Eleanor Keiller: Drama and Theatre Arts

When I was at six or seven, I
remember playing an old lady in a play at my amateur dramatics and it was just
so much fun. I think in particular with my GCSEs, I
was doing a lot of different subject and drama was a kind of creative outlet and
I really enjoyed my other subjects but kind of explored so much more in theatre. I really discovered the academic side of
drama and when I was searching for my university and Birmingham really kind of
is very strong in the academic study of theatre. I chose Birmingham primarily
because of the scope of theatre that the course covers and you can do so many
different modules in your first year that are compulsory modules and then you
specialize as you go through your third year and even in your third you can still
explore such a wide range of modules and that are perfectly tailored to what you
want to do. My favorite module has got to be a third-year module and that I chose
called Applied theatre and it was actually taught by an external
practitioner who works quite prominently in the field and so it’s
very up-to-date and current teaching. I think when I came to university I didn’t
have a very good idea of the careers available in Drama and Theatre Arts and it
kind of becomes like actress, director or writer and actually the course itself has
opened my eyes to so many different careers that I could
take. Now that I finished my degree here at Birmingham, I’m going to be going on
to do a Masters degree in applied theatre and intervention, either progressing
that to a PhD after that year or going into the field of prison theatre and working
through theatre for rehabilitation purposes. Next year I’m going to be staying here
in Birmingham and to be the Guild of Students President and I think I’ve
changed as a person not only as a student while I’ve been here at Birmingham and
I’ve developed many leadership skills which I’m going to put in place in my
year in office.

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