Ellen’s Tiny Microphones Capture Hilarious Audience Conversations

I watch you dance
before the show, and recently I found
a way to listen to your private conversations. It’s completely legal. Completely legal,
until I get caught. And what I’ve done is I
put teeny tiny, tiny little microphones in
throughout the audience, and you can’t see them,
but they’re there. And I want to share with
you a little bit of what I’ve heard in our latest edition
of audience hidden microphone. Wow. Do you like turtles? Hey, do you like turtles? Do you? I have one. Do you like turtles? Come on. How? Why? I can make my hands
look earrings. Oh my god. Help me, I can’t clap. I don’t know how. Sure. Err, hmm. Ho, he banging. Ho, he banging for real. Ho? Oh, we banging. Uh-huh. Ho. Is that George
Stephanopoulos over there? Pardon me? Is that George Stephanopoulos? Yeah, that’s him right there. Uh-huh. George Stephanopoulos.

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