on. Is it your birthday?
– Yes Happy birthday
– Thank you… Happy birthday
– Thank you so much Happy birthday dear
– Thank you Why is he not wishing even
after knowing it is my birthday? What boss, you always keep smiling
and teasing the others. Why are you dull today? Nothing, I loved a girl.
– Congrats, what is the problem then? That is, how to propose her.
– Who is that girl? The girl, whom we all know. What is the problem then?
Say I love you. Sirisha, I love you. Bloody, I never thought you were so.
I thought you were a good friend all these days. Never show your face again to me.
What if she says that? Correct, you may get a blow saying it face to face.
What if you send an SMS? If it happens so, I would miss
the kiss given by her, right? Yes! How to express then? Leave it, you cannot say. Sirisha, how to propose
a girl to be accepted? Knowing is enough for friendship, but not for love.
First, make her know completely about you. She would definitely accept
if you propose her on a good occasion. Okay! Why are you here?
– I need to talk with you. Ok, tell me. I know that today is your birthday.
This Nani never says wishes as one in all. I thought of giving you a surprise taking you to
a special place on this special day. But, even greed should have a limit, right?
You will not come with me, even if I ask you to come. I do not like a rejection after asking.
But, I cannot stop asking. That is, I am ok if we can be back
by the end of college time. Does that mean you agreed? Yes! But, a condition.
– What is that? We will not go too far, right?
– No, it is just nearby. Bloody Nani, he made me paint
on the roads whole night. And now is making me stick posters on
the busses now. Bloody fellow! Oh my God! Wow, great.
This is really superb Nani. I never received such surprise wishes.
Thank you so much Nani. Sirisha, another surprise for you.
– What is it Nani? This is my ration card, Aadhar card, ID proof,
residence proof, income certificate and caste certificate. Why are all these? You said it, to know is enough for friendship But should know well about
each other completely for love. Thus for you to know completely about me,
I got all these attested by MRO too. Ok Sirisha, I am saying the word of my heart now.
It is your wish as to how you would react. Look there once. What is there in it? To know that, you should look through this. Wow! I too love you Nani. I love you Sirisha. I love you.
– I love you so much. But how is it possible to bring
my name on that ship? Anything is possible if you are with me. Move. One minute Sirisha, I will just be back. What happened?
– Wait, I will just be back. Hello boss, one minute.
Is this being seen everywhere you see? To watch live, see now. Will you not continue the hug you
started before? – You! I am moving with you,
hiding in you like the eye ball Shall I become like the honey on your lips? Is the fragrance in the lap of beloved yours? Is the fragrance in the lap of beloved yours Though it is little or very much. I am moving with you,
hiding in you like the eye ball I will not be gone like yesterday to be forgotten I will live like tomorrow to be unforgettable The pleasure of meeting for
a second to become forever Shall I go on with the pleasure trip
though am tired? Shall I join in the path,
whatever comes in between? Shall I taste the pleasurable moment? Shall I taste the pleasurable moment?
Like this in your sweet hug I am moving with you,
hiding in you like the eye ball Shall I become like the honey on your lips? Is the fragrance in the lap of beloved yours? Is the fragrance in the lap of beloved yours?
Though it is little or very much. Meetings in the bus all mornings and phone chatting
whole night. Days are passing like minutes. How would it be a love story
if it goes so happy? Our love matter was known in her house. Sirisha! Film release is in the next week.
– Is it? Please do not trap me for that dudes.
– Whom else should we trap? Wow, it is tensed there and
you are coolly sipping cool drink here. Anyone would call for a fire engine,
why do you fight with me? Have you understood it so?
I am talking about the matter of Sirisha. It seems her dad is looking for her matches. Why will he not, dude? Every elder man would do that
only thing after his daughter coming to age, right? You sit cool like ice in the fridge saying
Nonsense and she will be married there. I am not the second hero to go aside and feel bad
when the heroine is getting married. I am the main hero of this film. That is our bad luck.
How if you say yourself as the hero? I will make you all too say that. I will go right
away and speak to that man. See you! That man?
– Who is that man? The man who frustrates for two days speaking
just for two minutes is that man. That is the father of Sirisha. Hey, who are you?
– Sir, I need to talk with you. Tell, what do you want? Daddy, Nani I said about… Ok! Come on tell. Sir, it is an important matter.
Shall we sit and talk coolly? No need, let us speak standing. Tell! No sir, I will talk only sitting. Coffee hubby.
– That is… Thanks aunty.
– That is for me. Oh sorry uncle, take it. When you said so, I thought it like this. Come on tell. What do you do? Sir, I am trying in the cinema field. I am at present
working as an assistant director for a serial. Look, I too like films and serials. But I do not like to get my daughter married
to a person like you living so in dreams. I will marry her only with a software Engineer.
I already had seen a match. You can leave now. Sir, but I and your Sirisha like each other. What I wanted to say is done.
You leave now. Not that sir,
what I wanted to say is that What sir, you are always showing your hand.
Any problem with it? No, problem is with me. I generally
do not listen to what the others say. Your time was good that I at least
heard this much. Go now. I too am of your type. I will leave only
after saying what I wanted to say. Look Sirisha, it is your wish to marry a software Engineer
as said by your dad or an RMP Doctor. You may get a rich or a handsome guy than me.
But can never get a guy loving as much as me. That man will anyways not understand this matter.
It is better if this girl at least understands it. If you want to share life with me, come to
the temple tomorrow by exactly 7. I will take good care of you. I would be
waiting with garlands as a symbol to that. It is your luck if you come,
or else it is your loss. Nani!
– Sirisha! What son, why are you getting ready like
a groom never like before? That is, as you are not able to do all works at home,
I am going to bring a company for you. Thanks son, maid of our house
is always getting absent. No problem if she costs 500 more,
but bring a good maid. Come on, I am not saying about a maid but
about your daughter-in-law. Daughter in law? What is her name dear? I will just the title now and
say technicians details later. Name of the girl is Sirisha.
– Sirisha? Name is very good dear. Girl is better. Ok, I have an urgent work now.
See you later. – Ok That day, I came before to temple than
the priest and even the beggars on the steps. Thinking of any action scenes from that man,
I brought even my friends for safety. Hey, why is Sirisha not still come dude? Hey moonlight, rain and Sirisha will not come when
we want. They come only when they want to. Bloody philosophies are good to post on
Facebook, but not for your face. Time is almost 7,
maybe she will not come now. Is it news on ETV to come exactly at 7?
She may be delayed by 10 minutes. Our friends are hungry now. Give 500,
we will have breakfast and come back. When I am in tension,
why are you saying breakfast bloody? When we came risking for you,
why do you talk so dude? If some fight scene happens here,
your marriage would lead to our death. Can you not do at least that much for a friend? Can you not spend at least
that much for your marriage? Take it bloody.
– Bloody fellow gave 700 in his emotion. What bloody, do you need anything else again? No, there is a difference now. Time is Eight now.
She will not come now, let us leave. No, she has to come for sure.
Something went wrong. If you want to share life with me, come to
the temple tomorrow by exactly 7. That is the problem.
– What is it? I said 7 in rhyming, but forgot in
tension to say morning or evening dude What do you mean?
Shall we wait till evening now or what? No other way dude. Oh God! As it was the first time marriage in life,
I did not go back on budget. Taking this as an advantage, they made me spend
very high. I did not worry even for that. But seeing them enjoy like coming to a picnic not
caring about my feelings, I could not bear. Day has gone and night came in.
But, Sirisha had not come. Is nobody at home? Do you not know? Today is the engagement
for Sirisha madam. All have been to Vizag. I see, has that man planned so
to separate us all of a sudden? But that man does not know that most of the
love stories start after the engagement. After that restrictions became more for her
and phones got cut between us. Exactly the same time,
I got an unexpected chance to meet her. Congrats.
– She is my friend. Why is Sirisha not still come?
– She will come. What dude, will Sirisha come?
– She would come for sure. I doubt it.
– Your blood group is B negative, right? Yes dude, how do you know that? Your blood itself is negative and
thus you speak negative always. Look, she would come for sure.
– How can you be so sure? Like how the groom is our friend,
bride is a friend of Sirisha. So, she would come for sure.
– Oh, is it the matter? But, my only tension is as to
how is she now worrying about me? Hey, Sirisha is coming dude. All our friends have gone that day. Hey, she does not seem to be
worried as you said. Is it? Looking at her, it is not like that man
is getting her married in force. But is like she is getting married forcing her father. All of you can see only the smiles outside,
but cannot see the tears from deep inside her. I said it before itself, right? Hi, Sirisha. Hi, how are you? Hi.. This is Sowmya and she is Subbalakshmi.
– Hello. She always is speaking on her cell phone. Oh, shall we call and say if
we have to greet her now? Your hubby is joking a lot. Hey Rambabu, is really such a big joke in that?
Sirisha is laughing so much. Have I not said you that all the girls
laugh big for only small jokes? Leave that, next is our guy.
Let us see how she introduces him. Prakash, he is…
– Hi bro! Where are you from, bloody?
I am from America dude. To hell. Your purse and personality, both look fine.
What else is your problem then? We as cannot get any are
trying for some local babes here of our range. Are you too coming in as a competition to us?
Have you not found any white babe in America? Hey, hold your tongue. – To hell bloody,
do you try to take away my Sirisha? You… Bloody, why do you slap me? Hey stop dude. Your Sirisha is still there.
She is not come here yet. There is nobody great here to be introduced.
Move on Prakash. Congrats!
– Thank you. – How are you? Girls are like politicians. They learn
to change sides along with their nail polish. She is completely changed. But I am not so.
I cannot change even my garments so fast. What can I change my heart then? But I could not bear when my Sirisha moving with
another guy in front of my eyes rejecting me. I did not have even food for the whole day.
I adjusted just with the fried food. Anger on her grew day to day on her from that day.
I got irritation even with the name Sirisha. I decided to delete her completely from my life. Take it dear. Nani, you said would bring
and introduce Sirisha? Mom, I should never listen even
that name Sirisha in our house. Phone ringing.. What happened dear? I decided not to see the face of
Sirisha again in my life. But I had to meet her as my bad luck
was in my back pocket. But in a different position. Hey, have you prayed to visit the temple
if Sirisha is blessed with a boy or what? Bloody, do not take her name so early
in the morning. I get irritated. You are irritated just by name,
what if she comes opposite? Are you fine, Nani? I am not good. My parents just saw his income,
but not his character. He drinks and beats me daily.
He hurts me with irritating words. Unable to bear this torture,
I came running away from the house. I did a big mistake by leaving you. God is given me a big punishment for that. Nani, will you answer to a question of mine? Are you still loving me? Will you marry me? Tell me Nani. Look Sirisha, you thinking him better
than me then had married him. Today, thinking me better than him
are asking me to marry. This is not love.
Either to live till last breathe or to die for that. These two never happened between us. The day you left ignoring me,
you had gone away even from my heart. Is it so Nani?
– I said, right? I cannot. Thank you… Thank you so much. Is it? Enough of this watching, move on dude. Hey baby, how many times have I said you not
to be in Sun? At least you could have said her. Look, how are you tanned in the Sun?
– What is this Prakash? Baby, I will go and get the car.
Sit in the AC and chat for however long you want to. It is fine here Prakash, no problem. Nothing so, I said you not to carry any weights.
Just wait for 2 minutes. Have you seen how much he likes me? Has this fellow come even here? Is this Nani still going behind serials
and movies? Or is he into any job? He is not doing anything. I got Prakash as I was lucky, else I would
have been living in dung if I had married this Nani. Love is less and selfishness is more in the love of girls.
They look for their comfort. I thought of making Sirisha cry looking
at me for making me cry so much. Thus, I forgot her completely
and started concentrating on my career. Congratulations Nani, I liked your
dedication and creation. Thus I am giving you promotion to
co-director from assistant director. Thank you sir. Does that mean,
my salary will be hiked? No boy, only the work will be hiked. In luck, our Jeedipakam serial became a super hit. Seven crore Telugu public started
crying daily after the clock hits seven. My craze in the village after this
success shot up like the petrol rates. Public of my village have made me a public figure. Talk is that so much public had come once
when NTR had come here in election time. Another cyclone again in such
a happy life of mine. “Phone ringing…” Hey Rambabu. Have you any sense
to give missed call at this time? I have, do you want some?
– I do not need, say the matter. I am very happy today dude.
– It is your habit to be happy by troubling me. Not you dude, it is happy for me to make
Sirisha who rejected me to cry, right? Bloody, say the matter clearly. I just met Kalpana, friend of Sirisha.
It seems Sirisha is regularly watching our serial. My challenge is won dude. Sirisha who made me
cry is now crying by watching my serial every day. I am so happy today like this song,
I am flying in the air… Hey, what is that breaking sound dude? “I am flying in the air…” Hey Nani, whatever it is but you are very lucky. You print bad luck as visiting card and move
around keeping it in your back pocket. What if not dude? The one who hit and
who got hit are fine. It was only in the middle who broke the bones. Stay calm bloody, I am already unable to bear the pain
and added are your satires. Hey, that is for me bloody. This is not ice to lick but orange juice.
We have to drink, ok. You are overacting as my hands are not good.
You will have it later bloody. Sirisha! Sirisha…Sirisha! Hey Rambabu, this world is
again looking colourful to me. Hey, maybe this is called love at first sight. You said the same even last time.
The name Sirisha is not lucky for you. I failed even tenth once. If I had left,
would I come till my degree? There will be supplementary option after March.
You shut up and call that sister. Only your leg is not working but your mouth is fine.
Why do you not call? Hey, the name Sirisha was heard
somewhere in these surroundings. What if name of that sister itself is Sirisha?
I should not call her sister, right? They put so many plasters. They should have
put one even on the mouth. Sister! What?
– What is your name? Nirosha I thought Sirisha.
Ok, is any Sirisha there in your sisters? No. My elder sister is Ayesha, younger
is Lirisha and the youngest is Vidisha. Sisters is not those at your home,
but the nurses in your hospital. Nurses in our hospital are sisters for you
and colleagues for us. Colleagues or Indian Premier leagues,
is any one named Sirisha from them? There is none in sisters.
– What about in Doctors? There is none even in Doctors,
but there is one in patients. Patients, where?
– Your adjacent bed. “Phone ringing…” What?
– Sirisha, that is my name. Is it? Hi!
– Hi Uncle, room number 102 on the first floor.
Come on. “Phone ringing…” Hi!
– Nani? Hi Nani. That is…
– What? Switch of the phones.
Doctor will shout. Hey Sirisha, we will speak later, ok.
– Ok bye. Yes uncle.
What Nani, why is it happened so? All looks are on you for growing up.
You had an evil eye. Not evil eye uncle, auto rod hit him
and leg is broken. You stop bloody. When I am worrying for
my son getting hurt, you are throwing counters. You do not be tensed Nani,
I will go and talk with the Doctor. Ok, why could you not bring
mom while coming? Why dear, she cannot bear this.
We will have to put another bed beside you. Mom sent her regards to you dear.
– What did she ask for, money? Stop it, you always make fun. Hey Rambabu,
– Uncle… Call if anything is needed.
– Uncle, actually there is a need of 5000. Why to call for that again? – Shut up, what I said
was not your need but his needs. Be careful. Daddy!
– What my son? That is… – What do you want?
– Nothing. Tell what do you want dear? – At least
tomorrow while coming, bring something to eat. They are giving very little food
like the offering at temple. Idly is of tablet size and
milk like mineral water. The fruits brought by others is being made
into juice by him and is sipping with ice. Bring Mirchi Bajji or spicy wada while
coming tomorrow. – Ok dear Dad,
– What? Do not forget to squeeze lemon in Mirchi Bajji.
– Ok Time for the jumping heart to reach you Beauty making mad, eyes taking into dreams We generally try to make a girl flat by
just getting ten minutes time to talk. Will we waste when we get
a chance to stay for ten days beside a girl? Whatever, but this Sirisha
is gift given to me by God. Because, fate has made both of us meet. If not, why would she also be in
the same auto meeting with accident? Why will her name too be Sirisha? I should agree, this Sirisha is superb
compared to that Sirisha. If the first one was basic model,
this second one is a latest model. Windows 8 is better than Windows 7, right? Like forgetting land phone after
the arrival of cell phone… I completely forgot old Sirisha after
the arrival of this new Sirisha. Am I not in you, with you? I am in you like you.
Will I not follow forever? Nani, you said to say some important matter.
What is that? Sirisha, a surprise gift for you. Anyone would give a rose to a beautiful girl.
Why are you giving this? This is not any waste flower. Anyone would buy and give
a rose with 10 rupees. But this is not like that. What then? Sirisha, do you know
the meaning of your name? Sirisha is the name of a flower.
That is not found elsewhere than in Himalayas. When I bought this from Himalayas with great risk,
do you say this a waste flower? Have you brought it for me, why? To give this flower and express my love. I love you Sirisha. I love you too Nani. Bloody!
– What happened? If I had known you give a kiss for one flower,
I would have brought an entire bouquet. Poor girl, is thinking I brought
it really from Himalayas. What would happen, if she knows
this is from the same park? I just love you. On the countless stars, at the edges of the sky
On thousands of swans, I flew on the thoughts On the tender wish, I flew on your heart
On the paths of wishes, I moved on your story On the countless stars, at the edges of the sky
On thousands of swans, I flew on the thoughts I will stay forever as your better half,
like your favourite world. Dear this is the speed of flowers to tranquilise you Look my heart is mixed in these breezes,
like the breathe touching you On the countless stars, at the edges of the sky
On thousands of swans, I flew on the thoughts Nani, Giri uncle brought his daughter for you. No make-up, but was just like Samantha. You do not need to exaggerate mom,
I will give the friend character in our serial. They had not come for a role,
but wanted to get their daughter married to you. My hand is not free dad, I will take later. Stop your fun dear. Mom, shooting is to be done with a girl like heroine.
How can we run a family with her? If Sirisha becomes your daughter in law,
she would serve you and dad. Hey, you said name of Sirisha should not
be heard in our house, right? Come on, name is the same
but artiste is different. Whatever, fix the name Sirisha
for your daughter in law! Understand and do not leave me,
read me like an epic Do not throw the nest,
but reach me as my couple In my heart considering us as we,
it is only your name Let this live as a chant On the countless stars, at the edges of the sky
On thousands of swans, I flew on the thoughts On the tender wish, I flew on your heart
On the paths of wishes, I moved on your story On the tender wish, I flew on your heart
On the paths of wishes, I moved on your story My life is very happy with this Sirisha.
But, there is only one small problem with her. Nani, tomorrow is February 14th, lovers day.
What are you gifting me? Oh thank you, so sweet! Nani, tomorrow is May 1st, labour day.
What are you gifting me? Thank you. Nani, tomorrow is October 2nd, Gandhi Jayanti.
What are you gifting me? Thank you. Nani, tomorrow is November 14th.
What are you gifting me on children’s day? Thank you so much. Nani, tomorrow is December 1st.
What gift are you giving me? What is tomorrow?
– AIDS day. A gift even for that? – Do not know, it is
in the calendar and you have to give. You are so sweet. Starting with the New Year day on 1st January
till AIDS day on 1st December… She used to ask and take a gift by asking. My entire salary used to be enough
for recharges and the gifts only. I did not feel much for even that. But, the biggest problem was with
the gifts she used to give me. Nani, this is the AIDS day gift. You are the hope in my heart
You are the face in my eyes Sky is blue and my life
would be green with you It would be dirty to read such There is nectar in flowers and
your beautiful face is in my heart Moonlight like the jasmine, stars like the Rose
Sky like the sea You are the hope in my heart
You are the face in my eyes I promise, both the poetry of Sirisha
and dialogues of our serial can never be understood. Turn this side a bit. Nani!
– Yes What is this make-up?
Do you not see to it as a co-director? I too said the same sir.
To get it down as it looks a bit more Not much, but is less.
– But it is the character of a maid sir. We are doing a serial, a serial. Even if it is a maid costume
should be great and make-up should be rich. Do one thing. Turn this side. Put a bit more of pink to these cheeks.
Put on the lipstick a bit thicker. Sir, that is.. Hello, 2500 episodes and 5 years.
It is been stretching continuously. Jeedipakam! Do you know another thing, my boy? All call me as Serial Raghavendra Rao.
Go and look into your work. Ok sir, ok! Hello! Yes Siri,
why have you given me a missed call? Nani, how was my poetry sent yesterday?
It is great, right? Yes, it would have been better
if it was understood. What? – The depth in it cannot be
understood unless you say. I will write a poetry on you,
when you meet me the next time. Why, do you not have white papers at home?
Saying to write on my body. Idiot, on you means poetry describing you. Ok, you will anyways not listen
if I say no. Bye! Wait, why do you not speak for some time? Balance in this is a bit low.
– Shall I call you then? Leave it. Again I will have to recharge
though you give me a call. All such cannot be avoided in love. I just came to know that. I generally do not call anyone.
But would give only a missed call. I have been calling only after in love with you. Nani!
– Sir, coming sir. Director Sir is calling and I will call you later. Bye. Love you baby, Bye. Brother! Is he that fellow?
– Yes The boy you selected is good,
but a bit average. See how the boy I selected is.
– He is handsome. What is his name?
– Nani It is normal. His name is Hrithik.
How is it? – It is great. Height?
– 5 feet 10 inches He is 6 feet 2 inches. Will he be stylish?
– He thinks to be. But, this guy is very stylish. What is his job?
– Co-director for a serial. He is the Managing Director for a company. Income? 10 to 15… – Thousands?
– Yes. He too earns 10 to 15.
But in lachs Salary in lachs and a luxurious life.
He fixed for you seeing your photo. I said what I had to. It is now your wish. Hello Nani,
I need to speak urgently with you. What do you want me to do? What are you thinking to do? I too feel what brother said was better.
So, I think… Look Sirisha, out of the 100 crore population in India,
there will not even be a 1000 creative like me. But, the Hrithik like people doing regular
jobs you said would be in crores. I am one in a thousand and
he is just one in those crores. Think who you want putting your brain. I too am thinking the same,
like what would happen to you if I go away. Hello, do not feel about me.
I am very happy without you. Out of 100 crore population in India,
if women are 50 crores… there would be about a 5 crore unmarried girls
looking average like you with a normal education. I can easily find girls like you very easily. But, you can never find
a guy like me if you miss once. Think and tell.
Do you want me or that fellow? I understood one thing based on this.
That is girls should not be given options. I gave a choice between me
and that fellow and she selected that fellow. Anybody in such situations
would grow a beard and drink. My bad luck is that,
I do not have both of those. But my mom did not agree,
though I said not to drink. Have it.
– Mom… Yes, your mom is saying. Have it dear. No mom, it would be bitter. To bring down your pain,
you have to though it is bitter. No mom, please.
– Drink it bloody. You keep coughing full day
and your dad is unable to sleep because of that. Thus he brought this medicine
from Ayurveda hospital. Dad would scold me if you do not drink this.
Drink it. If you were married,
I would have been free from this work dear. Ok dear, when are you bringing my
daughter in law, the new Sirisha? Mom, that name of Sirisha should never
again be heard in our house. Give it here. Give that medicine here Tea is very good dude.
– It is always good here dude. Hey Nani is here, order another tea. I do not want.
– Why dude? I gave it up. – What is it?
Anyone would start new habits failing in love. Why are you giving up even the existing? Hey, why should I be like all?
Liver is more important to me than the lover. Correct! I knew that snakes would avenge But for the first time I came to know
that even names would avenge. Be careful with the names,
at least the next time you fall in love. Me and love? I will never again love in my life. Even if I love, will definitely not
love the girl with the name Sirisha. Hey Nani, all such are very common in life.
You do not feel dear. Will you stop your bloody sympathies?
I am actually very happy right now. What is this dude? What else?
It was not a single torture all these days. It was a tension thinking of the call,
another tension if the call does not come. Greeting card, message cards, gifts,
bouquets and Facebooks! Added to all these were those crazy poetries. Most irritated thing was to always
keep praising that dirty face. She anyways do not have common sense,
but do not also had the dressing sense. She puts on a green scarf on red dress
and asks how that is? I used to put aside the heart
and suppress irritation to say it was good. I somehow came out of that problem now.
I am very happy now. I thought it is all happy now.
But, was into a bigger problem than that. That is my story. Sorry, looks like you are a bit bored. A bit? You started in the night and it is 3 now. Neither you slept nor allowed me to sleep.
You went on saying. I just asked one thing to my bad luck. Hi, I am Rakesh from US.
What about you, dude? Hi, I am Nani.
There is not much to say about me. Because I am neither a successful person
nor a failure person. But you need to know about me. Like saying whole of Ramayana
when asked for the name of Ravana… do you narrate your entire flash back for
just asking that one question? You said something saying 1st Sirisha,
2nd Sirisha and all those things. It is ok, you said to have been into a big problem.
What happened then? That is my personal matter. All this too was your personal,
why did you say all this then? I did not say as you asked,
I wanted to and so I said. Tell the whole thing when you started.
Please dude, please. Ok, I will just say one single scene
as you are requesting so much. Ok, tell me. In my life without any villains till
then, two villains entered at once. Sir, this is the girl we wanted. Is this the girl for sure?
– Yes sir, For sure this is the girl.
All details have correctly matched. Kidnap her today itself. We will sacrifice her
tomorrow night in the forest. Ok sir. My God! Who is he and
why is he trying to kill that girl? Who is that girl and what is she for you? She is my lover. Lover? When did she become your lover
and what happened to her now? Have I not said that
I would say only one scene? Not that boss, please what happened next? I am into great tension,
please tell what happened next. I already said, do not ask me
anything else and I will not tell you anymore. I am feeling very sleepy and you to sleep. Not that, next
– Good night Why is this fellow given me such a shock? What I gave is not a shock, but a break. Hello boss, hello! Get up! What bro? – You are sleeping happily by yourself.
Who is that girl? When did she become your lover
and why is that fellow trying to kill her? Please tell what happened then.
– Have I not said that it is personal? This too was your personal and
why did you tell this all? I said it as I felt like sharing it with someone. It is your wish either you share or tag.
Tell me what happened next. I am getting sleep.
– Tell me boss, I am getting frustrated. What shall I do if you are getting frustrated? Nothing, have this cool drink and tell
the remaining story getting relaxed bro. Have you loved anyone?
– No That is why you are so cool. You would have
Known if you were in my situation. It would be like putting on the gas stove
and sitting on it. Yes bro, what else can you do?
Even mind gets spoilt if you fail in love. All these girls are so. They sip like ice when in need
and once done they throw us away like the stick. Bloody, they are cheaters for sure. No boss, tell anything to me if you want.
I cannot bear if you say them anything. As you are so good, they make you believe
completely and cheated to the most. Say whatever boss, both of your
Sirishas were completely selfish. Boss, you are saying them selfish
as you just heard the first half. Listen to the balance and say the same then. That day, when I saw Sirisha
– Sirisha? First or second? Come on, when I saw first Sirisha
for the second time. If I had married him,
I would have been living in dung. Wow, great! You spoke so,
as you wanted him to listen, right? Being selfish, you dumped Nani and married Prakash.
But Nani is calm as he is a good fellow. If it was someone else, he would have
blackmailed you and ruined your life. Do not play anymore with
the good heart of Nani. No, I talked so as I wanted
Nani to listen to my words. He should completely lose the love on me.
He should raise his anger. – Why? It is your luck if you come,
else it is a loss for you. Nani!
– Sirisha Dad, Nani is very good. He loves me very much.
Please get us both married dad. Ok, I will agree. But on one condition. Ask him leave that film field and get into
some small job. I will then agree for it. No dad, Nani likes films a lot. His dream is to become a big director. That is why I am saying, I cannot get you married
to the one who lives in dreams. I am fine if my son in law has no money,
but should be a stable person. If he really wants you, ask him to leave the films.
If he wants films ask him to leave you. If I say this to Nani, he would
leave his passion on films for me. I do not like that. He should become a big director
and he should be in that range. No problem if I am gone away. As I wanted him
to achieve his goal, I talked so. What have you decided dude? What is to decide? His dad does not like cinema field
and his mom does not like Royal Enfield. For that, shall I sit in some stores and
get busy into packing grocery? I knew Sirisha for two years,
but films for twenty two years. When asked to choose between Sirisha
and cinema, I will go for Cinema. Tell me now boss, who is selfish? It is definitely you. Her love was genuine.
Why have you not said all this before? Is this a film to tell scene to scene?
This is the life. I will tell just like this.
If you do not like it, I will stop. Please no, tell as you like. First Sirisha is
genuine but not the second. Because, she changed the party,
once she got a rich fellow. She is selfish.
This is confirmed, no doubts. Boss, I need to say another scene to you. I said what I had to. It is your wish now. But, I do not need the one taking me in a Benz car brother. I am fine with the one taking me out on a bike. I and Nani are sincerely in love. It is enough if I get married to him
and I do not need anything else. I can be happy for lifelong. How can you be? You cannot. How can you be lifelong happy marrying
a handicapped guy? You cannot. Did you not understand? Immediately after you marry him,
he will not have a leg and hand. You know very well about me.
Think about it. Look Sirisha, you do not worry
about such silly threats. Not that Nani, my brother is a big rowdy.
He is already been twice to jail. Why do you say it like he is been abroad? Nani, you do not know about my brother. When there was a small difference in property
divisions, he attempted to kill even my dad. Now, if we marry he would definitely kill you.
It is your wish now. What do you want me to do now? What are you thinking to do? That is, I too feel what brother said is better. I came to know later that her
brother was of Tamil films villain type. He would have cut my head,
if I had married her. Poor girl, to give me a life
she sacrificed her love. You are not an ordinary fellow boss. Do you say all your favourable scenes first
and make them negative? It is ok, who is that third girl? Do not ask about that girl.
I will never say even if you ask. Why? Because this is the station I should get down at. Bye boss.
– Tell it completely and go, dude. Please dude, stop. Please. Sorry boss, we shall meet again. Bye.
– Please! Hey… Hey!
– Has the train come so fast? It is come and gone already. Move. It is one month since came from Kerala.
You are settled here, will you not come there again? My wife is carrying in third month. My father in law has warned to break my legs
if I go there again till the ninth month. Boss…Boss! Hey, why did you get down here? It is the next station, Rajahmundry
where you should get down, right? No problem, I will take an auto and go
if needed or walk along the track there. Tell me the story of that third girl first boss.
Please tell. Hey, who is this guy like an animator
running away from Universal studios? Hey, how do you know that I am an animator?
– That is because your face looks like a cartoon face. You said about me, shall I tell about you?
Your name is Rambabu, right boss? Hey, what is this guy saying
Facebook profile looking at the face? He is Rakesh.
Boss, your guess is correct. He is that Rambabu character of my story. He would give even his life for me if needed. I will not give, but he would take by force. Have you said even my biography? What just your biography?
He said about first and even the second Sirisha. While saying about the third girl,
station has come and he got down Is this any epic to make
everyone sit and narrate? You stop bro. You tell bro,
what happened then? Please tell. Wow, even the professional producers
will not show so much interest to listen to my story. But you being a co-passenger getting ready even for
walk to listen to my story, I liked your commitment. Thank you.
– I am giving you a bumper offer. I will not give any more breaks
and narrate my whole story. Wow, thank you so much.
– Hey stop it bloody, stop it. Tell, what happened next. Hey, it is great. This fellow like the ladies
to know what happens in the next episode And you showing a bit of recap and making
to wait, combination of you both is great You be calm, bro.
– You have not given up your serial habit. You stop bro. You tell bro. Please continue.
– Ok… After both Sirishas have gone away from me,
I once went to my village. Keep the auto to a side.
– What is this mom? You brought me though I was not willing.
See now. I am irritated with this RR of crying. Who likes death? No problem if you skip a marriage,
but would get offended if you do not attend a death. Look sister in law,
what a dreaded thing has taken place. Look, aunt has seen. Wish her. What aunty, how are you? Bloody, you harassed when I said to wish.
Do you not know what to do and when to? You are saying me,
do you not know how to go in such occasions? You came getting ready like the heroine
of our serial. And again saying me. Ok, stop it. Be calm sister in law, how did it happen?
– She died with heart stroke early in the morning. Phone ringing.. Oh no, this Nani is killing with too many missed calls.
Whatever may happen today, I will not call him back. Why is this fellow not calling back,
though I gave a missed call? Hey, he texted call me.
See the fun now. Message sent failed?
Bloody, he too has developed. I too will see, why he will not call me back. Phone ringing.. Look, yes! Tell me Nani, I wanted to call
but no balance in my phone. No problem dude,
what can you do without balance? It is fine, a matter took place in
the shooting day before. – What is it dude? Nothing dude, you know
our director, right? – Yes He suddenly took the heroine into
bedroom and after taking… – Then? He will call me back now for sure. Phone ringing.. Hello!
– What did he do taking her? He shot two sentiment scenes.
– Shooting? Will he do b*** instead of shooting in a shoot? Hey, you said no balance in your phone right?
– That is… Do not show your bloody intelligence.
– It is fine, where are you? I came to a function dude. Function? Is food there?
Shall I bring all our guys? Hey, this is not a function
you are thinking like. Falling behind love, saying a small word
Listening to her word, it is sweet every daypart Do not stop my breathe
with your looks dear The meaning cannot be understand dear,
what is that? Is this magic yours or mine?
This pain is sweet like a pleasure Do you not have this at least a bit… Hello Nani!
– Hello Rambabu Hey, I just saw a beautiful girl dude.
– Again the world is again looking colourful, right? Yes… Has the song started again?
– Correct. Bloody stop, the same story every time.
Are you not getting monotonous? No dude. This time it is definitely love.
Really dude, believe me. The customer you are calling is
not responding at present. Hello!
– Hello.. Hello, take Tea. I do not drink coffee and tea.
– Ok. Do you not have any Boost or Horlicks? Look, this is not any marriage
and I am not any maid. When all were stressed out crying,
I took a lead and brought tea. Drink if you want or leave it. Sorry
– It is ok. One second.
Have I seen you anywhere before? No, why? Because, I thought to have seen somewhere Where?
– That is what, where? Chinni!
– Coming aunty You keep thinking, I will just be back.
Bye. What dude, was that girl really so cute? Yes, dude. Like the moonlight in saree
and jasmines walking Like watching a Close up ad when smiling
and like Singer Suneetha dubbing when speaking Is it so?
– is it a comedy? Why do you talk like such an idiot? That is our specialisation.
Have you known her name, place and address? I do not know anything dude.
She vanished sparkling like a lightening. She was not seen again, dude. That girl came there means you
and that girl would surely have a relation. Correct dude.
Mother would know about that girl, if we ask her. Mother… mother! What would you know asking mother? Nothing, day before there was a fair girl in
white half saree, right? Who is she? The girl in white half saree?
No idea, I did not bother in that atmosphere. That is the matter. Even mom does
not know the matter. What shall we do now? One idea! That girl may come again if some
function takes place in your family, right? Yes correct dude. Mom! What again?
– Are there any functions or marriages nearby? For what? Nothing, I am staying here for a week
and thought would attend if there are any. This is bad time and no functions or marriages
would take place. Even if they do, they will die. Oh no, what to do now dude? Hey, your mother gave a lead. Auspicious time
is needed for marriage, but not for death. Take out the list of those
ready to die in your family. Hey you are great Rambabu Apparao, 98 years not out. All those who thought
he would die have died. But he is very strong like a wall built with
Nagarjuna cement. Difficult with him. Next is Tatarao, 95 years. He is into defence
in the hospital from the past six months. He is of Rahul Dravid’s type.
Even this wicket is a doubt. Next is Ramarao, 85 years.
He is recently joined Apollo with a heart attack. Doctors expressed a doubt.
It is like this wicket may be down. God, see to that this call is that same call. Oh no, uncle!
– Yes He is died immediately after thinking of him.
Let him live for 100 years. You said just 85? Mom listen to me.
– What? Take some time and console all at leisure. Okay?
– Okay, son. Where is my Chinni? Hi. Why are you laughing in yourself? That is…That is…
– No problem, say me. What do you remember looking
at those people beside the dead body? Shall I say? Is it not like the celebration of
Pakistanis when India wicket has fallen? Stop it, it does not look nice if someone observes.
They would think otherwise. What is he to you?
– He will be a dead body as he is passed away. What was he when alive?
– Nothing to me, but uncle to my mom. That means grandfather.
– Yes, what about you? Grandpa for me too That means, you are a brother
to me in relation. You do not decide so immediately.
Please think a bit coolly. May be the chain has gone wrong
and the relation is reversed. Okay… Oh sorry, you will become
my cousin in relation. Thanks…
That much relation is enough. But, very far. Whatever may be the distance,
we can travel in a bus if required. Chinni!
– Yes, coming aunty Aunt is calling, we will meet again. Bye.
– Okay, bye. May be for us to get to know each other… All the defence batsmen of our family took
the pavilion path at once. I came when those husky eyes
have called me Heart is gone and not to be found,
what is this magic? In this love, heart is missed and I came to you
It showed dreams and disturbed me, come dear Hey Rambabu, another wicket is down
– Yes… – Yeah! Hi!
– Hi… Why did you not come to Tenali,
the day before? On the same day, I went to
Satyanarayanapuram as aunt had expired. I searched for you there,
but you did not come. Is it?
– Yes So funny… Chinni!
– Yes, coming aunty Do not do magic with the naughty looks
Magic is the work of unstoppable looks Do not tranquilise me slowly
with your eye ball You are the lid of my dream’s eye In the journey of times
In the love of your company I will become the better half
I will be with you like time I came when those husky eyes have called me
Heart is gone and not to be found, what is this magic? I came when those husky eyes
have called me In this love, heart is missed and I came to you
It showed dreams and disturbed me, come dear We were one with single life in the previous life Your company and words are
more than the sky and earth for me Why are we born now as two bodies? It is your celebration to enjoy the love It is written in this air
Love in the world is a magic Which does not melt like a second
Which stays forever like a boon I came when those husky eyes have called me Heart is gone and not to be found,
what is this magic? Nani
– Yes sir Bring that bed here and
we will shoot that scene. Sir, we have been shooting
in the same house since I joined with you. You say this is the Railway station
and Police station too. This would become the hospital
and even the restaurant. This will become the bedroom
and even the bathroom. We need to do the serial in the same way.
Else, lady audience will not agree. You go and bring the heroine.
We shall finish that bedroom scene. But, we had committed this as
the Hero’s house, right sir. Will it be written on the walls that this is the
hero’s house? Learn boys, learn. – Ok sir. When would you become Rajamouli
if you are so? Hello Nani, our grandfather
– Where? In Patancheru.
– I am just coming there. Hi. – Hi…
– Thanks for coming How can I be without coming after knowing
that you had come when I am in the same city? Does that mean, you came just to see me? If not, do you think I came
to see the dead body? What are you searching for? No snacks out here? Not even tea out here. They started at 7
in the morning and are crying continuously. Even the lunch is a doubt. In the happiness of listening to the death news,
I came from the shooting even without taking food. Actually, even I am feeling hungry. Shall we do one thing? We will a take small break,
go fast, have breakfast and come back. Idea sounds good,
but anyone seeing may think wrong. Come on, everyone is busy crying.
Nobody is free enough to think about us. Ok then, but one condition.
– What? Treat is mine.
– No, treat is mine. If needed, you give the treat when we meet
in Pithapuram for the function of uncle. He is still not gone, right? How can it be?
Next wicket is him as per our order. As you say, let us go. Bearer!
– Sir… Sir, tell me sir. Two Upma Pesarattu. Only one. No, both for me. What do you want? Idly.
– Only Idly? We will not give just idly sir.
We also give sambar and chutney along with it. Joke is good and it will be better
if the items too are good. Go! Sorry sir What more, tell Chinni? What else, exams are nearing.
I am a bit tensed as this is final year. Hey Rambabu, I am not busy.
Call me again. Ok.. What, did he say not busy? This is your name. I kept as ringtone
to listen to this always. Do not call me so, I get irritated. Why, is your name not Chinni?
Why are you irritated then? That is not my name. As I am the smallest
in family, they call me Chinni. That is my pet name. Pet name? What is your real name then? My real name is Rama Vani…
– Rama Vani? Rama Vani Sri Durga Katyayani Bhramaramba
Bala Surya… – Stop, stop. Look, you do not need to say names
of all in your colony. Just say your name. Oh no, this is all my name. Rama Vani… Hello, do not start from the beginning.
Just say the last name that is enough. Bala Surya Naga Satya Sirisha. Sirisha?
– Yes Sirisha. I had been thinking that this bloody
name would be there to your bloody face. Excuse me, talk with respect.
– What respect to you bloody? Do you cheat me hiding your real name? What, have I cheated by hiding my name? Then, why did you not tell that
Chinni was not your real name? Do you have any sense? Will anyone keep the name
as Chinni, Bobby, Bunty and so on? Your name is Nani, is that original?
Real name would be some Subbarao or Apparao. That is different and this is different. Ok, my name is Sirisha,
What is your problem with that? Your name itself is the problem. I would not have
come to you if I knew that your name is Sirisha. This is cheating. Yes, all those named
Sirisha are with a difference. Yes, all those named Nani are waste fellows. What are you screaming bloody?
– Hold your tongue. I have no brains to be talking to those
making mess for the name. Correct, I spoke for so long not knowing
that you had no brain. You knew, right? Do not speak anymore.
Even if you come by yourself and talk, I will not talk. If I do so, my name is not Sirisha. I would carried you on
my head if your name was not Sirisha. If I talk to you again by mistake,
I would slipper myself with Paragon or Bata shoe. You and your bloody face, get out.
– Good bye Yes, I am always a good boy
and you are a bad girl. Hey, what happened dudes?
Why are all so dull? Do you not know, our guy
has failed again in love? Will he not? He is not failed just once,
but two to three times. How if he still does not get to know. Hey, has Dhoni stopped playing cricket
for getting out twice? Have we stopped playing cards
for giving full count twice? Love too is the same dude.
– Bloody, do not say idiotic logics. Because of you he became like this. Hey Nani, I should tell you one thing.
– What dude? My uncle is seen a good job for me.
– Why are you saying such a good news so bad? But the job is not here, but in Kerala.
– So what? How can I go alone leaving you all?
Thus I said no. Hey, are you gone mad?
Why do you ruin your life for all of us? Listen to me, go and join that job. I would have joined some other time,
but I cannot go now leaving you in this position. Hey Rambabu, all these are normal to me. It would be painful for a week and
then it would get habituated. But, opportunity does not always come.
Listen to me, go and join immediately. Hey Nani, I would have not heard to this even if
my dad had said it. But I cannot say when you say it. I love you Nani.
– I love you too. Start dude, careful.
– See you dude. Rambabu! – What, dude?
– All the best. Thanks dude. Bye. Thank God, was thinking
how to get rid of these idiots. I fell out safely with a sentiment scene.
Even my life would have ruined being with this Nani. Oh no, I need to change the number urgently.
Else, they would call and disturb. Hey, do not feel dude.
– We are all here, even if he is not there. Be normal dude, please.
– Do not feel sad dude. No pain nothing. That Rambabu
is the reason for my failure. No work will be done staying with him.
My luck will have no problem as he is gone now. I became busy in my shooting after
Rambabu and Sirisha went away. Another twist exactly at the same time. What? Will that PK fellow say no dates to us?
He was a small fellow when our serial started. It was me who
made him a hero. Will he now say cannot adjust dates for me? Episode seems to be pending and
I have to send the output. He says no dates now,
what to do my boy? Sir, what if we do one thing?
– What? What if we garland the photo of PK? Idea is good, but on what reason
can we close the character? Nothing sir. In the episode yesterday,
his lover said him I love you. Bathroom with high motions in that emotion… We will get a dialogue written
saying that he died in the Super dear. We will remove that PK with this one
Dialogue and say him to do whatever he can. Chapter will be closed with this shot. In real, chapter of our serial
was closed with that shot. By removing PK, our serial got ruined.
Now, when I stepped in my village.. Here comes the great hero, bloody. He is killed
my innocent PK. Bloody, this sin will not Our villagers who respected me
in first half have… Now started looking at me as a villain
thinking me as the reason for the death of PK. Nani, stop.
– What? I never thought you to do such thing.
– What have I done? Do not talk. Why are you playing
so with the lives of ladies? Playing with lives? I do not know
any other game than the cards. Do not try punch dialogues.
No man hurting ladies has grown up in life. Bloody, I never thought you
would do such injustice to me. You are a big cheater.
You will never come up Nani, never. Mother, listen to me.
Mom, she is talking about the serial. Stop now bloody,
I never thought you would go down so much. I have not done anything wrong as you think mom. Have you not erred? As you have
a pen in hands, you killed PK sir… And now playing dramas as if you did nothing? That means, are you too following our serial? Who do you think is PK?
– I feel an artiste who cannot act. Shut up! PK is like my elder son. I have not expected
own son would cause me the pain. Oh God, even the neighbouring
Parvati aunt should not get such pain. Be calm Savitri, what can we do?
We can give birth to children but not their fate. PK is not gone anywhere, he is among us.
He is in our hearts. He lives forever dear.
Lives forever. I could not understand
what was happening at once. I have never seen tears
in the eyes of my mother till now. I have seen my mother crying for the first time.
I have taken a decision that day. What is that?
– Never to do daily serial in my life. Why dude? My mom stopped eating
in the pain of losing PK. My mother had not reacted so much
even when my grandmother died. Thus, I decided not to make
my mom be worried again. What are you thinking to do now? I am thinking to make a film. Correct dude… Instead of making people cry
continuously with a daily serial… It is better to make them cry
for a week doing a waste film. My foot bloody! If I concentrate and do a film,
that is a super hit for sure. You will put your heart,
but who would put the money? Any producer would invest if there is a good story.
– But, you do not have that story with you, right? Thus I am thinking to go to Kerala. Why, to lift some Malayalam film?
– Shut up, I am going to do a love subject. Yes, that is a subject you have grip on. Is that too a failure love story?
– No, a feel good story. There should be a feel to write that. But, you should have money
for going to Kerala. Thus listen to me, sit at home and watch four
Korean films on internet and your story would be ready. How cheap is a film for you? I am going to write
a love story of Geethanjali range. Writing a story sitting with idiots is like writing
about Niagara sitting at the drain. Thus, I will go to Kerala and come
back writing a good story. That is it. Hey, I remember by Kerala. Our Rambabu is there,
right? Everything is free going to him dude. Yes dude, you reminded greatly
– Call him right now then. No dude, I will give sudden entry
and surprise him. That is also correct. If he knows you are coming,
he would immediately run away from there. I think he is not such a big idiot like you all. Rambabu, I came. Why is it saying that phone is not working? It is his brain which generally
does not work, right? Has he changed his number to escape
from us or what? No doubt. Thinking this idiot would be here,
I came so far. Sorry dude, I unnecessarily doubted
and misunderstood you. Poor fellow, have you come for me?
I am coming for you Rambabu. Rambabu! Rambabu! Hey, why did you land here all of a sudden? If not, am I any cyclone to inform
and come 24 hours in advance? No difference. I came so long to get rid of you and
changed even my number, right? That means, you did not come for me? Will anyone welcome a tsunami? Hey, what did you come for then? I came for tatkal, but have not thought
bad time would come. Stop your bloody comedies
and move to the house now. Where?
– To your house. – My house? No dude, please listen to me.
– Shut up and move bloody. – Nani! Hey Rambabu,
where are you staying exactly dude? There climbing that hill, taking left and right
and climbing the up, it would come. What? Asthma? No, our house. Hey, go slowly.
– Hey, what is the problem? Nothing dude, I bought 6 Jockey
under wears recently in the shop of our Jakeer. I wear one daily from Monday to Saturday. What about Sunday then?
– I wash all these six. Why are you saying that to me now?
– Today is Sunday and a holiday to Jockey. Bloody, if you feel so for that,
whom should I tell about me? What for you dude?
– Every day is a Sunday for me. You are super dude. What else, how are all our guys?
– They are super strong. Wow! Wonderful! Wow, house is great dude. Somehow, these surroundings are
once again looking colourful to me. That means, there should be a beautiful
girl in these surroundings. Right? Hey, how did you know this dude? Will ants not know about jaggery
and mosquitos about drainage? Definitely there would be a super figure somewhere
here for sure. – Stop now and do not talk so here. Why, is there any rule not to see nearby
to your site? – Mine is love at first sight. Keep watching, I will make that
super figure flat for sure. Shut up, she is not a babe. But my wife. Hey, when did you get married? What is that? Have you fixed that I will not
get married for making friendship with you? Who gave you a girl dude?
– One man by name Ayyappa.. Nair?
No, Naidu. My father in law. He gave that girl in marriage
and this house to stay. Giving such a great house means
he should be definitely rich. No, great band party. Hey band party means, he will not
come in the nights and play right? He would beat anywhere if something
goes wrong at any time. Ok, but how long behind that screen
ask that figure once to come out. Sorry, introduce sister dude. Darling..Darling! Hey, have you married Sirisha?
You cheater! Bloody, it is not Sirisha this side
but Suseela that side, whom I married. Susi darling, come here once. I said you my friend Nani,
he is that fellow. Hello!
– Oh, are you Nani? Rambabu says daily about you. It seems, you are the reason
for him today to be in this position, right? Is it, has he said so? Yes, he would have been in a better position
otherwise it seems. No, great lady. You move dude.
Come inside. What Susi, like the bad luck following everywhere
why has that Nani guy come even here? Nothing, it seems he is
a childhood friend of Rambabu. Not only childhood,
but friends even growing big. If he is with such people, he would become
a negative guy. Send him away fast. Siri, you are my friend. Has Rambabu
said no when I said you would be with me? Similarly, how can I say no
when his friend comes. Not that! What no, do not think much about anything?
Come, let us go inside. Come on. This is our tea estate dude. How is it? Why do you say like you are the owner?
You must be working here, right? I will not work, but get the work done.
I am the supervisor. Keeping you as supervisor means,
he should sell this and get into real estate. Shut up bloody, you say so all the time. It is ok, why is Sirisha here dude? Like we both are friends from childhood,
my Susi and Sirisha are friends from childhood. It seems she has some problems and when asked to
stay at our house for job searching, I said ok. Are you any Kandukuri Veeresalingam
to help women in troubles? I cannot stay if she is there.
Send her out immediately. Not that dude, what have you got with her?
Listen to me. Do not try to convince me. I or Sirisha?
– You… Thanks Rambabu.
– Yes dude, you should go. What?
– Yes dude, train will be ready in an hour at the station. By the time you go and take the ticket,
I will come ready with your bag. Will you send me away? It was you who said will not stay if Sirisha is here.
She will stay and you will go. You bloody cheater, you.. Wait, my wife is calling. Susi, ok. I will go and send this fellow.
Ok darling, bye. Hey, what is the matter? Nothing dude, Sirisha has been for an interview.
You go and pick her up. Me, never. For your kind information,
we have no talks between us. Will anyone get into discussion with driver
getting into a share auto? You will go, pick her up
and bring her home. That is it, right? If you are so enthusiastic, you go.
I will go home. Thanks dude, if I go home now,
my wife would make me wash clothes. You go home and I will go to Siri. This is better than that. Go then, here are the keys. Why has he not come yet? She has seen and why can she not come
and get on the bike? He came till here and why can
he not come near and make me get on the bike? Nani, let her come.
– Siri, you do not come down. Hey! Hey, leave me.
– Move! Hey, come on… come.
– Please leave me. Leave me.
– Hey, come. Hey, leave me. No, I will never do again sir.
Leave me sir. If I speak to you again in life,
I will slipper myself. Bloody, I came to receive you, right? Such would not have happened if you
would have come and got onto the bike, right? What receiving me, sir?
I came to kidnap that girl, sir. I will kill if you talk. Tell, who are these? What exactly is your problem and
why did you come here suddenly? Why are these kidnapping you? A guy from Vizag sent this girl’s photo
and asked to kidnap, sir. I will kill if you open your mouth.
Tell what is all this? Why is this fellow hitting asking to tell
and hitting more for telling? Oh, I think this is all the matter
to speak with madam. Silence is not the answer to everything.
Tell if you feel like saying or die to yourself. Yes bloody, I came this far to die myself.
Always is this unreasonable anger. It was the same that day even at
the restaurant. You scolded madly. My bad time, why is even
she hitting like that fellow? Sorry dear, in the emotion that
something may happen to you, I said so. Tell at least now, what happened? I will tell my rowdy. Who else do I have
to share than you? After we fought that day in Hyderabad,
I left to my village. Same time, we thought of inviting
a VIP for our college function. Greetings priest.
– May you long live. What dear, coming after so many days? You know it all Swamiji.
Life was troublesome with the small shop. At that time, you came and said new life
will not come unless I change that old house. Listening to that, when I was dismantling the old house,
I found treasure in the basement I set up a big industry with that treasure
and gave work to a thousand members. All this is your grace Swamiji. Nothing of mine. It was written so
and happened. That is all. But, I am not satisfied with this Swamiji. My target is to become
one among the richest in India. But I know that I cannot
achieve that in my lifetime. Thus I met many Archaeologists regarding
hidden treasures and even met many Swamijis. I got dug everywhere they said.
But there was no use Swami. Luck is enough to hit a lottery son.
But should even have fate to get a treasure. To get treasure where you search,
you need to offer peace. Tell Swamiji what to do.
No problem about the expenses. All deeds will not be done with money. Your dream would come true if you sacrifice
the girl born on full moon day in Kanya rasi… And Hasta star sign on the full moon day. Where would I find the girl
with the qualities you said Swamiji? That depends on your knowledge.
Try, that girl is very near to you. Sir has just called and he would
be here in ten minutes. Be seated. Ok sir, thank you.
– It is ok. Will sir get time to come for
our function or not? This is what is called luck catching like bad luck.
He used to sell garbage ten years back in our street. He found some treasure in
the basement of his old house. That actually should belong to the Government. But, he managed cleverly. I too am thinking the same. How can this idiot earn
so much in such a short time without doing any fraud? We are having to wait for even
such a fellow as we are in a bad time. What did you say bloody?
You comment my dad coming to our house? I will not let you live bloody.
I will kill you. Will you comment… Die, you bloody.
Leave me. I came to know that day as to
how much he likes his dad. He will not let anyone who insults his dad be alive.
He will become like a psycho. Do you say so about my dad, bloody?
Die bloody. Stop my son, stop.
– Do you know, what did he say you dad? Stop Bujji, promise on me
if you hit him anymore. What is this? I am worried what would happen
to you with the mad love on me? Do you know what did he say dad?
Ask him if you want dad. Come here son. Raju, do the arrangements for
my son to travel to US. – Ok sir I will not go leaving you dad.
– No, you have to go No, I will not go dad.
– You have to go, else promise on me. That is it. Take son in side.
Take him in. Go. – Okay, dad. Sorry dear. He cannot bear
anyone saying wrong about me. Tell me on what work have you come here? Friday is our College annual day and we
wanted to invite any celebrity like you, sir. We have thus come here, sir.
– Ok, I will come for sure. Thank you sir. – Ok dear, you leave now.
I will come for sure. – Greets! They searched in matrimony for the girl
having the qualities they wanted. As those matched with my profile,
they decided to give me as a sacrifice. Sir, this is the girl we wanted sir. Is this the girl for sure? Yes sir, this is the girl for sure.
All details have correctly matched sir. Kidnap her today itself. We will sacrifice her
tomorrow night in the forest. Okay, sir. Greetings Swamiji.
Girl with all qualities you said is found. Arrange immediately for the sacrifice.
– Ok Swami Mine is a show. I was taken to the forest that day for sacrificing. Later, I somehow escaped from there
and came back home. My dad had left my mom,
when I was small. We were both ladies and thought of escaping
for some time going away from there. You do not worry. When we called Susi, she asked to immediately
come there. So, I had come to Kerala. Tell now, was what I did a wrong thing? No dear, what you did is not at all wrong. Hey darling, shall I tell a simple solution for your
problem? If you marry immediately… I already have two children Shut up. If you marry immediately,
he will not come to you again. How is my idea? What an idea sir ji? You mean with a fear of that fellow killing me,
shall I marry some Tom, Dick and Harry? Will I not have a heart for myself? Why will you not have a heart dear,
marry the one you like Correct, I am here and
you do not be tensed at all now A handsome guy would be waiting
there at the bike there. If you go there, he would drop you at your house. Thank you sir.
– Bloody, I am saying it to you. Anyways, my dear Rowdy sir
thank you for saving me. Yes! Sir!
– What? Why are you saying all these to me sir?
Why do you both not speak directly? We both are not talking with each other. I see… Bloody, why were you putting
hands on her and talking just before? It is like waking up the
sleeping donkey and getting hit. Hey rowdy, it is getting dark.
Come fast. Sir, that girl is calling me sir.
– Who should go then? You! Have you taken so much time to understand this?
You are so sweet. Rambabu, hey Rambabu! Oh no, why did this fellow come at this time? Hey they dubbed a horror English film
into Malayalam. I stood in queue for two hours
and brought two tickets. Sister, come on start.
– Will you both not come? This arrangement is made to give you privacy. Tell the truth,
is it for our privacy or your privacy? Yes dude. Start fast. You will not understand
anything if you miss the titles again. No problem and no worry even
if Malayalam film titles are missed out I am frightened, I will not go. Hey, why do we go to a horror movie?
To be frightened, right? My fear is not about the film,
but the drama you would do. I am thinking of what you would do here. Do you know what the special is for today? Yes, November 1st and
it is Aiswarya Rai’s birthday. Hey, not just that, it is also my
1st lover Sirisha’s birthday along with her. Two years back, exactly today
I said her I love you, dude. Last year?
– I said to 2nd Sirisha. That means now, oh my God! You bloody fellow! Yes Mr Rambabu, you guessed correctly
and scored 10 out of 10. Hey, she is friend of my Suseela.
If she knows, I will be ruined, dude. Do not put fire in our happy family dude, please. Stop it dude. Sister, you start now.
It is getting late. At least, you can come right? Why me in between you both, you go dear.
– Ok bye – Bye Sirisha what have you done… Made me fall in love with you… Siri… Are you an animal or a human? You said me so much that day and
how are you back again to talk to me? If you have any shame, self-respect,
do not talk to me. Either you see or not, I keep seeing you
Either you talk or not, I keep talking to you… Either you love or not,
I keep loving you… Do you think I fall for you,
if you request me so? You do not know about me.
Have I not said to never show your face in life? Why are you still following me again?
What exactly do you want? I love you.
– Why? I do not know why?
But I know that it is true. How?
– Heart is beating like it is going to blast. For any kind of heart problems,
contact Apollo hospitals immediately. 24 hour emergency services, latest equipped ICU,
treatment from expert Doctors Look Sri, you should not stretch anything till it breaks.
I am saying sorry for my mistakes, right? If anger on me is to be gone,
tell what shall I do? Remember one thing.
We will not know the value of food unless in hunger… value of money unless in need and value those
who l oved us unless we lose them. I take leave forever now, bye. Dear silence, is this your friendship? Dear love, will you not change? Dear silence, is this your friendship? Dear love, will you not change? My heart danced in your lap like a flowing river Started sprinkling love through romantic looks Dear silence, is this your friendship? Dear love, will you not change? New life with you, this moment is so sweet
Memorable memory You are the fresh bond, my heart is yours
and is forever for you It is flowing like a monlight river
at this minute in my lap This moment reached my dreams like a nectar shower Dear silence, is this your friendship? Dear love, will you not change? Some strange story, always beautiful
this boon in immortal Lips want a kiss, everything is offered
Looking very beautiful This separation like the jasmine waves
moved along with my heart beat This attachment has created a layer in my sweetheart Dear silence, is this your friendship? Dear love, will you not change? My heart danced in your lap like a flowing river Started sprinkling love through romantic looks Dear silence, is this your friendship? Dear love, will you not change? Super! I will tell the story next.
Both families agreed and you got married. Then you were coming to Rajahmundry
for honeymoon. Am I right? No doubt dude, after listening to
your story his software is gone completely. What boss, will anyone come single for honeymoon?
That too from Munnar to Rajahmundry. Do you have any brains? Correct! Then what happened next? That villain has kidnapped again to sacrifice Sirisha. What? Has he kidnapped and killed? He just kidnapped and has not still killed. How can you say so exactly? Because it was the sentiment of that
mad guy to sacrifice only on full moon day. Today is the full moon day. – I see
His plan is to do that today night. – I see But, I know very well how to save my Sirisha. Do you have any brains? What would you do? Lift on the top floor automatically comes
down when the switch in the ground floor is pressed. Correct! – I will kidnap his son and bargain
to release only when Sirisha is released. Oh, good idea!
– Diamond is to be cut only with a diamond. Hey, it can also be cut by many other ways. You be calm bro.
Boss, your story has touched me. Tell what help can I do for at least this
3rd Sirisha to be yours. I will do that. Thank you, boss.
We need to kidnap his son first. But, how and where to do that kidnap? He is coming today from
abroad to India in a flight. I understood, kidnap in the flight right?
But, risk is a bit high. No, your brain is less. Who gave you
a job abroad for this brain of yours? Recommendation!
– That can be understood. Hey Rambabu, you stop dude. Look boss, our budget is not enough
for even the ticket in the flight. You do not overthink in Hollywood range. Villain’s son comes to Hyderabad by flight
and comes here in foreign car this way. We will kidnap then. Ok bro, he comes this way in a car.
But, how will we kidnap? I planned already for that.
– What is that? I will go onto the road and ask for lift.
Once he stops the car and gets down, I will kidnap. How is my plan?
– Your plan is like my face. Is it so worst? What if not? If he does not like to give a lift
and goes without stopping, entire plan is a flop, right? It is correct, right.
What shall we do now? You are thinking so much for such a small thing.
Do you not watch movies? We watch Korean movies often to copy.
What about you? I too will watch, but only the piracy ones.
I will tell a great idea with that experience. Hey, you tell the idea
and we will say whether it is good or not. Ok, I will go opposite on the road
and act as if I broke my leg falling under his car. You act like keeping a fight seeing that. With that fear, he would come along
with us to drop us at home. So, we kidnap him in his car without
his information. How is the idea? It is without any clarity,
similar to the piracy CDs you watch. Hey, you stop dude.
Boss, your plan is super. Is it? Why late then, I will go and wait there.
You give me a signal when the car comes. Okay? – Okay, done!
– Okay. What is this fellow? It is almost the morning
and why is he still not come? Do you think the flight
is delayed by any chance? Flight has come in correct time
and he too came in the right time. Has he come? Where? There, that fellow. Hey, is your brain gone speaking with that fellow
or what? Why do you say him as villain’s son? We actually want that fellow in real.
– Is it? It was Rakesh’s father who kidnapped Sirisha. What is this twist dude?
– What exactly happened was… It was not this fellow who kidnapped Sirisha,
as I showed before in the photo. Greetings Swamiji.
This fellow, father of Rakesh. May you live long! Your dream comes true by sacrificing
a girl born on full moon day on a full moon day night. What did you say bloody? Do you insult my dad?
You come to my house and insult my dad? – Stop! Arrange to send him to US.
– Ok sir No dad, I will not go.
– It is a promise on me if you do not go. I will do as you say dad. Sir, this is the girl we want.
– Is it her for sure? Greetings Swamiji,
we found the girl with the qualities you said. Arrange immediately for the sacrifice.
– Ok Swamiji. I enquired about him when
I came to know that Sirisha was kidnapped again I then came to know that Rakesh
is coming today from US. I decided to kidnap his son to get Sirisha released. Oh my, keeping the guy to be kidnapped beside… Why have you shown the photo of
another guy for kidnapping? If say everything to Rakesh and say his father
had done all this, problem would be solved, right? It will definitely not happen.
As far as I know, Rakesh is a good fellow. But his only weakness is his father. How much ever you say that his father did all this,
he will never believe and help us. My foot, if he does not help,
we would have kidnapped him right? Actually till I got into the train,
I thought of kidnapping Rakesh. But to kidnap this personality in a
public place, it is not possible for us. Suppose we forcibly kidnap him… Hey, your father kidnapped my Sirisha.
He feels he would get lucky by sacrificing her. Call your dad fast and ask him
to leave my Sirisha. Hey, my dad would never do such a thing. Even if he has done so,
I would support him but never say no. Because my dad would never wrong
and whatever he does is never wrong. You may kill me but never make me call him.
Do whatever you can. He would say so.
– Oh! Thus, I said him my whole story. But in the scenes of him and his dad,
I said these did it and showed their photos. With that he could not identify
his own character in his story. Thinking others have really done this,
see how much is he trying to help us? Is it for that you told him your whole story
and made him get connected to you? It is fine, but what are you
thinking to do now, dude? Keep seeing, he would himself call his dad.
That too without knowing that he is talking to his dad. Okay…
– I planned it so. You will do anything dude.
But we will be dying in confusion. Problem with you is that you play chess
and play your step. But you play even the step of the opposite guy. Ok dude, where did you find these guys? Villainy is clear by just seeing their photos. One is a junior artist and the
other is junior artist supplier from Rajahmundry. What is the delay dear?
– First time tucking my shirt sir and thus is the delay. It is a costly car, be careful.
– Ok sir. Acting should be realistic like an original NRI.
– I will blast it sir. He is would be great director. If you act well,
he would give a good role in his film. Ok sir.
Understood? Not saying dialogues as it is seeing the scripts,
improvise if needed. – Definitely sir, I will. Prove that our junior artistes are
not just standing behind the hero But would take the story forward if required. I will sir. Ok? – Ok sir.
Careful. – See you sir. Hello director sir, our fellow has just started.
– Ok! Bro, car!
– Done! Oh God, he is broken my leg. Bro, have you ended your life so fast? Oh no, sorry sir. I did not see sir.
Oh no, sorry sir. Bloody, will you finish my dear getting drunk? That is, he had come in wrong route sir. So, if he comes in wrong route
will you kill this kid by giving a dash? I have not dashed him wantedly sir,
please sir. Do you mean to have hit him accidentally?
Will you dash him again wantedly? No, sir. Please sir!
– Leave it bro, he is saying sorry. Leave him. I will somehow go home limping. Sir, if you have no objection
I will drop you home, sir. Stop overacting as your work is done. Is it really so over?
– Has he found out our acting or what? Bloody Rambabu!
– Sorry dude. I will see into your matter afterwards. Sir, please come sir. I cannot understand the actions
and reactions of anyone here. Hey, stop. I too am coming. Uncle! Aunty! Oh God! Sir, I did the kidnap well, right sir?
– Yes, you did well. Go Thank you sir. I did the kidnap fine, right bro?
– You did it great. He is not knowing that
he himself is kidnapped. Come on… What an acting dudes? Sir, my portion is over now
and I will leave. Where would you go? You came first time
to my friend’s room. Have something and go. That is I do not take much of Tea and coffee.
What about a drink then? – What drink? Why did you hit so bro? What shall I say to
his agent if something happens to him? Agent?
– What shall I say to his dad? Nothing happened to him. He would get up
in an hour. Let us have breakfast by then. Whose is this lungi bro? What do I know? It was in
this room and I wore it. Shit!
– That is not here, but outside. You and your crazy talks. Bro, have you seen how I kidnapped him in
his own car without even the auto expenses. Even my friend has the same feeling. Whose is this room?
– Who else, it is his. That is, I took my friend’s room to
kidnap this fellow. I see!
– What is our next step bro? Lawrence master would come and
make us do the Sitar step. Bloody, you stay calm.
Let him get up first. Hey, he is moving. Bro! – Me, Where am I?
Is this your next dialogue? I understood it all.
You hit me with the stick and tied in the chair. Oh no, you are too sharp bloody.
– Stop your nonsense and say what you need. Nothing, first you call your dad and
ask him to release my Sirisha. Sirisha? Who is Sirisha? Bro, do you not know who Sirisha is?
– Yes. – I will tell you that. Sirisha is the third lover of our guy.
Actually 1st and 2nd Sirisha are married. When our friend is in love with 3rd Sirisha Bro, is it necessary now to tell
all this to this fellow? Poor fellow does not know your love story,
right? Thus I am saying it to him. By the time we say it all to him,
his dad would kill Sirisha. What is about this killing?
– Yes, that is a point… Look bloody, your father is
going to kill my Sirisha now. If something happens to her,
you will not be alive. Call your dad immediately
and ask him to leave her. Else, you will not go out from here. You are mistaken. What is my dad
and kidnapping? You know my dad is We know, he is a business man. But there is
another angle in your father which you do not know. He is mad about blind beliefs… It seems someone said he would get treasures
by sacrificing some girl born in some time. And thus he is planning to sacrifice
our third Sirisha. Everyone should get easy money
and should not work hard. Will you stop that?
My dad would surely have not done that. Even if dad had done so,
I will support him but never object him. Daddy is always right.
– What idiot, is your whole family like this? You look to be a bigger idiot than your father. What are these blind beliefs even
in these internet days? I feel sad reading such news
daily in the newspapers. They are killing kids
and virgin girls for getting money freely. All are again educated fools. These are so crazy to spend ten lachs to
buy lottery tickets to get a lach rupees. Greatly said bro! If you had said the same with your dad,
we would have not needed such a big trauma, right? What dad?
– That is, if he speaks with his dad If you say another word about my dad,
I will not ley any of you be alive. What bloody, is so much love there between you both? Do not waste time and call your dad,
ask to leave Sirisha. You may kill me,
but cannot make me talk. Bloody, why are you such a fool? Are you not bothered
even when a girl is losing her life? Why are you requesting this fellow boss? What is he speaking?
Is his any great Amitabh’s voice? I know a bit of mimicry
and will speak like him. You call him first. What, will you speak like me? Thank God, you
have not said to sing like SP Balasubrahmanyam. Leave it boss,
what if something goes wrong? No problem would come. I know mimicry.
You see how I speak like him today. Look, you do not need to do mimicry. Speak
like as you speak and that is what we need. Rambabu!
– What dude? Will you do me a help?
– Tell me dude. Boss, you will get your third Sirisha
for sure. No problem. Oh no, why is that number before
Sirisha every time boss? Ok, please trust me.
Give me just one chance. You gave a chance for my acting. Similarly give
a chance even for my dubbing. Please. Ok done!
– Ok call him. What happened? – Balance is low on phone
and thus I gave a missed call. Oh no, a missed call even now? Ok, I will give my phone. Call from it. Wow, you finally achieved what
you wanted to dude. Hello my dear son! Listen carefully to what I am saying.
Your son is in my custody. Hey bloody, who are you? Lover of Sirisha,
whom you have taken to kill. If something happens to her,
not even bones would be left in your son’s body. Will you listen to the voice of your son? Bro, manage.
– Catch my neck, catch. What a great talent bloody?
Try in Tamil. Hey, speak with your son. Come on. Dad, they are saying something dad. It seems you wanted to kill some girl.
That too for some hidden treasures. I know dad that you will not do such things. Because even when the whole world sleeping… you worked hard for more than
20 hours a day and came to this stage daddy. You believed in hard work,
but not the luck daddy. I know it daddy. They are not believing when I am saying them all this. If what they said is true by chance,
I will die for you daddy. You do whatever you feel is correct for you daddy.
Because my dad will never do any wrong thing. Nothing done by daddy will be wrong.
I love you daddy, I love you. Have you heard how much
your son believes in you? You are the example to say how much
one grows in life by working hard. People like you should be like role models for
youngsters like us, but doing such deeds is not correct sir. I agree dear, even a blind faith is like a drug.
Those in that effect will not know what they are doing. I am sorry dear, I did wrong.
Do not harm my son. I will give you as much money you need. Sir, I kidnapped to save
my Sirisha but not for money. I am sorry dear,
situation is gone out of my hands. Even I cannot save that girl now.
– Why, what happened? We planned to kill that girl today at 12
in the night in the Maredumilli forest. I do not even know where
my people have kept her. Then call your men immediately
and say not to do anything to her. No use dear, there will not be signals there.
No phone works there. Bloody, what have you done? One minute! Do not cut the phone, please.
Do not harm my son, do not kill my son. Please! Bloody, it seems they put Sirisha in
Maredumilli forest. There will not be any phone signals there
and he too does not know where they kept her. Even 12 months are not enough
to search in the forest. How to search before midnight 12? Boss, think a bit logically
without getting tensed. It is the same difficulty for those rowdies to carry that
girl in the forest as it is for us to search, right? So, they would be nearby to the road source. If we all together search hard,
it will not be heard to find her. Boss, you are genius and a God gifted friend.
Ok, let us go. – Come… Boss, one second.
I too will come along with you. Maredumilli 160 Km You go that side and we will go this side.
– Ok Come on!
This side! That way… This way… Come on… Sirisha… Let us go that way, come. Hey! Hey, you are dead!
– Will you kill a girl? Boss, they have gone. They have gone, nothing would happen to you.
Okay… Boss, nothing happened to you, right? Sirisha is been left out there itself. Sirisha…Sirisha! Nani! Sirisha! I love you Sirisha. Oh no, keeping the engagement
of son on one side… Why are you watching TV so freely? Final over dear, go I will come. Savitri!
– Coming aunty. Hey Rakesh! What is this boss, you too are so late?
– By the way, he is my dad. Hello sir.- Hello. Sorry my boy, that was
No problem uncle, forget all that. Thank You. Thank you very much.
– It is ok uncle. I have another work, I will leave.
– Ok uncle. Anyway, all the best. Greets.
– See you sir. He is apologising so much just for coming late
for the function means my dad is so great. Yes, very great. We know that. Why is the decoration like this? Is art direction
by Rambabu? – Yes, this fellow. How should your function be boss?
Look, I will do it. What dude, does he still not know
that his father is the villain? Not now, but he will never know that. Even he does not know that this fellow
does not know this matter. What if they both discuss later? Maximum, they will not because
the sinner will never let out about that. That too is true.
– Whatever, he is changed and that is enough. They have changed, but you have not changed.
You are confusing all like before. Sir, hello sir. – Hello, come.
– How did our guy act sir? He is of the range putting Kamal Hasan and
Prakash Raj in a mixer. – Thank you director sir. Ok, you go and have breakfast.
– Ok sir. Have you come, go and eat. It is not enough
to grow the body, use your brains a bit. India is going backwards because of people like you.
Bloody people and crazy beliefs, get out bloody. Bro, shall I out this garland there?
– Ok, go on. What is he sir?
Why is he scolding inside himself? He is scolding you. Me? What have I done sir? You are a big villain in his views. You have done a character
in my story without your knowledge. Me?
– Yes Showing your photo,
I made him visualise villain character. Our guy will not leave anybody.
He uses all completely like the Rin soap. He showed your photo
and made you a villain. What is this sir? Have you found only
my photo for the villain character? Nothing, he watches Indian films
over internet. As per his knowledge he imagines
a body like Jayaprakash Reddy for the villain As your face had more of that features,
I showed your photo. In real, both Rakesh and
his dad are good people. His father has blind beliefs
and he has a blind faith on his dad. Good artiste in this whole episode
is our Bujji. Keep it up. Thanks sir. – Why these compliments sir,
give him some character. I have already given characters
to you both in my film. Sir, thank you so much sir. Hey, what are you saying a film.
Have you found the producer? Yes.
– Is it? Who? Our Rakesh. He liked the way
I said the story interestingly. With that he said would produce. By mistake, is it a love story? No…I will not say that,
but will say one thing for sure. What is that? If I make the film with heart,
super hit guarantee.


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