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yes mumma where are you son? you have not reached yet it’s so late now mumma i was little occupied today in office i am on the way,will be reaching in one hour i am worrying about you son you should have called me mumma I am driving right now i will talk to you later bye maa bye beta yes please are you going till sankari(place)? not till there but somewhere near that by the way where you have to go? there is a signal around 4 kms before that place sankari there only i have to go ok come…i will drop you there thank you by the way my name is Naseem and what is your name? what is your name? Deepak Chauhan why are you so late? Deepak ji actually there was a birthday party in the office today so i got really very late but how come you are here so late? you are fortunate that i met you otherwise you could not get any help on this deserted road your tie is very nice huun thanks you didn’t answer me i am here since so many dark nights what do you mean? do you know? there was a big accident on this road around 15 days back the one who died in that accident is me how silly !! listen get down from my car… come out of my car, please you will not listen to me. come out …now i don’t mean to harm you what ever you mean? i don’t want to talk to you…you come out of the care. please don’t be scared of me i just need a help from you ..just a favour from the past 15 days i have been trying to stop people..you are the first one who stopped don’t be scared of me,come and sit inside i need a help from you what kind of help? there is a village around half kilometre far from here…kuntur.. i belong to that place my old parents live in that village i was the only son of my parents i used to love a girl,Malti
her name was malti we both wanted to marry each other her family was not happny with our relation i came to know later that her parents forcefully marry her some where else i could not tolerate that i could not live without her i suicided in front of a fast car but now i realised that it was a big mistake of mine i should not have done this i am haunting you please go to my house and tell my parents that i loved them very much but i have not done anything for them


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