Eleven (11) – An Authentic Bio-Drama | New Tamil Short Film 2018 | KurzBioscope

Eleven (11) – An Authentic Movie | New Tamil Short film 2018 | KurzBioscope Good morning, Tamil people you are listening to Tamizhan FM I am your RJ Tamizh Today is May 31, and it is 11.00 a.m now This day is an important day Its is important day for everyone to know I will tell you some songs later Stay tuned 2047, 31 Friday, May Without the support of my son Losing the company of my better half Here I am, holding tight, the someone of a meaningful life Lord Yama! take this life away from me Not before I see my son Back to the show You are listening to Tamizhan FM I am your RJ Tamizh As i said earlier, Today is an important day That is what, today is the world smoking day Let me tell you some facts related to smoking First smoking just one cigarate reduces eleven minutes in a man’s life time Going by this calculation, a man loss ten years from his life span Before I tell you more such facts, Let’s listen few songs Stay tunned

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