El Cine en Granada

The link between Hotel Alhambra Palace & the World of Cinema especially Hollywood movies, goes back to the very beginning, this hotel since it opened was well known in the American market, particularly in California was and still is is transcendental in 1920 Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Pickford, The Biggest Silent Movie Stars at that time stayed at Hotel Alhambra Palace, it´s logged in our archives and they took a photo on the Hotel terrace since then, many other Hollywood Film Stars have come to Granada as tourists to enjoy the city we have an impressive guest list starting off with Laurence Olivier Vivien Leigh, Henry Fonda, Lauren Bacall Sophia Lauren, Glenn Ford Jane Stewart, Anthony Quinn the list goes on, it´s much longer really amazing, right up until today in recent years Brad Pitt, Timothy Dalton or William Defoe have slept in the hotel we have fond memories of all of them because they all enjoyed their stay at Hotel Alhambra Palace Enjoying Granada, Sitting out on our terrace enjoying house cocktails, contemplating the views tasting regional cuisine in our panoramic restaurant relaxing in our hotel lobby and happily staying here anonymously they are many stories that I could share but perhaps the one about Orson Welles one of the key figures in the history of cinema, especially relevant he came to Granada to film outside shots for a Don Quixote Film he filmed in the North of Granada province, in Guadix, in the desert and also in the Woods of the Alhambra he set up his production studio inside the theatre at our hotel for 2 weeks working hard inside the hotel he organised a party in the hotel, inside the Hotel Alhambra Palace theatre because his friends Charlton Heston & Sofia Lauren were in Madrid shooting ´El Cid¨ this was in 1960 also in the hotel was Glenn Ford & Mario Moreno ´Cantinflas´ Between all of them they had a huge party legend has it that it lasted 24 hours But I also want to mention Spanish Cinema too from Pedro Almodovar to Paco Rabal, also Lola Flores or any of the dozens of important Spanish actors and directors have also stayed at our hotel Spanish Cinema has also been an important prescence at the hotel and also relevant productions have been filmed such as ´Días Contados´ or ´Todo es posible en Granada´ have been filmed here at the hotel the relationship with Hollywood movies and Spanish cinema is very intense and important in the history of this hotel.

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