Emory & Henry College Theatre Department Spotlight

We approach theater in this department
with a company mentality, right? There’s no star actors, there’s no you know third
swordsman from the left, there’s no sometimes they call them bored monkeys,
right, like people they’re just hitting go buttons. We approach it as though we
survive or we fail as a company. So, we work together on every aspect of every
production. Which means, from the very first semester you are here you’ll be
given real responsibility backstage on stage. We cast first years, we cast
seniors. We let first years design. We let sophomores direct. We let all sorts of
students get all kinds of experience in the theater because that’s what this
art form is. You learn this art form by doing this art form. One of the things
that I absolutely love about the theater department is that we have an abundance
of hands-on learning opportunities. I actually transferred to Emory & Henry
during the fall of 2016, and right off the bat I was given three amazing
opportunities. I was given the opportunity to direct, act, and stage
manage. I love our theater department because when I was asked when I
auditioned here why I wanted to come to Emory, I said it just feels really good
and I’d only been here for about a day, and I said I feel like everywhere else I
felt like I was drowning, but here it was very open and I was welcomed. This
theater department is a really unique blend of a conservatory style education,
meaning we prepare students for real professional careers in the theatre, but
embedded, deeply embedded in a rich liberal arts environment. Meaning we’re
looking for actors, designers, directors who are curious who know who they
are who are engaged in the world around them, but also have those professional
skills to go out into the world and land jobs in a very competitive field.

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