ELECTRIC DRAGONS vs MAX TH12! Clash of Clans Electro Dragon Town Hall 12 Attack Strategy!

In today’s Clash of Clans video we
attack maxed out Town Hall 12 bases with all Electric Dragons. No other troops in
this first attack, only Electric Dragons and Electro Dragons in the CC. However
moving on to the second and third attack we’ll mix in a few Lava Hounds maybe
Balloons, see what happens. If you haven’t already guys make sure to subscribe to
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Now guys this is on the developer build to showcase to you maxed out TH12
bases, exactly what you can look forward to and we’re basically going to create a
funnel here first with this dragon. Try and get this Archer tower down, please
take that down. Oh just about which is brilliant news. Now let’s bring in the
Wall Wrecker alongside the King, Queen and the Warden so ideally what you would
like is the enemy CC, the enemy queen, probably even the Giga Tesla but most
importantly the troop or the defense sorry which is the most deadly against
the Electro Dragons is most definitely the air sweeper. So you can
see the Barbarian King trying to get down here, it’s going to start busting
through a wall to try and get to the Queen but ideally I’d like him to take
out that air sweeper for me. What I do want to do once we know the Queen is
safe and she’s got that air sweeper, we will then bring in the Electro Dragons
here from this side of the base just keeping an eye in case it locks onto the
Queen, the single target inferno that is, because we do not want that happening. I
think I’ve placed the rage spell a little bit too far in front of the
Electric Dragons there. Let’s see as they move forward this is looking good,
the Queen is going to snipe off the Giga Tesla here, can we even get the
3 star. We have another single target Inferno on the Queen so I did have to
press that ability or I didn’t even realise that guy’s. So we should probably try and
save this other rage spell for the single target inferno but it’s actually gone
down already, so let’s get this one in. Electric Dragons going down quick, we
have the 2 star guys and I again have placed the rage spell too far ahead, I’m
getting too, too optimistic with this, trying to put it ahead of the Baby
Dragons, the Electric Dragon sorry and basically have wrecked that up. They
didn’t even benefit from the spell and you know what guys it’s not far away. You
guys know that I have got the 3 star with the Electric Dragons before on
maxed out Town Hall 12 bases. Let’s see what we can do when we mix some
troops in but all Electro Dragons gives us 79 percent. Now what we’re going to do guys is mix in some Balloons alongside the Electro Dragons, quite a
few of them because what I want to do here is try and get them ahead of the
Electro Dragons onto the defenses. We do need to be careful about the air
sweepers, again I mentioned in the first attack they are the main thing against
the Electro Dragons. So let’s try and create a funnel here, probably either
side I would think in order to then push in and take that out, so let’s put one on
the right-hand side alongside a couple of Balloons to try
and sit down that Archer tower, looks like a Tesla has popped. Let’s then use an
Electro Dragon on this side again along with a couple of Balloons just to try
and snipe onto that Archer tower, the Electro Dragon has actually gone and
activated the Giga Tesla so well done Electro Dragons, that’s not what your
meant to be doing. They hopefully created a good enough funnel for my kill squad,
looks like the enemy troops have already started coming out. Let’s get a haste
spell down for these Balloons to hopefully press on to the Giga Tesla.
Grand Wardens ability is going to be pressed to help that out as well and not
quite getting to the Giga Tesla but they are swiping through the defenses at the
other side here, brilliant stuff, enemy Queen now goes down, looks like we’re
going to get a lot of things. Let’s push the Electro Dragons in now from this
side, Queens ability use the Balloons. I’m actually going to push a lot of them
towards this single target inferno try and help protect our queen
as best as possible but she’s gone the other way. Not looking too bad, we have
four rage spells I think we need one in the middle here to get this Eagle Artillery
and then as the rest of the troops push around I’m actually going to put another
one to try and get maximum out of these balloons. They’re going to go down in a
second so if we can take down a couple of these other defenses which it looked
like we did then that was obviously going to be helpful. Now we kind of need
another rage spell here for these Electro Dragons, we have one left but
they are going to go down quick here I feel, to this single target inferno. Come
on, oh they’ve chained right the way through it and that was absolutely epic.
They are going down very quickly so I’m going to use my other rage spell to try
and get this Archer tower. I think the Electro Dragon, it looked
like it took out a building which then made it not possible to hit the archer
tower. Now we have two left and we have a Tesla but how much range will that Tesla
have. We have an air bomb going on, this one has full health guys and I
think we are looking good here for the 3 stars with the Electro Dragon so
there you are, Electric Dragons beastly alongside the
Balloons. They are going to get the 3 star here and it looks like you can use
the balloons certainly with the haste spells to get in there and take down the
defense’s ahead of the Electro Dragons. You guys enjoyed my attack yesterday
with the lava hounds alongside the Electro Dragons so I’m actually going
to put that one in now for anyone that missed it so that we have a couple of
different attacks using the Electric Dragons. Let’s show you that 3 star
using the lava hounds as well. Now we move on to the final attack, this one
includes lava hounds. Now this was included as a 3 star in my video
yesterday but I wanted to commentate it over the top of it because it fits
this video nicely and explain to you why the lava hounds work. So initially I use
baby dragons to set the funnel, that’s because against this base layout all I
need to do is set the funnel on the perimeter. I don’t need the Dragons to chain in and
take out multiple buildings and commit 30 housing space, the baby dragons can do just as good of a job on the perimeter. Naturally you want to take out the CC,
especially if there’s a witch in there it can spawn them skeletons and
basically hold up your Electro Dragons, the main thing is to take out the things
that are actually going to slow them down further, ie the witches and the air
sweeper. Once we’ve created that path the next main thing which is actually going
to take your Electro Dragons down is the inferno tower. So we try and beeline to
that but we do have two Electro Dragons on the left-hand side that are
protected by that lava hound. Now it means that the lava hounds can protect
them Electro Dragons as they funnel that entire left-hand side of the base
and the main pack can move straight down from one inferno tower to the next. So
although the air sweeper might be the deadliest defense against the Electro
Dragons because it will just keep pushing them back, it’s not actually
going to take them down is it. The inferno towers will take them down
super fast guys, so the rage spells will be needed over the top of that and you
do need to try and funnel your Electro Dragons from one to the other. That’s
where the lava hound was able to protect the one on the left in order for that to
take down that left side and ultimately get us the 3 stars. So there you are,
three different strategies using the Electro Dragons, mixing in the Balloons
and the lava hounds as well but that wraps it up for this video, I’ve been
your host Judo Sloth, peace out.


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