Ellen’s Broadway Debut in ‘Promises, Promises’

might be basketball. [HARMONIZING] Hi, Sean, did you
know that you could– I was harmonizing. I know, how are you? I should sing with
you more often. Or not. We’re on Broadway. We’re on the Broadway. What do you think? It’s fantastic. It’s exciting. It’s a pretty big theater, huh? It’s like the second or third
largest theater in New York. How many seats is this? Let’s see, 1, 2, 3, 4. We both started counting
at the same time. High five. I don’t high five. But you just did. I know, because I’m on Broadway. Is this the office? Or are you in the street? Yes, I’m in the street. And all of a sudden– All of the sudden– –through the magic
of theater, you’re supposed to imagine I am
now in the doctor’s office. Cool. Yes. All right. Do you have an appointment? No, just the– That’s quite Shakespeare. What? And you’ll be mic’ed. What? You’ll be mic’ed, so you don’t
have to projector as much. Everyone’s mic’ed? Everyone’s mic’ed. OK. Do you– [LAUGHTER] I’ve never done theatre. Somewhere in the middle. Do you have an appointment? That’s perfect. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] Do you have an appointment. I found this over there. Did you really? Yes. Read one more line. You have one more entrance. Oh, I do? Yes. And then that’s it,
just one more line. Because what time am I
finished, because I have tickets to Wicked. [LAUGHTER] I need to get going. So we’ll do it again. Do you have an appointment? That’s perfect. That’s actually great. Whenever he starts
singing “Cling to,” that’s when I normally
walk out there. She says, “Sing to,” I sing,
“Cling to,” we hold a note, and then you cut us off. To. Or to. To, to, to, to, to, to, to. That’s right. But you don’t have to sing it. Oh. Yeah. OK. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) [INAUDIBLE]. Like for example,
dance with, sing to– Cling to– [HORN] [LAUGHTER] Mr. Shake– Sheldrick– Mr. Sheldrake. Is not your name? That’s Mr. Sheldrake’s name. Chuck Baxter. Oh, you’re Baxter. Yeah. Baxter, Mr. Sheldrake
from personnel will see you right away. Thank you, Patch Adam. Yeah– Promises, promises. My kind of promises, can we
do joy, and hope, and love. Yes, love. Don’t come near me,
I’m very, very sick. Oh– [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] I was really
wondering, dear, sir, do you have an appointment? Yes, or no, no, I don’t. Just a cold. I didn’t know it was coming. It was unexpected. I see. Well, I shall alert the doctor. And you shall have a seat here. And the doctor will see
you when you’re seated. [LAUGHTER] Also– Oh, what? I have 101.3 temperature. You can see it on
my thermometer here. Oh, well, the
doctor will take it. Oh, well, if I can have
it back when he’s through. It’s my only thermometer. He has his own. As I said earlier, if you would
like to have a seat, there, and the doctor will
be coming soon, when I tell him that he will
be seeing a man who’s sick. You sound like a ghost. Oh. [LAUGHTER] Like to emote to you. Thank you, I’ll take a seat. Please do that, sir. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] And when you sing to– cling to– That’s us. That’s us. Excuse me, didn’t
mean to interrupt. [LAUGHTER] You told me to come. Baxter– I was
enjoying it myself– Sheldrick from personnel
shall see you now. Sheldrick, Mr. Sheldrick. I call him Sheldrick. You must be very close. We are very, very close. He’s in personnel. You’re new, aren’t you? I am new. [LAUGHTER] As I was saying,
you’ll be next, lady. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE]


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