Ellen’s Staff Recaps ‘The Bachelor’ Singapore Trip Drama

Hey guys. I’m Tracy. And I’m Andy. And we’re doing this
vlog style because we want to be like Colton. Just like Colton. OK, it’s another great
week, but we need someone to be in the cube. He’s my brother from
a past life, Corey! Yay! How’re you doing? How do you look in here? What’s happening? Sorry. Too close! Nice camerawork, Tracy. Thank you. OK, these episodes– It was a good one. Keep getting better and better. This is a really good season. I mean, it’s just
a great season. I love the way it’s going. I’m loving the women. I’m loving Colton. Yeah, he’s doing
a really good job. He’s doing a great job. Surprisingly, more mature
than you would think. Last week, based on
the episode last week, we did this insta poll– Oh, that’s good. Where we asked the viewers were
you team Caelynn or team Hannah B? Because it definitely
was a divided front. Right, and I know
where I stood on it. I know where I stand on it. You stood where? Which I am not into either. You weren’t into either. But if I had to pick– Based on last week only. Based on last week only, I
would have picked Caelynn because Hannah seemed
like she was going off the rails a little bit. Right. And I felt the same way. Right. But you– No, I liked Hannah. Were Hannah. Yeah, OK. So the insta poll came
in, and 54% of you agreed with me and Corey
and said Team Caelynn. Yay, 46% agreed with me. 46% thought Hannah B. Yeah, I mean, well, now– we’ll get to it– but now
I’m like way Team Caelynn. So this did start with Chris
Harrison telling the women. They’re all grouped
around in the circle. And he’s like, OK,
ladies, you need to pack because in one hour,
you’re going to Singapore. Before that happened, he
comes in to talk to the women about how the week spanned. And he looks straight at Hannah
B in the eye, and he goes. Caelynn, how are you feeling? Oh, geez. I had to watch it. Oh my god. It was so uncomfortable. So Tayshia gets the
first one on one. And they go to Sentosa Beach– In beautiful Singapore. To bungee jump. With B-U-N-G-Y, did
you notice that? Yeah, I did. I wouldn’t bungee
jump here, I don’t know that I’d do it there. No, absolutely not. Right? It did look fun. Although I will say that
Tayshia was like, yeah, sure, I’m scared, but OK. I did think that their
chemistry wasn’t as strong. They didn’t really talk about
anything during that date. It was just kind of like
smiles, and kissing, and hehehe. Well, but when
they got to dinner. Yeah, and then when
they got to dinner. I will say I kind of was
surprised to find out that she was married. But she wasn’t crazy
dramatic about it. She was just very
like, this is my life. This is what’s happened,
and this is who I am. Well, and it was her high
school sweetheart, and so. Yeah, but I like that,
as opposed to being like, I have to tell you something. Right, so he gives her the rose. Obviously, they kiss. They go on the
Ferris wheel, which is like the London Eye or
the High Roller in Vegas. Yeah. And I was just so
certain that when they stepped onto
that little buggy, that there was going to
be [INAUDIBLE] being like, welcome to Singapore. And it always comes
back to [INAUDIBLE].. So then the group date happened. And they kept
making sure that we noted that it was
the biggest group date because it was 13 women. So they go to the
market in Singapore, and they start walking
along and just doing all these little things. And then Colton just suddenly
is like, leech therapy– I wonder. We should go in there. I wonder if we should
stop and get leeches. Not planned at all. Not planned at
all, but also ugh. Wait, but you assume– Do you take walk ins? That half of the
ladies would freak out. And they’re all walking
around with the leeches and doing their interviews. Well, at first, they did. But it was so weird! But they had a moment. But then they were like– You can walk around
with a leech. I was like, shouldn’t
you be sitting down? Cassie and Colton
get their palms read, or their cards or whatever. Amazing fortune teller. Now, she’s our pick. She’s your pick. She is. That was just so weird to me. But I did feel like a
moment where they actually have some sort of chemistry. Yeah. Well, they were like,
Colton, you are winter, and she is spring
and summer sister. And they got hung
up on just sister. So you must be related. That’s what it is. And then they were like, ew, but
then later on, she kisses him, and she’s like, would your
sister kiss you like that? That was weird! OK, so then they go to
the– it’s not really a cocktail party. It’s the dinner evening,
the dinner part of it. So what happened was, is all the
women are invited for the time. And it does seem,
again, like they usually make that a big drama thing,
where they’re like, excuse me, I’m cutting in. And even these women have kind
of made it where it’s like, they get that
that’s how it goes. But Courtney, it seems like– I don’t know why she
refuses to go try to cut in. But she just sits there. She’s so reserved. She’s waiting for
him to come to her. Which is such a wrong
way to play this. She’s been so quiet
this entire time. Demi had just had this moment
where she finally tells Colton that her mom was in jail
and getting out of prison this week, it sounds like. Which where are the follow up
questions to that, by the way? Another bombshell, and
he’s totally fine with it. He’s like, OK, sure. Well, no, and so
then she goes back and talks him one
more time to just– I actually believe she
was just thanking him for the way he handled
that conversation. And then Courtney
just flips out. It is just like she cannot
stand that Demi went twice, and she never got one. But it’s just so weird. No one else complained about it. But yeah, so Demi gets the rose. Courtney freaks out, and
as you could just tell, she’s like, why am I even here? I don’t even need to be here. And you’re like,
you really don’t. And actually, you
won’t be for long. No, you freaked out. You’re probably
going to go home. So OK, so then that happened. And then we go to our next
one on one, which was Caelynn. So this day was so funny to
me because the whole date consisted of going to a store,
Caelynn trying something on, looking absolutely gorgeous. Walking, and then
him kissing her. Him being like, oh my
god, you look amazing. Let’s kiss. That’s my favorite dress. Next outfit! But if you look, he has just
champagne in every shot, where he’s watching her. You know he is just boozing. Every dress– The whole time. Is she ready yet? She is on, he’s like OK! She done? Is she ready yet? I understand that
that’s fun for her, but that’s also not a date. So this is where we
get serious, and they go on to their dinner date. And this is where we reveal– oh my god, this was
really hard to watch. The seed she planted earlier,
I’ll tell you when it’s time. I can’t remember a time watching
an episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette when they
talked about something so– So serious. Serious and heavy. Really serious, really heavy. I cried watching it. It was a really honest, just
tough conversation and also very topical of what’s
happening in our world today. And she was very
articulate about all of it. And so I was very proud
of the way she handled it. And composed. Yeah, very composed. So basically, we find
out that in college about four years ago, she
was essentially drugged. Her drink was drugged. And she was sexually assaulted,
along with some of her friends. And it was horrifying the
details that she gave. She’s a survivor. And it was so emotional. Like I said, I cried, and Colton
was very emotional during it. So basically what we
find out about Colton is what he says to her is, is
he had dated a sexual assault survivor. And basically what
he says essentially is the reason I’m a virgin
is not because I haven’t wanted to lose my virginity. It’s that the person– Wasn’t ready. That he was ready to
lose his virginity to wasn’t available
to him in that way because of what she had been
through, which I thought. And so it wasn’t necessarily
his decision to not– Yeah, which was fascinating. Very emotional, right? But then also, it– It’s so emotional. But he told it at the
right time and the way that she told her
and the truth– Oh my god, it was– Because everybody who was
point blank early on going, why are you a virgin? Why are you a virgin? He’s not going to go– It’s like, none
of your business. It was really heavy
and really beautiful the way it was handled. Caelynn gets the
rose and a kiss. And it was very
emotional, and I literally went to commercial break
with tears in my eyes. How could you not give
the rose after that? So then we go to
the cocktail party. Here it comes. Let’s twist back
into drama mode. Caelynn– which, again, this
made me love Caelynn even more– pulls Hannah B, and
they’re like, let’s talk. Yeah. She just seems like
an adult in a sea of– Well, and she’s–
exactly, right. And she said having this
conversation with Colton and realizing that
there are bigger things in this world going
on than my petty fight with Hannah B, they
have this talk. And they really do
seem to hash it out. And by the end, she’s like
I’m not wishing anything ill upon you. And Hannah got to say, I think,
a little bit of her piece. And then she gets
to say, of course, I don’t feel that way about you. But then you’re like, mm. Right. Yeah. But I really like
that they at least– Liar, liar, pants on fire. I was like, what is
happening right now? She is lying. Yeah. OK, so this is the moment
where Demi and Courtney, kind of this feud deepens. And Courtney gets upset,
and Demi’s getting upset. And Demi just decides,
you know what? I’m going to go tell
Colton that Courtney is the cancer of the house. Which I was like, huh? This is so dramatic. I was like, mistake! Don’t waste your time
talking about someone else! Well, not even that. Every time. Every time. Well, except for
work this time, but– I know, that’s what I’m saying. When it happened, I was
like, oh, she’s going to go! Well, that’s because I
think he saw Courtney like. But also, calling someone
the cancer of the house, it is so extreme! That was crazy. But everyone got so dramatic
when she relayed that back, when Courtney got with
the other girls and said, she says I’m the
cancer of the house. Who here thinks I’m the
cancer of the house? And Demi’s like– Me! So then we go to
the rose ceremony. Let me get my Sharpie of death. Oh, I didn’t see
this one coming. Hannah G, my girl,
gets the first rose. And it comes down to
Onyeka, Courtney, and Tracy for the final rose. So Onyeka gets the last rose. Basically, the
tease that we get is that they go to
Thailand, which is where I honeymooned by the way. It’s very beautiful there. Heather, it looks like,
gets a one on one. And then the other thing
that happens in the tease is that something
happened with Elise, and she says that she thinks
she made a very big mistake. She ordered the wrong
thing at dinner. Yeah, I know. She wore the wrong shoe. It’s not something big. Yeah. A big thanks to
y’all for watching! And tune in next week
for our next recap. I was thinking about bungee
jumping out of the cube, but I think I’ll just
take my bike instead. Comment below with questions
because we’re finally– Bye. Going to be answering them. I can’t wait to answer
people’s questions. And I didn’t mess this up. I’m so proud of you. I know.

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