Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa from Netflix’s Sex Education Play Sex Fact or Myth | ASOS

let’s talk about sex baby let’s talk
about you hi my name is Emma Breschi I’m gonna be talking to the cast of Netflix
sex education we’re gonna have a little game of sex fact it’s sex myth so do you
think you know a lot about sex I don’t know I’m not gonna I’m not gonna get too
cocky you are more likely to climax with warm feet myth or fact with warm feats
fact is gonna be you are right your socks on regular masturbation can cause
desensitization that’s not anything that’s true all right it’s very
important to masturbate oh yeah it increases your well-being your mental
health one in ten people look at their smartphones during sex myth or fact and
please tell me you’re not that person no I’m not that person when is time to
get done it’s time to get down what are you doing Dave you can’t add a filter to
this I’m I hate to say if this is a fact is it I want to know I’m gonna see myth
because I think it’s more it’s a fact if I was to hear that click
what she yeah yeah yeah finish finish yeah you know no I don’t know climax
today the Viola Davis me Mia when she just picks up for Hamburg and goes
that’s all that’s all dude that’s really sad guys come on
yeah time in a place jury nice enduring maybe with headphones on I heard that
you know there I’ve heard of a few people that have done that the word for
orgasm in French means little death that’s fucked
you speak French hi I’m French oh you’re French oh ok what’s the other half
English okay the most common time to have sex is 9
a.m. on a Sunday that’s a good time slaughter me because you’re quite
hungover well I’m quite also for you on a Sunday it’s like you won’t be doing
much of the action you’ll have someone else do it I’m hoping that’s true
because I’ve 1 in 10 smartphone killed me so please that’s why actually a fact
is no on the Lord Sunday no listen gap and go to church man I don’t know if I
do morning sex though you know when you’re like with someone and then you’re
like first thing in the morning with your dragon breath so then you’re like I
think that if you’re in a relationship and it’s been for like a long enough
time I think you kind of get past that point yes like how did your mom feel
when she saw like she’d you know I spoke to her for the first time yesterday
about it she she loved it it was very funny yeah but I be my like you know my
parents are very religious Wow regular sex can extend your lifespan I
wish I wish that were true because I scientifically I don’t know if that’s a
thing so then I what I want to say FICO I think I think that’s true you are
correct yeah but it can’t help get rid of
headaches vibrators were the most used sex toy last year myth or fact I don’t
know I don’t know I’m gonna say true I don’t know I miss in fact the most used
sex toy last year was the Kegel ball and is that the egg is that thing yeah everyone’s like Oh Kegel balls I’m
like nah man they’re yoni eggs eating apples decreases your sex drive
that’s absolutely not true they’re actually aphrodisiacs
oh they one of your five that’s why I say eats apple apple a day keeps the
doctor away yeah this is one of the best experiences I’ve had with someone in bed
you like don’t listen why do you have to call me line now out of all these people you


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