Emmy Talks Ep 10 – A Monster

(3 year old Emmy’s voice recording ) A monster goed through it.. ..he travelled on the by.. ..he goed in a bicycle.. ..he stumbled by it and he goed into Bert’s house.. ..tip toe tip toe tip toe tip toe (Sound of thunder and rain, and the spooky tinkle of a child’s music box plays) (wailing and moaning) (door rattles and creaks) (glass smash) (blood curdling scream) (dramatic 1940’s music) (Clock chimes) Woman: A monster… ..a monster goed through it.. ..he travelled on the by.. ..he goed in a bicycle he stumbled by it.. ..and he goed into Bert’s house… ..tip toe tip toe tip toe Inspector: He tiptoed into Bert’s house? Woman: Yes. Nobody was there… ..sneaky sneak sneaky… ..he didn’t know who’s there.. ..so he sneaked downstairs.. ..all a way downstairs.. ..he came there.. ..he looked back in the fridge.. ..(whispers) he stared Inspector: I can’t hear you (whispers) but, but if, but ..we have to do it really quiet.. ..so I have to do it really quiet.. ..so nobody hears me Inspector: Right Woman: So he sneaked in to a pizza.. ..he roared and squeaked.. ..and he woked up everybody.. ..and out came the big fire.. ..that what happened to a monster. Inspector: Oh.. ..and what happened to the monster in the fire? Woman: He picked some flowers Inspector: He picked some flowers?.. Woman: Yes. Inspector: That’s amazing Woman: and the monster started to do something very scary Inspector: What was it? Woman: He, he smashed my.. ..he smasheded a bicycle! Inspector: Oh my goodness. Woman: Monsters do very naughty things Inspector: Monsters do Woman: They smash things, they eat things.. ..they do everything! Inspector: Is there anything else that the monster did? Woman: And the monster goes into a shop… ..what has ice creams Inspector: Oh… ..and what does he do? Woman: He eat it… (dramatic 1940s music) .. and he was so naughty… ..and naughty.. …and naughty.. ..and naughty and naughty… ..and naughty and naughty and naughty

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