Elizabeth’s Baby Shower Drama | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

– Hello. – Are they here?
– Hello. Hi. Hi. Happy baby shower. It’s so pretty. Our baby shower looks
absolutely beautiful. From the balloons, to
the flowers, to the cake, to all the decorations
and how she set up the presents, like Becky
did such an outstanding job. It’s for your baby, not you. Isn’t that beautiful? Yes, nice
arrangement, Rebecca. Hello, everyone. Hi, Jenn. Hi, guys. Hi. Here we go. I’ll set this right here. Hello, Megan. You want to set that– Hi. Hi. Hi. Baby bumps. Let me see your dress. It’s really pretty. So do we want to
open presents first? Yes. Oh, this is big. Oh, these are cute. Andre obviously didn’t
want me to be there, but there was no chance that
I would never not attend my sister’s baby shower ever. Pretty wrapping. Hell, no. Thank you. You got some great stuff. Even if I was mad at her,
even if she was mad at me, I would still be there period. Come on guys, have some cake. Who wants to go first? I don’t know. We don’t really sing
anything, do you? (SINGING) Happy
baby shower to you. What’s up? Yeah, what’s on your mind? What? Look, you know what? I am always the calm
one, and I don’t want to get into the middle
of you guys’s [BLEEP],, which I think is [BLEEP]. You guys just need to make up
and get over your differences. Me hosting your baby shower– Sh. What’s happening? All right. All right, come on.


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