Emilia: In Rehearsal

[Quiet drumming sound throughout] Emilia… Like a seed placed firmly in the soil… I find her utterly compelling. Covered and left… It’s a woman who has effectively been erased from history. Laid root in me… I realised what an incredible woman she was. She’s a scribe. A radical poet. This amazing writer. A theological visionary. She’s also an immigrant. She was potentially Shakespeare’s Dark Lady. [Louder drumming sound] I know now that as I grow I must also shrink. She is a daughter and a mother. She sort of exemplifies struggles and battles and frustrations… And a feminist! I mean who would have thought that feminists existed back in 1560. And I think she’s rather special. [Laughs] It starts in 2018 and tracks back to 1576 where the story really starts. Shakespeare is there, but he’s very much there through the character of Emilia’s eyes. I think she’s probably a person that even at her lowest moments has conviction in herself. Why is this woman important to us now? It’s almost like her spirit has risen to be heard now at this particular time when women and minorities are more a part of the conversation than they have been previously. She should be remembered and she should be known. The play is… Riotous Fierce Funny Rebellious Galvanising Timely Vital Demanding Powerful And really funny!


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